Revamp Moto Launches Hustler Remo, India's First EV Mascot

Revamp Moto Launches Hustler Remo, India's First EV Mascot

Revamp Moto unveiled it’s Mascot “Hustler Remo” , as its empowerment companion and India’s first mascot across all EV platforms. Emphasising on the principle of empowering micro-entrepreneurs Remo has been conceptualised to be seen as more than just a mascot.

“Remo, our mascot or empowerment companion embodies the essence of universal appeal, transcending cultural and professional boundaries to empower individuals. Unlike conventional approaches, our mascot doesn't conform to limitations; it defies them. It embodies the values we hold dear—serving as a business mentor, product educator , micro-financing partner,  an after-sales service handler, and an insurance ally. Designed with a heartfelt commitment to those at the bottom of the pyramid, our mascot represents their aspirations towards upliftment.”, said, Mr. Pritesh Mahajan, CEO & Co-founder of Revamp Moto

We believe that Remo will soon be perceived as the ultimate symbol of freedom and empowerment for micro entrepreneurs who are at different stages in their entrepreneurship journey. Our mascot showcases the power and versatility to adapt, evolve, and empower, using swiftly swappable attachments of Revamp Moto vehicles. Whether it involves starting a delivery business or transforming their vehicle into a mobile shop, users of Revamp Moto can choose from, ranging from a modular shop, delivery boxes , delivery bags , carrier and saddle bags, etc. to create endless opportunities on wheels bringing entrepreneurship dreams to life.

The agility and endurance of the product portfolio of Revamp Moto can effortlessly adapt to various business scenarios, swiftly navigating through challenges and obstacles in its path to adapt and uplift itself. With its rounded and humanly approachable design, it reflects the welcoming and inclusive ethos of the brand.

Since its inception, Revamp Moto has been working tirelessly to showcase its commitment of not just providing quality vehicles, The brand has proven to be a constant and ever reliant companion on the journey to financial stability and mobility leading to success, symbolizing resilience and determination for every Micro Entrepreneur.

Mr. Pritesh Mahajan added, “Our Revamp Moto companion Hustler Remo, is more than just a character; it's a representation of aspirations, dreams, and your path to empowerment. It's a reflection of the common man, the pillar of the family, and the provider of daily needs. Just like any common man, Remo uses its vehicle for personal and professional use, showcasing the synergy between personal and professional life.”

Stay tuned for an exciting journey ahead, where Remo will continue to inspire and empower you in countless ways. Together, let us ride towards a brighter future!

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