Nikon Launches NX Tether Software 2.0.0 for Seamless Shooting

Nikon Launches NX Tether Software 2.0.0 for Seamless Shooting

Nikon India Pvt. Ltd. has launched the latest version of its NX Tether software - Version 2.0.0, and it's a game-changer! This release includes the much-awaited and highly demanded feature - Live View Monitor - for both photo and video-tethered shooting. With this new feature, users can now achieve a worry-free, seamless shooting experience.

The newly upgraded software is ideal for studio shoots by providing a Live view display for seamless remote shooting and photo and video control compatible with tether shooting scenes. Upgrades to the user interface and adjustable layout on the computer screen will allow Nikon users to customize their window arrangements for more efficient work.


New Live view screen for real-time monitoring

The upgraded software boasts a new Live View screen that provides users with seamless workflow, real-time monitoring, video control, and other Nikon functions, ensuring a more efficient and productive experience.

Offers Excellent Tethered Shooting for Professionals & Hobbyists

The New software comes packed with a remote shooting style that is perfect for capturing scenes in studios, especially for fashion, product photography, and videography. This highly reliable software can prove to be a great aid for both professionals and hobbyists in challenging situations where direct camera control or touch is not always practical.

Tethered shooting scenes with full compatibility

Hosting a fashion or studio shoot with the clients wanting to see your work on the spot?

The upgraded software offers professional photographers’ efficiency and peace of mind by maintaining the simple user interface even when doubling the functions with Live view and videos for immediate review. It also provides Active D-lighting, focus control, focus point display, picture and video control, and the option to connect and control operations via built-in Wi-Fi with our Nikon Wireless Transmitter Utility. Users of the software will be able to transfer JPEG and HEIF files in different image qualities and file formats depending on their Nikon cameras.

Flexible window arrangements and simple design for efficient workflow

Already know your client’s preferred styles and want to ensure the settings are in place during your advertising shoots?

The Nikon NX Tether Version 2.0.0 has also upgraded its user interface to support intuitive camera control. The easy-to-understand status display enables a more efficient workflow, while the easy-to-read display of functionality and flexible screen configurations allow software users to further customise and configure their screens for better efficiency.

The software’s customisable interface allows you to couple operations with Nikon’s NX Studio to speed up operations, display a larger Live view for feedback and review sessions during shoots, and check all settings to conduct video and photo shoots with greater confidence.

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