Government Issues Crucial Alert For Android 13 OS And Older Devices

Government Issues Crucial Alert For Android 13 OS And Older Devices

The government agency CERT-In (Computer Emergency Response Team), which falls under the Ministry of Information Technology and Electronics has issued a significant alert concerning Android 13 and old devices. On the government’s official website, CERT highlights numerous weak points of the Android Operating System vulnerable to potential risks to users.

According to the vulnerability note by the government, ‘multiple vulnerabilities have been reported in Android OS which could be exploited by an attacker to execute arbitrary code, gain elevated privileges, gain access to sensitive information and cause denial of service (DoS) condition on the targeted system.’ This may open the gate to malicious attackers in multiple ways.

Affected Android Devices

The CERT clarifies that the vulnerabilities would primarily target Android devices that are older versions, mainly including 11, 12L, 12, and 13 Android versions. As stated in the advisory, the vulnerability covers various components including System, Framework, and Google Play system updating, also components concerning different hardware manufacturers, like MediaTek, Arm, Unisoc, and Qualcomm, including closed-source components of Qualcomm.

However, Google has released the update when it was required the most, addressing the core of the issue quite well. Users are advised to update their devices and adhere to adequate security measures needed to safeguard phones and devices. Here is a link for the reference:

Protection Of Your Smartphone

Some of the security tips are given below to safeguard your devices from the risk of malicious attacks:

1.       As the government warning suggests that some of the vulnerabilities might be under activation, update your OS and apply security patches. They are designed to find identified vulnerabilities and improve devices’ security

2.       Update you’re your Android OS on a regular basis to secure your device with the latest security features

3.       Exercise caution while installing and downloading applications, especially from unauthorized websites. Stick to authorized app stores such as Google Play Store, and avoid third-party applications.

4.       Read carefully before granting any permission to apps and revoke authorization that seems unnecessary or excessive for the functionality of any app

5.       Keep a backup of your data on a regular basis on an external device or cloud storage. It keeps your data safe from any unwanted incidents


Knowledge can save your device from the eye of malicious actors and attackers who want to steal your important data and bother you in different ways. Keep these parameters in mind and stay away from any unexpected situation.

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