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Telecomtoday.in is the best online news portal for the telecommunication industry. What sets us apart from the rest is our expertise of more than a decade in providing most authentic news and information. Telecomtoday.in aims to provide all the latest and happening from all walks of the telecom ecosystem in India thereby contributing to the growth of the Indian telecom industry which has reached at an inflexion point where the OTT (over the top) players have stolen most of the limelight and are becoming a driving force.

Telecomtoday.in allows us to cater to the needs of the industry in a constructive and consolidated manner. Since the telecom industry has become the backbone of the Indian economy, we further see an onslaught of innovations over the telecom layer which empowered the country in the previous decade. We aim to bring all shades of the industry and analyze the important events that can shape the future of the telecom industry. With India being the second largest telecom market in the world, our belief is that the country lacks a true and honest telecom news portal which caters to the vast range of audiences such as Telecos, Equipment players, Vendors, Manufacturers, Service Providers, Enterprises, Government and many more. It would be our effort to reach out to you in the best possible medium – newsletters, EDMs and events.

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