HONOR 200 Series Launching on July 18, Check Out Key Specs

HONOR 200 Series Launching on July 18, Check Out Key Specs

HONOR is set to redefine the landscape of smartphone photography with the most anticipated launch of the HONOR 200 series in the Indian market on July 18, 2024. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, and unlocking new possibilities in smartphone photography, HONOR has collaborated with Studio Harcourt, a legendary Parisian portrait photography house, to co-engineer the HONOR AI Portrait Engine. By combining Studio Harcourt’s expertise and HONOR’s cutting-edge platform-level AI and hardware capabilities, HONOR 200 series bring forth studio-level portrait photography on smartphones. 

HONOR 200 Pro comes with a triple back camera setup consisting of a 50MP Portrait Main Camera, with flagship-level Super Dynamic H9000 Sensor, a 50MP Telephoto Camera with Sony IMX 856 Sensor, and a 12MP Ultra Wide and Macro Camera. The class-leading dual OIS back cameras empower users to capture stunningly clear and detailed portraits, even in the most challenging lighting conditions. HONOR 200 also comes with similar hardware specs, except for the fact that the 50MP Portrait Main Camera on this handset is equipped with a 1/1.56-inch Sony IMX906 large sensor and OIS, for enhancing image stability and clarity. 

Additionally, the HONOR 200 Pro comes with a dual front camera setup consisting of a 50MP Portrait Selfie Camera with a f/2.1 Aperture while the second sensor detects and adjusts color temperatures suitable for Indian skin tones. Both front and back cameras support 4K video recording and the device also comes with a Pro video mode in the HONOR 200 Pro for stellar videos.  

Triple the punch: 50MP Portrait Camera

Designed to cater to the needs of photography enthusiasts, HONOR 200 Pro features a 50MP Portrait Main Camera, equipped with a 1/1.3-inch Super Dynamic H9000 sensor which helps in ensuring exceptional detail and brightness even in challenging lighting conditions. The overall camera’s prowess is further enhanced by its support for 4-in-1 pixel binning technology which allows for better light absorption, resulting in stunning, well-lit portraits, even in low-light environments. By integrating dual stabilization technology, combining Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), coupled with a Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) actuator, the HONOR 200 Pro provides clear, detailed photos, stable and smooth video footage. To ensure that distant objects are captured with remarkable sharpness and clarity, the upcoming device will come equipped with a 50MP Telephoto Camera offering 2.5x optical zoom. Further, the 12MP ultra-wide angle lens will ensure that users can fit more into their frame without compromising on the quality of the pictures. 

Similar to the HONOR 200 Pro, the HONOR 200 features a robust camera setup with a 1/1.56-inch Sony IMX906 Large Sensor equipped with OIS and 4-in-1 pixel binning technology, providing large 2.0 μm pixels for excellent low-light performance, along with an f/1.95 aperture. It also includes the same 50MP Telephoto Camera found on the PRO model featuring a Sony IMX856 sensor, ensuring sharp and detailed zoomed-in shots in various conditions.

Unlocking the Mastery of Studio Harcourt Portrait Photography on Smartphones

The HONOR 200 Series elevates portrait photography with its AI-enhanced HONOR AI Portrait Engine, developed in collaboration with Studio Harcourt.  This innovative technology integrates Harcourt’s renowned lighting and shadow techniques, enabling users to unlock studio-level portrait photography on smartphones. This helps the engine evaluate the lighting, skin color, color temperatures and scene composition by leveraging millions of light and shadow databases to determine optimal exposure settings. Further, with large sensors and AI Neural Network for Image Processing, the HONOR AI Portrait Engine produces exceptional image quality with a natural bokeh effect. 

By leveraging two lenses simultaneously for each frame, the AI Stereo-based Bokeh Algorithm utilizes the main and ultra-wide lenses for zoom ranges from 1x to 2x, while using the main and telephoto lens for 2.5x zoom, enabling precise depth calculation across various zoom ranges. In addition to its optical prowess, the HONOR AI Portrait Engine incorporates AI-powered Portrait Detail Enhancement for skin and facial characters which helps in ensuring realistic hair details and enhanced facial features, thereby creating detailed and lifelike portraits.

The HONOR AI Portrait Engine also offers intelligent facial enhancement, optimizing skin tones and textures. It further incorporates sophisticated vignette processing to add an artistic flair, ensuring visually captivating portraits in various settings and tones. HONOR also introduces 3 newly developed professional portrait modes in the HONOR 200 Pro - Harcourt Vibrant, Harcourt Color, and Harcourt Classic that empowers users to unleash their creativity and capture portraits that truly stand out. 

AI Motion Sensing Capture for Natural Portrait Shots 

The series excels in capturing stunning portraits outdoors, effortlessly harmonizing light and shadow to create beautifully balanced compositions. Whether in a serene garden or amidst festive park lights, its advanced capabilities ensure each portrait encapsulates the essence of the moment with clarity and depth.  Furthermore, the series incorporates an advanced AI Motion Sensing feature which helps in capturing motion shots with unparalleled clarity flawlessly. 

Other interesting AI functionalities that come with the HONOR 200 Series cameras are as follows: 

AI Vlog Master

AI Vlog Master is a feature designed to assist vloggers in creating high-quality video content with ease. It leverages artificial intelligence to provide automated video editing, suggestions for the best shots, and enhancements to improve overall video quality.

AI Auto Capture

AI Auto Capture uses advanced algorithms to automatically detect and capture the best moments without the user needing to manually take photos or videos.

AI Scene Recognition

AI Scene Recognition intelligently identifies different scenes and adjusts camera settings accordingly to optimize image quality. 

AI One Click Movie

AI One Click Movie is a feature that allows users to create professional-looking movies with a single click.

AI Night Video

AI Night Video enhances video recording in low-light conditions. Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, this feature improves brightness, reduces noise, and retains detail and color accuracy in night-time videos. 

AI Multi-video

AI Multi-video allows users to simultaneously record from multiple camera angles or perspectives. This feature can combine footage from the front and rear cameras.

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