Portronics Unveils Luxcell Series Power Banks

Portronics Unveils Luxcell Series Power Banks

Power banks are a must-have accessory. They not only offer a convenient way of charging smartphones, Bluetooth-enabled gizmos, and wearables while on the move but also help charge phones during a sudden power outage or in the absence of charging outlets. Portronics launches its new range of Luxcell Series Power banks that come with an ultra-compact body and fine design giving it a premium look. The varied offerings allow consumers to pick one that best suits their devices, budget, and usage preferences.

Luxcell Wireless 10K (INR 1,399): This 10,000mAhPower bank is for those who want something stylish and compatible with devices that support wireless charging. It supports 15W Magsafe wireless charging for Qi-enabled devices, which includes the iPhone 12 (and later), Samsung S series, and Google Pixel series, to name a few. It has two ports, a Mach USB and a Type-C port, with the ability to charge up to 3 devices simultaneously with a maximum output of 22.5W. The Luxcell Wireless 10K sports a premium look with a transparent casing and LED indicator. It is BIS-certified, which means it has built-in protection to prevent connected devices from getting damaged by short circuit, voltage and current surges. The device comes with a Type-C cable and can be fully charged through its Type-C Port.

Luxcell Bind 10K (INR 1,249): This 10,000mAh 22.5W fast-charging battery pack comes with 2 built-in cables – a Type C and an 8-pin cable. Besides this, it also has a Mach USB Type-A connector, allowing a user to charge three devices simultaneously without any issues. The Bind 10K can be charged using the Type-C cable that comes along with it. The device is also BIS-certified to protect connected gadgets against short circuit, voltage and current fluctuations.

Luxcell Mini 20K (INR 1,799): The smallest among others is this 20,000mAh PD fast charging Power bank Mini 20K made for those looking for a more compact solution to charge their devices. That said, the Mini also supports fast charging and boasts dual ports - a Mach USB-A (22.5W) and a Type-C PD 3.0 (20W) Port. It also sports a classy chassis with a see-through panel and an LED battery indicator. You can charge it using the Type-C that comes with the Power bank.

Luxcell Mini 10K (INR 1,149): True to its name, the Mini 10K is a compact 10,000mAh battery with a premium body and a partially transparent design. Weighing just 175g, it is 28% lighter and 15% lighter than the average power bank, making it ideal for the handbag. This power bank is equipped with a Mach USB Type-A (22.5W) and Type-C PD 3.0 (20W) port for simultaneous charging of 2 devices. You can charge it using the Type-C cable that comes along with the product.

Luxcell 10K (INR 1,099): This 10,000mAh battery pack is for those who have a strict budget but want features like 22.5W fast-charging support, compatibility with iPhones, Android smartphones, tablets, speakers, etc; simultaneous charging of 2 devices via its Mach USB Type-A and Type-C PD port, and BIS certification for protection against short circuit, current and voltage surges. In keeping with the Luxcell series, this version also sports a stylish build, a wake button, a transparent plastic panel, and an LED battery indicator. It can be charged using the Type-C cable that comes along with it.

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