itel Boosts its Smartwatch Line-up with Launch of New Unicorn Pro

itel Boosts its Smartwatch Line-up with Launch of New Unicorn Pro

itel elevates its smartwatch lineup with the launch of the itel Unicorn Pro, under the newly introduced premium Unicorn Series. The itel Unicorn Pro comes packed with the best in Industry dual-core processor with 60Hz refresh rate and a stunning 1.43-inch AMOLED display featuring an impressive 1000 Nits brightness. Packed with several more features like an always-on display, 200+ stylish watch faces with personalized video watch face feature, and 24-hour health monitoring, the Unicorn Pro is available at an attractive price of INR 3799.

With its 1000 nits of brightness, the itel Unicorn Pro guarantees effortless readability of notifications, messages, and essential data even in the brightest outdoor settings. This luxury smartwatch is available in three captivating colors: Copper Gold, Aluminum Silver, and Meteorite Grey. The smartwatch also features premium stainless steel design complemented by personalized watch faces, ensuring a fresh and trendy design. With single-chip Bluetooth calling functionality and Magnetic rotating crown and two short cut keys, this smartwatch offers seamless connectivity and easy navigation.

Speaking about the launch, Arijeet Talapatra, CEO, itel India, said, β€œWith the launch of the itel Unicorn Pro, we are excited to bring a blend of style and performance to the smartwatch market in India. Our commitment to innovation drives us to constantly push boundaries, and the Unicorn Pro is a testament to that. It offers users not only a fashion-forward design but also a seamless experience with its dual-core processor, making multitasking a breeze. Whether it's staying connected, monitoring health, or simply enjoying music, the Unicorn Pro delivers on all fronts, empowering users to lead a more convenient and healthy lifestyle.”

The Itel Unicorn Pro isn't just a fashion statement; it's also a versatile performer, excelling in smooth multitasking and enhanced health monitoring features. This smartwatch seamlessly manages tasks like playing music in the background while simultaneously tracking your fitness activities, making it the perfect companion for anyone aspiring to lead a healthy and seamless life while offering an impressive Standby time  of up to 15 days and back-up of up to 7-days.

Smooth Multitasking

The Unicorn Pro excels in seamlessly handling multiple tasks, offering a robust performance that goes beyond the basics. Whether you're hitting the gym or going for a run, this smartwatch ensures uninterrupted music playback while diligently tracking your fitness metrics in real time. Its advanced capabilities allow you to immerse yourself fully in your workout routine without worrying about any disruptions. So, you can stay motivated and focused on achieving your fitness goals while enjoying your favorite tunes every step of the way.

Faster App Launches

Powered by the dual-core processor the smartwatch’s seamless responsiveness ensures that the user can stay connected and engaged in conversations without any inconvenience, keeping them in sync with their digital communication effortlessly without any lags or jitters

Improved Health Monitoring.

Unicorn Pro can continuously monitor heart rate in real-time while also tracking sleep patterns without sacrificing performance. The smartwatch also features several health features such as a mood Monitor, 100+ Sports Mode, 24 x 7 Heart Rate Monitoring, Sedentary Reminder, Breathing Exercise, Stress Monitor, Sleep Monitor, SpO2 Monitor, Female Cycle Tracking, Water Reminder, and SOS.

Voice Recognition

Dual-core processors facilitate faster and more accurate voice recognition on smartwatches. This means that when the user uses voice commands to control their smartwatch, the device can understand and respond to their commands swiftly and accurately.

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