WhatsApp Introduces Screen Sharing Feature

WhatsApp Introduces Screen Sharing Feature

WhatsApp, the most commonly used calling and messaging app by billions of end users, has rolled out the most demanding feature among working professionals. The app has added the screen-sharing feature that users can use during video calls. Now the host can share the information visible on his/her screen with others, providing to be a valuable tool for official meetings and calls.

Meta's head Mark Zuckerberg took his Facebook account to announce the new update stating, "We're adding the ability to share your screen during a video call on WhatsApp." While the market is buzzed with the anticipation that the latest screen-sharing feature by Zuckerberg can present tough competition before highly demanding video-calling apps such as Zoom and Meet considering it a significant feature to share screens while group video calling.  

How to Use Screen Sharing on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp screen-sharing feature is providing the user with an easier way to collaborate on documents, show presentations, and more. This facility will also allow users to provide tech support to their friends and family easily. To use this feature:

  • Make a video call

  • Look out for the ‘Share’ icon on the screen during the call

  • Choose whether you want to share a required application or just the entire screen

This is how simply you can share your screen while making a video call. Currently, WhatsApp allows 32 participants over one video call. So, attending such meetings will expectedly be easy.

Previously, the screen-sharing facility was provided to the beta testers by WhatsApp, now the feature has been launched to all users. The makers have opted for a gradual manner to roll out the update, hence it will likely bit time to reach everyone.

Recently, WhatsApp has added several important features such as an Edit button, Chat Lock, HD photo quality, and more. Now WhatsApp users can lock their chat to protect their privacy in every case. With the edit button, users are given a 15-minute window to make corrections to the message. And now, the screen sharing feature just unlocks all potential of this app as a powerful tool to accomplish official tasks on the WhatsApp call.

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