Now Create WhatsApp Groups Without Name, All Details Here

Now Create WhatsApp Groups Without Name, All Details Here

Mark Zuckerberg rolled out a new feature for WhatsApp that allows users to create groups without any name. Zuckerberg via his Facebook post, shared this information that this feature is quite functional when you don’t have time to name the group.

Groups containing a maximum of six participants will dynamically be named on the basis of the people in the group, such as if there are two people named ‘Rob’ and ‘Matt’ in the group, WhatsApp will proactively name the group as ‘Rob and Matt’.

The update further explains that the new feature displays the group name differently for each participant, on the basis of the name saved as a contact in their devices. This feature is quite effective to protect privacy of users. Besides, if you are added to a group of people not in your contact list, then only your number will be displayed in the group name on their devices.

The new feature to form a group without a name will be launched for users in the coming weeks. Within the last few weeks, WhatsApp is come up with several new features to enhance the overall WhatsApp communication experience, such as the feature to send HD photos, edit sent messages, and the latest AI-powered sticker generation facility.

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