Beware! This WhatsApp Scam Can Harm You, Here’s How to Avoid

Beware! This WhatsApp Scam Can Harm You, Here’s How to Avoid

Don’t Let WhatsApp Scammers Fool You Over Fake Calls! Yes. Beware! WhatsApp is the scammers' latest target trying to fool you by making fake calls. Digital communication is exploring new features every single day, at the same time, scammers are topping up the list by opting for smarter tactics to take advantage of unsuspecting users. Fake WhatsApp calls are revolving around India and a wave of deceitful activities has badly impacted the country, leaving users stuck concerned, and bewildered about online safety. Here is how to recognize and protect yourself from WhatsApp fake calls.

Discover The Scam

Fake WhatsApp callers are proficient cybercriminals and they use international numbers to trap users on the web. These perpetrators are initiative callers and trick users by letting their number display as an international call to convince people they are receiving authentic foreign calls. These numbers are originating from distinct international numbers from places like Malaysia (+60), Ethiopia (code: +251), Vietnam (+84), Kenya (+254), Indonesia (+62), and others.

Numbers be like:

+1 (864) 658-7822

+1 (719) 504-6382

+ 84 58 786 1536

+ 84 58 764 6811

+ 66 99 315 1557

+54 9 380 467-1006

+44 7932 221360

+44 7419 418982

+243 891 687 016

With the call responded to by the caller, the scam takes place. The scammers extract sensitive data from the phone and acquire access to your personal accounts. They pretend to be your trusted, seeking financial assistance, and trying different tricks to gain confidential information like passwords, banking details, verification codes, and all.  

The gravity of the matter has grabbed the government’s attention as Rajeev Chandrasekhar, State IT Minister acknowledged the rate of increasing incidence and issued notice to Facebook and WhatsApp owner, Mark Zuckerberg considering the need for active measures to fight off such mischief.

WhatsApp responded about its awareness of the fraudulent calls that users have been facing, assuring that they have been actively working on the deployment of Artificial Intelligence systems to leverage advanced technologies to expose and prevent these scams.

Tips To Safeguard

  • Follow these simple tips to stay away from such fraudsters:

  • Do not answer international numbers, if you are not sure about it

  • Verify caller’s identity via alternative communication channels

  • Do not share personal information like, baking details, verifications codes, or passwords ever

  • You can enable two-factor authentication or similar for added security

  • Download the updated version of WhatsApp to avail security patches benefit and updates

  • In case of a suspicious number popping up on your screen immediately block and report it to your service provider and authorities

  • Use security solutions to identify and block suspected numbers

  • Keep a backup of our data on a regular basis to avoid loss or compromise

At The End

Prevention is better than cure, so it is always better to opt for safety measures and stay away from tricks as they are made to trap unaware users. These online scammers making fake calls on WhatsApp can be caught easily if all of you become aware.

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