World Back Up Day: Empowering users to take control of their data

World Back Up Day: Empowering users to take control of their data

Our digital lives generate a huge amount of data. Every click, swipe, and search fuels a massive, ever-growing ocean of information. In 2023 alone, an estimated 120 zettabytes of data were created . Social media platforms contribute substantially, serving as personal content repositories. However, despite the immense sentimental and monetization value of these digital treasures, their safety is often at risk due to unreliable storage options and inadequate measures to help safeguard the generated data. As per Western Digital’s sponsored study only 32% of users take a full backup of their data, and over 52% of users have lost their data, at least once in their lifetime.

So, how do you protect your data? The best way is to adopt the 3-2-1 backup strategy, i.e., having three copies of your data, stored on two different types of media, with one copy kept off-site. Hence, this World Backup Day, let us all pledge to take full control and safeguard our data and using the following must-have products:

For on-the-go consumers

SanDisk Ultra® Dual Drive Go USB Type-C™ (Multi-Connector Flash Drives in Vibrant Colors): To store and backup memorable moments, the SanDisk Ultra® Dual Drive Go USB Type-C™ is the best option for a convenient and smooth transfer. This affordable and handy flash drive with USB Type-C and Type-A connectors allows you to easily move files between your iPhone 15 and other devices. It offers a USB 3.2 Gen 1 interface coupled with a read speed of up to 400 MB/s[1] for quick file transfers. This flash drive is available with up to 256GB* capacity in Absinthe Green, Lavender, and Navagio Bay, and up to 1TB* capacity in black. Price as per Amazon (128GB): INR 1,109/- 

For people who prefers speed 

WD My Passport™ SSD: One can empower their productivity with the boldly designed WD My Passport™ SSD. This SSD offers robust security features including password-enabled 256-bit AES hardware encryption to ensure the safety of files and photos. The WD My Passport™ SSD has a blazing fast NVMe™ technology with read speeds of up to 1050MB/s1 and write speeds of up to 1000MB/s1WD My Passport™ SSD has a bold, metal design that is tough enough to handle whatever comes the users way and offers a capacities ranging up to 4TB. The device comes with drop resistance up to 6.5ft, with shock and vibration resistance and is also available in a range of colors. Price as per Amazon (1TB): INR 9,969/-

SanDisk Extreme® Portable SSD V2: The SanDisk Extreme® Portable SSD V2 is the perfect SSD to help individuals unleash their creativity and backup their content. It is also the ideal companion for capturing incredible footage on the iPhone 15 Pro series.  One can elevate their experience with the swift NVMe™ solid-state performance boasting impressive read speeds of up to 1050MB/s and write speeds of 1000MB/s that SanDisk Extreme® Portable SSD V2 offers. Tailored for the Type-C port, this drive not only delivers speed but also durability, making it the perfect ally for your outdoor adventures. Moreover, up to three-meter drop protection and IP65 water and dust resistance2 mean this durable drive can take a beating. The drive is available in three color options: Black, Monterey, and Sky Blue. Price as per Amazon (1TB): INR 9,944/-

For those who loves creating and editing

WD My Book External Desktop Hard Drive Storage: One can elevate their digital space with the WD My Book External Desktop Hard Drive Storage from WD a desktop computer hard drive – featuring an integrated 256-bit AES hardware encryption fortified with password protection. This cutting-edge shield ensures the utmost privacy and safety for your valuable content. The hard drive is equipped with backup software that helps backup photos, videos, music, and documents and comes with a 3-year limited warranty. Price as per Amazon (4TB): INR 11,498/-

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