Windows 11's Latest Security Features You Need to Know

Windows 11's Latest Security Features You Need to Know

Windows 11 offers an unprecedented range of security benefits to protect your information and your PC to keep it secure. Passkeys, Smart App Control, and Adaptive Dimming are at the forefront, promising a seamless and secure environment.

Here are the 5 latest security features in Windows 11:

1.   Passkeys

Passkeys revolutionize the sign-in process, bidding farewell to passwords. Integrated with Windows Hello, Passkeys offer a cross-platform, unguessable credential, allowing you to sign in effortlessly using facial recognition, fingerprints, or a device PIN. This added layer of security across browsers ensures a hacker-resistant authentication experience.

2.   Presence sensing improvements to increase security and reduce energy use

In a bid to conserve energy, Windows 11 introduces Adaptive Dimming. Your PC's presence sensor intelligently detects your attention level and, if diverted, gradually dims the screen to save energy. This not only promotes energy efficiency but also serves as a gentle reminder to refocus and stay in the flow.

3.   Windows Hello for Business

For business users, Windows Hello for Business takes a giant leap by eliminating the need for passwords. IT managers can now enforce policies to remove password requirements for accessing secure company resources, promoting a robust, password-free authentication experience.

4.   Empowering IT professionals with Config Refresh

Config Refresh empowers IT professionals, allowing the reset of settings on Windows 11 devices at regular intervals or when needed. It offers flexibility by allowing "pauses" for troubleshooting situations, providing control over device configurations.

5.   Securing applications with Intune

Intune with App Control for Business enhances application security, requiring apps to earn trust before execution. This feature, accessible through the Microsoft Intune admin console, becomes a vital tool in defending against executable file-based malware, ensuring a secure PC environment for organizational use.

As Windows 11 continues to evolve, these security enhancements reaffirm Microsoft's commitment to delivering a user-friendly yet robust digital experience.

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