ViewSonic Offering Advanced Ed-tech Products for Best Learning Experience

ViewSonic Offering Advanced Ed-tech Products for Best Learning Experience

School is the second home for all, and the teachers will always remain our mentors in creating our bright future. Therefore, as a gesture of thanks for shaping the students' lives to honour and appreciate their gurus and teachers, we commemorate Teachers Day every year on September 5th.

With the onset of Covid-19, the teachers faced hassles in teaching as the process of hybrid learning and awareness of the tools was relatively new. However, the educators taught students with advanced technology and maintained interactive communication throughout the class. Offering integrated hardware and software solutions, ViewSonic India brings user-friendly, tech-equipped best-in-class products enhancing the teaching methodology for educators.

ViewSonic myViewBoard (software)

For teachers juggling planning, instruction, and grading in a limited amount of time, this edtech tool can be beneficial. The ViewSonic myViewBoard is an interactive tool for educators to ease the hybrid teaching process. The software offers visual learning educational content and helps teachers and students indulge in an interactive session.

Make this teachers' day memorable and help educators with a hassle-free teaching process. The software solution can be used on any device and is ideal for traditional front-of-class teaching, flipped classrooms, blended teaching pedagogy, and online learning. It also handles virtual classrooms with video conferencing and interactive tools. 

ViewSonic VA2432-MH Monitor

To present the students with the sharpest & precise picture, ViewSonic 24" Full HD monitor is the perfect display for enhancing their experience. It displays the most precise and detailed images with a wide range of viewing angles. The monitor has flexible connectivity for educational institutes and Superclear IPS technology for sharper colours on the screen. Its three-sided frameless bezel monitor delivers a seamless viewing experience and offers Eye Care technology to help eliminate eye strain resulting from extended viewing periods for all users. With a 75hz refresh rate, the screen extends support of Adaptive sync that helps in eliminating screen tearing & reduce stuttering.

ViewSonic ViewBoard 52

 The recently launched ViewBoard® 52 series has the most intuitive and interactive interface for teachers. This teacher's day incorporate the newly designed series in educators' course for a better teaching process.

The series is embedded with cutting-edge technology-building engagement designed to simplify the needs of teachers and aid them in delivering a hassle-free session. The interface is loaded with user-friendly features to help the educators and make their sessions effortlessly easy. In addition, the well-coordinated and greatly improved writing perfection creates a natural flow during student-teacher interaction, making it ideal for the hybrid learning and teaching process.

ViewSonic ViewBoard Pen Display

This Teacher's Day ViewSonic ViewBoard Pen Display is also a perfect buy. The edtech tool is a simple portable teaching device. With the help of this, the teachers can write, create, and organize notes. The Pen display is loaded with features like full HD 1920×1080 high resolution, making it easy for the teachers to communicate course materials.

It also comes with a USB type-C support cable for better and easy connectivity. In addition, the product's appealing design is appropriate to enhance the hybrid learning methodology.

ViewSonic LS500WHP Projector

The plans of making teaching easier can come true this Teacher's Day. With various Edtech products available in the market, it is also essential to have a quality projector which enhances the teaching scenario. The projector is equipped with the latest LED Technology, offering high brightness and beautiful colour, making it an ideal choice for the education sector.

With features like effortless power on/off and 360° tilt angle projection for flexible configuration, the projector is apt for educators when taking a live class session. Powered by LED technology, it is more efficient, durable, energy-efficient, requires low maintenance, and is long-lasting. As a result, the ViewSonic LS500WHP is a perfect and economical addition to their classes, helping them in seamless teaching.

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