TVF And Pulse Candy Collaborates for MEME Campaign

TVF And Pulse Candy Collaborates for MEME Campaign

The Viral Fever (TVF) and Pulse Candy by DS Group are set to revolutionize the digital advertising landscape with their innovative collaboration. The two influential entities have partnered together to create a first-of-its-kind MEME campaign. The campaign, titled "Pulse MEMEvolution with TVF," is aimed at reimagining iconic scenes from top TVF shows to highlight the irresistible allure of Pulse candy.

Conceptualized and Executed by Foxymoron, the full-funnel creative digital agency under Zoo Media Network, The "Pulse MEMEvolution with TVF" campaign has set its sights on achieving two main objectives. Firstly, it aims to cement the association between TVF and Pulse Candy, showcasing the creative synergy between the two powerhouses. Secondly, the campaign is set to go beyond traditional advertising by introducing an innovative approach, capitalizing on MEMEs to engage with the audience in a fresh and relatable manner.

At the launch of this innovative campaign, Mr. Arvind Kumar, GM, Marketing expressed, “We are excited to announce our collaboration with TVF for this groundbreaking MEME campaign. DS Group’s Pulse candy has been an integral part of our consumers' lives, and like always we wanted to enhance our consumers’ experience by infusing elements of fun and joy. TVF's unparalleled expertise in creating engaging content rendered them the ideal partner for this creative endeavour. We are confident that our campaign ‘Pulse MEMEvolution with TVF’ will resonate with our audience and become a memorable addition to their digital journey”.

This ground-breaking partnership entails a 3 MEME deal between TVF and Pulse Candy, with renowned digital agency Foxymoron handling the account to ensure seamless execution of the campaign.

Commenting on the campaign, Mr. Alin Choubey, Business Head - North, FoxyMoron, "At Foxymoron, we were thrilled to collaborate with TVF and Pulse candy by Pulse Candy for the Meme campaign. Associating Pulse Candy with life itself, we showcased its irresistible allure and deep connection with people, aka Pulse ke Deewane. Using memes and drawing inspiration from TVF's iconic shows loved by India, we crafted a compelling narrative that the audience can relate to. This innovative approach celebrates India's most loved candy, capturing the essence of its popularity. We take immense pride in delivering a heart-captivating campaign that speaks to the hearts of the audience.”

TVF has meticulously planned a robust social media strategy to amplify the campaign across its platforms. The promotion plan includes a series of collaboration posts between TVF and DS Group, making the most of their vast social media presence. Additionally, cross-promotions through engaging stories on internal channels like The Timeliners, The Screen Patti, and Girliyapa will further enhance the reach and visibility of the MEMEs. Notably, TVF will also release a special LinkedIn post, tapping into the professional network to widen the campaign's audience reach.

Commenting on the collaboration, Mr Vijay Koshy, President of TVF, expressed his excitement, saying, "With TVF's significant influence on India's pop culture and the massive trend of audiences generating their own creative memes featuring TVF’s popular characters, an interesting opportunity has risen. Pass Pass Pulse Candy, renowned as the market leader in flavoured candy, recognized this user-driven trend and decided to join forces with us. This collaboration stands as an intelligent advertising campaign, seamlessly weaving our iconic shows with Pulse candy. At TVF, we are thrilled to be collaborating on this MEME campaign, aspiring to pioneer a new era of storytelling that strikes a chord with our diverse audience”. 

As anticipation has been building among fans for the launch of this unprecedented MEME collaboration, both TVF and Pulse by DS Group are poised to leave an indelible mark on the digital marketing landscape.

Get ready to embrace the laughter with Pulse MEMEvolution with TVF’!

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