Stay Connected in the Skies: Airtel Launches Affordable In-Flight Roaming Packs

Stay Connected in the Skies: Airtel Launches Affordable In-Flight Roaming Packs

Bharti Airtel introduced in-flight roaming plans for customers that will allow them to stay connected while on-board a flight. Customers can now enjoy high-speed internet browsing, talk to their loved ones and enjoy a host of other activities while thousands of feet above-ground. Customers subscribed to roaming packs priced at Rs. 2997 for prepaid and Rs. 3999 for postpaid and above will automatically enjoy the in-flight roaming benefit at no additional cost.

Commenting on the launch, Amit Tripathi – Director – Customer Experience and MarketingBharti Airtel, said, “Airtel has been at the forefront of providing seamless mobile connectivity to customers across the country. Today, we are thrilled to bring the same service on-board a flight through our in-flight roaming packs that will allow customers to enjoy high speed internet and seamless voice calling that will help them stay connected with their loved ones while on a flight.”

To power the on-board travel experience, Airtel has introduced in-flight offerings including voice, data and SMS services. The details are as follows:

For a seamless travel experience, Airtel has tied-up with Aeromobile to enable the best in-flight connectivity across 19 airlines flying across different international sectors.

In order to lend support to customers during their travel, Airtel has a 24X7-contact centre. In addition, the company has a dedicated whatsapp number ̶ 99100-99100 ̶ where customers can call and get support from a network specialist squad for real-time resolution. Customers also have a self-serve option of managing data usage, buying additional minutes, getting real time billing details by simply logging on to the Airtel Thanks App.

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