Realme Hits 200 Million Smartphone Shipments Globally

Realme Hits 200 Million Smartphone Shipments Globally

Realme announced that its global smartphone shipments have surpassed 200 million units as per Counterpoint’s latest Whitepaper: smartphone democratization key to future industry growth Report. Since reaching the 100 million sales milestone in 2021, realme has continued to leap forward while growing against all odds.

According to Counterpoint, realme experienced an outstanding 51% quarter-over-quarter growth in the second quarter of 2023. Moreover, realme has ascended from its third position in Q2 2023 to now securing the second spot among the top 10 smartphone brands in India, as per IDC's Q3 2023 rankings. The remarkable growth of realme is attributed to its adept management of inventory and demand, robust marketing promotions, and the launch of leap forward 5G devices. Throughout this year, realme has marked various milestones across its product range, with several devices emerging as bestsellers in their respective categories.

realme launched its 'Simply Better Strategy', ensuring that each generation of products features leap-forward technology, positioning realme at the apex of the industry. This strategy, underpinned by design, performance, and experience, is aimed at delivering a leap-forward tech, design, and performance experience to users. realme also continues to invest in R&D, establishing the realme Global Institute of Leap-forward Technology to focus on groundbreaking technologies in four key areas: display, photography, gaming and charging.

Since its inception, realme's mission has been to offer products with robust performance and leap-forwarded design, delivering enjoyable experiences to young people worldwide. Over five years, realme has deeply understood and catered to young people's needs, continuously engaging with and listening to its users, and consistently refining its brand and products. The diverse demands of users have propelled realme's growth, evolving from a comprehensive product lineup to adhering to a Simply Better strategy. As realme gains value recognition from users, it grows alongside them, achieving mutual success.

Commenting on the milestone, Sky Li, Founder and CEO, realme said: “At realme, we are committed to providing innovative, leap-forward technology that caters to the evolving needs and preferences of our diverse global audience. This accomplishment reinforces our position as a key player in the industry, and we are more motivated than ever to continue pushing boundaries and setting new standards. I want to express my sincere gratitude to our customers, partners, and the media for their continuous support. This achievement is not just a number; it is a reflection of the realme spirit and the shared success of our vibrant community. As we look to the future, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and exceptional experiences to our users around the world.”

With the milestone of 200 million global shipments, realme has truly become a mainstream smartphone brand in India & globally. The weight and influence of its stance in the international market have increased, empowering it to remain true to its original mission and bring even better products to young people worldwide.please add the goal and climb up plan for next 5 year

Through the “Leap-forward Climbing Plan”, realme aims to become the first choice for young users around the world in the next five years, driven by innovation, youth appeal, and cutting-edge products, including 5G. realme aims to focus on pushing tech boundaries, youth-centric products, and industry-wide innovation with a focus towards the premium mid-range smartphones.

In 2024, realme plans to significantly increase its investment in research and development, boosting its technological capabilities with a planned 470% increase in R&D spending. Continuing the mission from the beginning of the year of realme Global Institute of Leap-forward Technology, the brand will focus on breakthroughs in leap-forward technologies, specializing in imaging, gaming, display, and charging. Collaborating with over 33 leading international tech partners, realme aims to develop cutting-edge technologies. The brand will also expand its pool of tech talent, and engage in Research and technology team expansion, with an expected 400% increase in research personnel next year.

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