RCB and Mumbai Indians were the Most Influential Teams on Social Media in IPL 2024: Qoruz

RCB and Mumbai Indians were the Most Influential Teams on Social Media in IPL 2024: Qoruz

The IPL 2024 season wrapped up with the Kolkata Knight Riders triumphing over the Sunrisers Hyderabad in the grand finals. This marked the end of a two-month cricket festival that captivated millions of fans across India. 

Throughout the tournament, the IPL generated tremendous excitement nationwide, reaching a peak during the playoffs. Social media platforms were abuzz with activity as influencers and fans shared their support and reactions. This surge in online engagement highlighted the deep passion fans have for the IPL.

In light of this digital frenzy, Qoruz analyzed the social media landscape to identify key trends and insights from the IPL 2024 season. Starting from the first match on March 22nd, Qoruz tracked social media activity to capture the sentiments and interactions of influencers and their followers. Using the social listening capabilities of Qoruz Insights, the report aggregates mentions and popular hashtags related to IPL teams. 

Team Mentions by Influencers on Social Media - Instagram, X, Facebook, and YouTube

Among the teams, Royal Challengers Bengaluru led the social media buzz with 14.6K mentions by social media influencers, followed by Mumbai Indians with 12.3K mentions, and Chennai Super Kings with 10.2K mentions. These teams garnered the most attention from influencers, reflecting their strong fan base and impactful presence online.

Players Mentions by Influencers on Social Media - Instagram, X, Facebook, and YouTube

Virat Kohli topped the charts with 22.6K mentions, making him the most talked-about player this season. MS Dhoni followed with 18.7K mentions, and Pat Cummins garnered 3.4K mentions. These players' significant social media presence underscores their popularity and influence in the cricketing world.

Number of Posts by Social Media Users - Using Popular Hashtags of IPL Teams - Instagram, X, and Facebook

Social media activity surrounding the IPL 2024 season saw a significant number of posts from users across platforms like Instagram, X, and Facebook. The Royal Challengers Bengaluru led the way with 1.4 million posts, utilizing popular hashtags such as #rcb, #playbold, #nammaRCB, and #12thManArmy.Following closely were the Mumbai Indians with 1.1 million posts, featuring hashtags like #mumbaiindians and #mumbaiMeriJaan. The Chennai Super Kings also saw considerable engagement, with 927K posts under hashtags like #csk and #WhistlePodu.

These figures highlight the immense engagement and support these teams generated among social media users, reflecting their widespread popularity and the vibrant digital communities that rally behind them.

These insights from Qoruz provide a comprehensive look at the social media dynamics of the IPL 2024 season, highlighting the influence and reach of teams and players across various platforms. For more detailed analysis and graphical representations of this data, please refer to the attached graphs.

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