No Extra Charges For Holding Multiple SIMs, Clarifies TRAI

No Extra Charges For Holding Multiple SIMs, Clarifies TRAI

On June 6, news came about the government levying extra charges for holding multiple SIMs to users. However, on Friday, telecom regulator TRAI announced that it has no plans to thrust charges on consumers for keeping more than one SIM card and other numbering resources. Here the question arises, why does such news surface, and what is the problem in holding multiple SIMs, if Trai is not planning any of such things?

Need for Assessment

The government aimed to revise the number allocation plan for rapidly increasing subscribers. The policy revision is expected considering the latest statistics depicting 85.69% consumed density against the existing numbering resources for 1199.28 million telecom subscribers, as revealed in the press note by TRAI.

TRAIโ€™s Clarification on the Matter

Trai refutes any of such speculations and considers such news published by media houses misleading and false. โ€œThe speculation that TRAI intends to impose charges on customers for holding multiple SIMs/ numbering resources is unequivocally false. Such claims are unfounded and serve only to mislead the public,โ€ clarifies TRAI in its press release.

The Current Scenario

Although the government regulatory authority showed interest in regularising the unused SIM and other telecom resources as issued on June 6, it denied later claiming it false. In case charges on additional SIMs are applied, idle numbers will be utilized and people will be more mindful while holding unnecessary numbers. However, for now, the consumers are free from extra charges levied on holding multiple SIMs and other resources.

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