Madhav Sheth 2.0 Is Coming Back

Madhav Sheth 2.0 Is Coming Back

With the announcement of Honor Mobile hitting the Indian market after almost a three years gap, Mr. Madhav Sheth is everywhere in the news. Madhav Seth is an award-winning globally dignified business leader with a successful 19-year of overall work experience with eight leading companies including Perfect, OPPO, and realme, to name a few. Mr. Sheth has got expertise in sales and marketing playing pivotal roles in key business leadership positions, spanning the electronics and smartphone sectors.

The 43-year-old pursued his master’s degree in business administration and management from Harvard Business School. Currently, he is busy promoting Honor's comeback in the India market, during which several tweets have been shared by him directly indicating his association with the Honor smartphone brand. He tweeted, “Shoutout to all tech enthusiasts. Upgrade your excitement to level 2 because I am coming back soon.”

Recently before being associated with Honor Tech, Mr. Sheth was working as vice president for realme and as President of realme International Business Groups, superheading the firm’s strategy development, business development, product engineering, market operations, and brand-building initiatives alongside others.

While breaking the launch news of the Honor smartphone to the India market, he said, “Exciting News Alert! Honor Smartphones will be launched soon in India. Join us on this incredible journey as we empower the future with Honor Tech. #FeelTheFreedom #FeelTheHonor #TechForIndians.”

On a personal front, Mr. Sheth lives with his spouse and two kids in Gurgaon and every now and then he shares a glimpse of his personal life through social media. Take a look on some of his shared pictures:

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