Know How to Share Passwords on iPhone with iOS 17

Know How to Share Passwords on iPhone with iOS 17

iOS 17 is still away from its official release for over a month. However, public beta version is being used by the Apple lovers for a while. Among several coolest features, the best one is the facility to share password (unlike Netflix) with family and friends. No doubt, password sharing is not completely safe, yet it can be donned in a safer environment. Follow these simple steps and share your password with family and friends of your iPhone:


  • iOS 17 beta version must be running in your iPhone

  • iCloud Keychain must be enabled on your iPhone

  • iOS 17 beta must be running and iCloud Keychain be enabled in the iPhones of people you want to share password with

Simple Steps

  • Go to settings, open the app

  • Tap on Passwords

  • Now tap on Family Passwords Banner, find it on the screen top

  • If Family Passwords banner is not seen, find for + button at top right corner, go to New Shared Group

  • Now enter a name from your shared group, then tap on Continue

  • Keep adding names and email addresses by tapping on Add People of your shared group

  • The invited people will receive the email or notification along with a link and can join the shared group

  • After joining the group, they can see all the passwords shared in the group

Make sure you share your password with trusted people. Also, anytime you want to revoke access, you simply remove people from the shared group and you are done.

How to Keep Password Safe?

iCloud Keychain implies end-to-end encryption. Although the password is seen in plain simple text, but the people having password can only decrypt it.

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