Jubin Nautiyal Surprises Fans in Exclusive Meetup Organized by Wynk Music

Jubin Nautiyal Surprises Fans in Exclusive Meetup Organized by Wynk Music

Wynk Music organized an exclusive meet up with Jubin Nautiyal for five of its users from across the country.

The winners got an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with Jubin and get to know him a bit more over a tete-a-tete. Organized as a culmination to a Wynk campaign that celebrated Jubin’s latest album, ‘Tum Aaye Ho Toh’, the event was in line with Wynk’s continued endeavor to bring its users closer to their favorite artist. The five winners were selected after a nine-day campaign on the Wynk Music app. The contest was also shared extensively on Wynk and Jubin's Instagram pages. Thousands of fans participated in the contest and streamed Jubin's album continuously for several hours to win a chance to meet their favourite singer.  Jubin’s fans on Wynk heard his songs over 2000-3000 times within the nine days of the campaign.

With winners travelling from Ahmedabad, Pune, UP, Mumbai and Jharkhand, Jubin also documented the catch-up across his social media pages, which garnered immense engagement from all his fans. Taking the celebration, a notch higher, timing this with Valentine’s Day, Wynk has also released a video with the highlights of the heartfelt conversations between Jubin and his fans from the meet up, across its social media platforms.

Enabling artists to also connect with their fans and strengthen their bonds with them, the innovative fan-artists tete-a-tete has been a huge hit amongst Wynk users. In an era where digital platforms redefine how fans interact with their favorite artists, Wynk has been committed to not only offer top-tier musical experiences but also actively foster closer bonds between fans and the artists they adore. The brand has spearheaded numerous initiatives in the past to provide similar unique and memorable experiences to users and brought them closer to their favorite artists, fostering deeper connections between fans and artists.

The meet and greet was organized in partnership with Believe Artist Services, a leading artists management brand that offers tailored solutions to independent artists enabling them to reach out to more listeners and expand their fan base.

Excited about the interactions with his fans Indian playback singer, Jubin Nautiyal said, "Being an artist is about connecting with people through music, and Wynk Music has beautifully amplified that connection with their innovative campaigns. It is truly heartening to see fans not just listening to my songs but passionately engaging with them. With such initiatives, we are creating memories that resonate far beyond the music. Wynk Music is turning dreams into reality for my fans, and I'm honored to be a part of this journey.”

Over the past year, Wynk has curated exclusive opportunities for fans to meet diverse and renowned artists, ranging from including internationally acclaimed DJ, Martin Garrix to popular Indian Singer, King. Additionally, fans also got a chance to meet South Superstar Darshan and Telugu award-winning superstar Nani as a part of such innovative campaigns. As part of Wynk Rewind 2023, several artists also showed appreciation to their fans through video messages acknowledging the constant love and admiration shown by them.

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