HP India Gaming Landscape Study 2023 Reveals Surge in Career Opportunities & Income for Gamers in India

HP India Gaming Landscape Study 2023 Reveals Surge in Career Opportunities & Income for Gamers in India

The growth of the Esports industry is benefiting the Indian gamers’ community with diverse career opportunities and increased earnings, as per the HP India Gaming Landscape Study 2023. The study covering 3000 gamers across 15 Indian cities, highlighted that along with fun and relaxation, gamers are now drawn to gaming for earning money and recognition. The study for the first time covering 500 parents, also highlights a positive shift in parents’ attitudes towards gaming in the last few years.

"As India emerges as one of the top three PC gaming countries globally, we are committed to empowering and enabling gamers through constant innovation and cutting-edge tools. This study allows us to develop a deeper understanding of the gaming landscape and provides colour on the passion and aspirations of the gaming community”, said Ipsita Dasgupta, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, HP India market.

Income from Gaming on the rise:

The earnings from gaming are growing in India as compared to 2022, with nearly half of serious gamers respondents claiming to earn -between 6 to 12 lakh per annum in 2023.

Roles Gamers are eyeing in the future:

Sponsorships and Esports tournaments have emerged as significant income sources, showcasing the growing importance of the gaming community. The gaming industry in India is also helping gamers try their hands at various career options. Apart from being a gamer, the respondents indicated having eyes on being an influencer or esports management in the future.

 Vickram Bedi, Senior Director, Personal Systems, HP India market said, “It is encouraging to see the esports industry growing and providing diverse career opportunities to gamers. We believe that Indian youth has the potential to not only make it big at global esports arena but also to tap on entrepreneurial opportunities in the industry. We, at HP, are introducing initiatives like HP Gaming Garage to help them grow and inspire the budding gamers.”

Parents’ perspective on gaming turning positive:

The study reveals a positive shift in parent’s perspective towards gaming, with 42% of the respondents approving of gaming as a hobby. 40% of parents participating in the study admitted that their perception of gaming has turned positive in the last few years, mainly due to the growth of the industry.

However, concerns about the stability of a gaming career and the potential for social isolation persist among parents. The study shows parents have inadequate information -about gaming prospects in India, as 49% of them depend on friends & family for information.

Gaming goes pan-India:

Gaming is not restricted to metros now. The study shows a strong surge in serious gamers in non-metro cities.

Gaming is also not limited to a specific demographic, as 75% of GenZ and 67% of Millennials are serious gamers. 58% of women respondents are identified as serious gamers, underlining the inclusive nature of gaming. Additionally, one in three gamers participates, either for monetary gains or recognition.

 Need for Learning and Development infrastructure for gaming:

The study reveals that 61% of respondents were not aware of gaming courses in India, with more than half of gamers relying on YouTube and game buddies to enhance their skills. 57% of the respondents want gameplay training to get better at gaming.

PC emerges as the most preferred device for gaming:

When it comes to gaming devices, PCs emerge as the preferred choice, with 67% of gamers favoring them over mobile phones. The study also reveals that gamers are willing to invest over INR 1 lakh on average for a gaming PC. Key reasons for preferring PCs over mobiles for gaming include better FPS and display.

 HP announces “HP Gaming Garage” for free online gaming courses

HP has introduced ‘HP Gaming Garage’, a free-of-cost online professional certificate program on Esports management and Game development. This initiative provides gaming enthusiasts in India with access to curated online modules covering esports management, game design, and game programming, fostering learning and development in these areas. Hosted on edX, the program is available in 12 languages including English, Hindi, and Telugu. Access the page here: Esports Management and Game Development Professional Certificate | edX.

Earlier this year, HP opened Omen Playground stores across India to enable PC gaming experience and an opportunity for budding gamers to upskill themselves in gameplay. At these stores, gamers can play games and engage with gaming communities without any cost.


Total 3500 respondents participated in the study from 15, Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities across India. A total of 3000 gamers were interviewed and 500 parents. Interviews were conducted with a mix of male (75%) and female (25%) gamers between the ages of 15-34 years. Respondents were PC users (70%) and mobile phone users (30%).

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