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Five Benefits of Using Wearable Health Tracker



The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) – medical devices and applications that are connected to the healthcare IT systems are expected to grow at a significantly higher rate, particularly between 2018-2023. Wearable health trackers, such as the smartwatches – elements of IoMT, are increasingly becoming mainstream products. Capable of tracking our health data, these devices can help us better understand our overall health and fitness. 

According to a wearable tracker report published by IDC, the Indian wearables market saw a massive surge in growth by 144.3%, as compared to 2019, making India the only country in the top three that saw a three-digit growth in 2020. In fact, over the next few years, it is the healthcare industry that is expected to drive the entire wearable devices and technology market – thanks to the availability of cutting-edge products for health and fitness.

Now as the future of health-tracking wearables looks bright than ever before, we asked five Impact Creators to share why a health-tracking wearable is worth considering:


“Wearables are helping us monitor our exercise, our breathing and our heart rates with the use of sensors embedded in their chips – software algorithms working on the software layer.

There are numerous techniques from which we are able to achieve this monitoring such as photoplethysmography for blood pressure to share breathing and heart rates, accelerometer sensing for movement, etc. More often, some technologies which come under the application of wearables are edge computing, IoT and cloud computing.”

–Ramneek Kalra, IEEE Member


“Fitness has gained significant mindshare, thanks to the pandemic. At the same time, social-distancing protocols have restricted access to gyms and other similar community sports centers. In these circumstances, wearables are a boon to help keep track of one’s activity.

Monitoring vital signs and changes as one exercises and providing real-time feedback would help one to keep within safe bounds of stress. For people with lifestyle, chronic or other diseases, exercises could be prescribed with greater confidence that reliable feedback mechanisms would help prevent harm.”

–Aiyappan Pillai, Senior IEEE Member


“Activity tracking helps in creating awareness among people the importance of balance in exercise, sleep and eating habits. But the wearables are not only for the healthy people, they are more importantly used for people who have some ailments like heart problems and obesity. Athletes may also get into injuries while training where the wearables can help them to be monitored through workout logs and other self-tracking methods.

The devices with self-tracking features help health-aware individuals monitor their own fitness levels through apps and messages, which the wearer can view without even bothering to take the device out of their pockets. The most important effect of these wearables is that a complete view of one’s health can be obtained all in one place thus reducing time and cost.”

–Ramalatha Marimuthu, IEEE Senior Member


“Even though the data collected by these wearables are very personal information associated with an individual, data protection and privacy standards prevail. But with proper consent, this data can be shared by an individual with their doctors which in turn are vital information for a patient’s diagnosis.

There was news where someone used a smartwatch, and after some months of data trends, helped the doctors diagnose a serious heart condition and immediately acted on it. It saved someone’s life.”

–Sukanya Mandal, Senior IEEE Member


“Today we see wearables’ total addressable market around 33 Billion USD, and it is expected to grow beyond 15% year-over-year. The future is promising for wearables, as it bundles the technology to change the social behaviour and acceptance of transformative use-cases.

Apart from the forms of wearables that are available today such as smartwatches, smart badges, smart glasses, smart bracelets, and smart head-mounted gadgets, I see the emergence of exoskeleton suits for lifting heavy objects and prosthetics through 3D printing for creating human organs will be used in manufacturing and healthcare industries to promote the same.”


Oppo Announces Exciting Offers for Consumers on its E-store



OPPO goes live with its e-store platform for all its Indian users. The platform is introducing offers for its customers enabling consumers to shop for any of their favorite products just with a click of a button sitting right from the safety of their homes. These deals will go live on 11th May and will be valid till 17th May 2021. 

Customers will now be able to access the one-stop-shop for all innovative and latest OPPO products on the e-store ranging over 80 varieties across budget and premium smartphones, IoT products, and wearables.

OPPO has collaborated with leading bank operators like HDFC, Standard Chartered, Kotak, and Bajaj Finserve to ensure customers can now avail No cost EMI (No cost EMI is exclusive and can’t be clubbed with the upgrade offer). Additionally, customers will be given an instant discount of 10% when a purchase is made with HDFC, Kotak & Standard Chartered debit/credit cards.   

Extending additional support, OPPO has also introduced a 1 rupee flash deal on wearable items such as W31, W11, OPPO Band Style with limited units and 80% off flash deal on smartphones such as A5 2020, A5s, F11, F15, and OPPO Reno 10x Zoom. Adding on to the excitement, OPPO has also introduced a 1-rupee Mystery Box where customers can get anything from recently launched F19 Pro+ to OPPO Band Style. 

To ensure customer needs are taken care of, OPPO also added a buy bundle offer to save up to 1000 rupees on the combination of leading products such as Reno5 Pro and W31, F19 and W31, A15s and W11, and F17 Pro and W11. Lastly, the brand also introduced a spin-to-win feature where customers can get a chance to win OPPO Reno5 pro, A53, Enco X, OPPO Band Style, or a 50/100/150-rupee coupon.

OPPO has already built a robust network of retailers and distributors in the country. With 60,000 sales points and 180 retail outlets, the brand only aims to strengthen customer experience & showcase the unmatched power of its innovative products which meet and exceed customer expectations today. With the brand’s philosophy of ‘Technology for Mankind. Kindness for the world’, making customer’s life better through innovations and industry-first technology is of paramount importance for OPPO.Oppo

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Realme Named Among Top 5 Smartphone Brands in India



Realme announced a new milestone by expanding leadership across key markets in Europe and Southeast Asia. Globally realme registered 12.8 million smartphone shipments in Q1 2021, as per Counterpoint Research. The brand maintained its position as one of the top five players in 13 countries worldwide, and, for the first time, was in the top four brands in three European countries, according to Q1 2021 Canalys global smartphone shipments report. In India, the company consolidated its overall fifth position with a 12% market share, closely following the top four players. 

Since venturing into the European market, realme has rapidly emerged to become the fastest-growing smartphone brand in the region with 183% YoY growth in Q1 2021, says Counterpoint Research. The company is ranked by Canalys as the fourth leading brand in both the Czech Republic and Greece by shipments, with Q1 annual growth rates of 4104% and 477%, respectively. realme also emerged as the Top 4 brand in Slovenia and retained its strong growth momentum in Russia as the fifth biggest player, growing 682% YoY. 

In Southeast Asia, realme regained its top spot in the Philippines with a 23% market share and a 95% annual YoY growth. It also grew 379% YoY in Cambodia and recorded double-digit growth across Indonesia and Thailand. 

Commenting on the success, Madhav Sheth, VP-realme and CEO – realme India and Europe said, “I am proud to see realme charting a strong trajectory with record growth in several markets across Czech Republic, Greece, Slovenia and other countries in Q1 2021. This demonstrates our commitment to become one of the top smartphone players as well as a leading Tech-Lifestyle brand globally. We are confident that this success story will continue as we stay true to our brand spirit of ‘Dare to Leap’ and focus on empowering today’s young consumers with cutting-edge, segment-defining products.”

Commenting on realme’s performance, Nicole Peng, Vice President of Mobility at Canalys, said, “The global smartphone market saw a strong recovery in Q1 2021, with shipments reaching 347.7 million units, up 27.6% as compared to one year ago when the pandemic first hit. As a relatively young company, realme accelerated its expansion during the past 12 months, delivering more than 45% YoY growth on average every quarter. This is mainly attributed to the brand’s consistent push to grow its vibrant Gen Z consumer base and omnichannel partners globally.”

According to Canalys’ Q1 2021 global shipments report, realme is ranked as one of the top five smartphone brands by shipment in the following 13 countries: India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Egypt, Israel, Czech Republic, Greece, and Slovenia. 

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Paytm Unveils COVID-19 Vaccine Finder on Its Mini App Store



Paytm announced the launch of COVID-19 Vaccine Finder on its Mini App store. The platform helps citizens to check the availability of vaccination slots for a specific date by individually entering different PIN codes or district details along with age group ( 18+ or 45+). In case the slots are saturated for the near future, users can select the option for real-time alerts from Paytm once any slot is free. The automated process reduces the hassle and ordeal of refreshing the platform for new slots repeatedly. The data is sourced on a real-time basis from the CoWIN API where a slot can be booked to take vaccination to protect oneself and loved ones.

The company aims to enable maximum numbers of citizens to benefit from the service, get vaccinated in a timely manner & avoid crowding at the centres. The Government of India launched the world’s largest mass vaccination drive for citizens ranging between 18 to 44 years of age from May 1, 2021, to mitigate further chaos caused by the pandemic’s second wave. The vaccination along with strategic lockdown will help flatten the curve and build the country’s herd immunity at a faster pace. The launch of the Paytm COVID-19 Vaccine finder provides relief to the end-user to some extent by curbing the hassle of checking real-time availability of slots directly via the Paytm app and getting the jab at the earliest.

Paytm spokesperson said, “We have introduced a new feature to find COVID Vaccine slots in the nearby locality and set for alerts when new slots open up. We believe that with the combined efforts of Government, organizations, and citizens, we are on the right track to recovery. Our priority is to build collective resistance to the deadly virus as a nation, thus catalyzing the process of herd immunity.”

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