VIVOTEK Announces Integration with Amazon Kinesis Video Streams

VIVOTEK Announces Integration with Amazon Kinesis Video Streams

VIVOTEK announced 46 network cameras are natively integrated with Amazon Kinesis Video Stream and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Internet of Things (IoT) will support the AWS IoT Camera Connector Quick Start.

The combined implementation of Amazon Kinesis Video Streams and AWS IoT enables VIVOTEK camera users to leverage the new AWS IoT Camera Connector Quick Start, a new solution that automates the discovery, provisioning, and connection of VIVOTEK cameras and their streaming video content to the user's Amazon Web Services account. Using the new solution, VIVOTEK users are able to quickly and securely connect their cameras to AWS where they can store, index, playback and analyze streaming video content using a variety of machine learning services.

In response to the possibilities offered by the rising trend of IoT, VIVOTEK aspires to become the Eye in IOT by drawing on its expansive technological capabilities in image and audio. Nowadays, apart from closed system, market demands of accessing video and audio streams in IP surveillance have grown rapidly in open platform. With the integration of VIVOTEK network cameras and Amazon Kinesis Video Streams, users can maximize video application in open platform. In addition to the first

46 network cameras* available now, more VIVOTEK cameras will be ready next year. Customers in all industry verticals can leverage the joint capabilities to simplify their video-based infrastructure utilizing the scale of the AWS cloud, while gaining access to innovative new machine-learning services for video analytics.

"Providing Amazon Kinesis Video Streams and AWS IoT readiness on our platform, supporting the new AWS IoT Camera Connector Quick Start, and participating in the Device Qualification Program provides us with a positive, disruptive opportunity to bring our hardware solutions to a broader range of users. The catalog adds weight to the various offerings, by expanding exposure to choices that again, can be tailored to customers' needs or even present options they weren't aware existed, ultimately leveling the playing field for all types of vendors. Now we are accelerating more VIVOTEK cameras to integrate with Amazon Kinesis Video Streams by the first half of 2019," said David Liu, President, VIVOTEK USA, Inc.

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*46 VIVOTEK network cameras include:

Box camera: IP9165-HP, IP9165-HT, IP9165-LPC, IP9171-HP, IP9181-H, IP9191-HP, IP9191-HT

Bullet camera:IB9365-EHT, IB9365-HT, IB9371-EHT, IB9371-HT, IB9381-EHT, IB9381-HT, IB9391-EHT

Fixed dome camera:FD9165-HT, FD9171-HT, FD9181-HT, FD9365-HTV, FD9365-EHTV, FD9371-EHTV, FD9371-HTV, FD9381-EHTV, FD9381-HTV, FD9391-EHTV

Fisheye camera:FE9180-H, FE9181-H FE9182-H, FE9191, FE9381-EHV, FE9382-EHV, FE9391-EV, FE9582-EHNV

Multi-sensor camera:MS9390-HV

Speed dome camera:SD9161-H, SD9361-EHL, SD9362-EH, SD9362-EHL, SD9363-EHL, SD9363-EHL-v2, SD9364-EH, SD9364-EHL, SD9364-EHL-v2, SD9365-EHL, SD9366-EH, SD9366-EHL

Zoom lens camera:IZ9361-EH

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