Tally Solutions Aims to Empower SMEs with Technology in Punjab

Tally Solutions Aims to Empower SMEs with Technology in Punjab

Tally Solutions announced its plans to reach maximum SMEs across the state and provide support for a seamless transition to automation of daily operations. The company focuses towards creating awareness amongst SMEs in India on technological solutions that can be optimally adopted to enhance their overall competitiveness. To accomplish this, Tally has begun several on-ground training programs in and around Ludhiana to explain benefits of automation.

With an aim to create technical literacy amongst SMEs, the company has been actively educating the SMEs about the optimized ways of conducting the business through various industry associations, partner programs etc. It regularly conducts events in business forums across regions and in associations with key influencers in the SME sector i.e. Chartered Accountants and tax practitioners. The company is also conducting training sessions to educate people on the simple and easy to use features of Tally.

Stressing on the importance of automation for SMEs, Mr. Balaji S, Zonal Head, North, Tally Solutions said, "Technology has reached the inroads of many businesses across sectors and is changing the way businesses are conducted. While large enterprise companies have started enjoying the benefits automation brings with it, the SME sector is yet oblivious to many of its advantages. We at Tally understand the nerve of SME businesses and strive to educate them on the revolutionary changes automation can bring to their daily operations. We aim at providing them with the best in class software to increase business efficiency and help them reach their highest potential. Our several initiatives in future too shall be focussed on continuing their growth."

As per data from various reports the state constitutes of approximately 2 lakh GST registered businesses of which approx. 1.6 lakh are small and medium enterprises. Ludhiana alone constitutes to approximate 56,000 GST registered businesses which includes an estimated 45,000 SMEs. With such a large base of companies operating in the city, it is imperative they understand the importance automating daily business practices. Tally software provides a clear visibility of profit and loss statement which helps in better future planning, the various business reports generated on Tally aid in decision making and timely and accurate compliance ensures the benefit of Input Tax Credit reach the businesses. In addition, when day to day processes are automated, it gives enough time in growing the top line of the business by reaching new clients and expand business operations.

"Ludhiana is one of the most prominent regions for us in the state and the businesses in the city show immense growth potential. However, the resistance to technological adoption is quite persistent which can prove detrimental to the business expansion. Moreover, the region lacks technical know-how and has a very traditional way of operation with manual billing etc, despite the ample growth opportunities to automation. The market in Punjab is also very price driven, as against the benefits. Thus, we have we have adopted the segmented approach in the region to reach specific sectors. To further this reach, we aim to focus on streamlining the communication with the end customer through key influencer approach which will bridge the understanding and acceptance to automation" adds Mr. Balaji S.

With the new financial year approaching, several businesses plan to streamline their business operations for a bigger and better year and digitization of daily operations need to be on the priority list to reap the benefits. Automation of daily operations makes processes like cash flow management, managing stock, compliance and accounting extremely simpler and faster. Along with better management of business data, automation can also help with providing powerful business reports which can help business owners take decisions. Tally currently has a dedicated network of around 150 partners in the state to help SMEs understand the business requirements and provide support for a seamless transition to automation.

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