GoDaddy to Provide Support to India’s Web Professionals During COVID-19

GoDaddy to Provide Support to India’s Web Professionals During COVID-19

On the occasion of Web Designer Day, GoDaddy Inc. reinforces its commitment to continue supporting India's web professional community by equipping them with the right online tools, knowledge, and skills needed to help grow their ventures and their client's ventures online, especially during these challenging times.

GoDaddy announced delivering an integrated suite of online initiatives to help enable more opportunities, as well as nurturing the skill sets of web professionals across India. Starting first with the company's latest Save More with GoDaddy Pro offer, which includes the eligibility of winning an Amazon gift card up to INR 60,000 on purchase or renewal of any top GoDaddy products from hosting and servers to security solutions. GoDaddy is also offering 3 months of WordPress Ecommerce + Hosting for only INR 99 to help web pros easily get their clients' otherwise shut physical stores online. The company also continues offering free subscription to its marquee GoDaddy Pro Program, which is a one-stop shop, offering client management tools, advanced support, and other features to help web developers and designers more easily manage their client's accounts.

In order to highlight the current state of India's web development industry and give voice to the silent champions behind the growing digital success of Indian businesses, GoDaddy released a short film featuring some of its web pro customers, sharing real life stories about the challenges they are facing, business opportunities and growth, during and post COVID-19. The video is live on GoDaddy's official online and social channels, starting today and can be viewed here –

Elaborating more on this, Nikhil Arora, Managing Director and Vice President, GoDaddy India, said, "India is largely a "Do-It-For-Me (DIFM)" market and as necessitated by COVID-19, the next wave of small businesses that are preparing to come online will rely heavily on web designers and developers to help them put their best foot forward. Supporting our customers in India and being available to help them grow online has always been a key element of our value proposition. On the occasion of Web Designer Day, we are glad to extend our support to the web professional community through these offerings and continue to pave the way for these small businesses to help other small businesses in India realize the benefits of have an online presence, especially in today's challenging environment".

In addition, GoDaddy is offering special discounts for web pro customers on courses under its newly created educational platform – GoDaddy Academy, encouraging more individuals to become certified web professionals. In line with its efforts towards education and skills development of customers and partner ecosystem, GoDaddy has also started hosting virtual training workshops for web professionals, especially for those in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, where experts and leading GoDaddy web pros share their knowledge and best practices on how to amplify the business in times of such unprecedented crisis.

With increased internet growth, and a rapidly growing digital entrepreneurial ecosystem in India, demand for web designers has greatly increased. It is now, more than ever, that these web designers and developers need hosting tools, with the flexibility, power and agility, to help meet the growing needs of their expanding clients. Through its products offerings, expert knowledge, and tools, GoDaddy aims to enable existing and new budding web professionals to attain better skills, as well as, deliver a more advanced magnitude of business output for their clients.

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