Realme Launches Two New Smartphones Realme P1 Pro 5G and P1 5G

Realme Launches Two New Smartphones Realme P1 Pro 5G and P1 5G

realme is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest realme P Series 5G smartphones - realme P1 Pro 5G and realme P1 5G. The two cutting-edge devices are set to disrupt the mid-range smartphone segment with their superior performance, exceptional user experience, and exclusive availability on Flipkart for Indian customers. Alongside the new P Series realme will also launch its realme Pad 2, Wi-Fi variant and realme T110 buds.

Positioned as the “Best Player of Performance and Display”, the new realme P Series 5G represents power. The design of these smartphones reflects the realme DNA of being bold and new-to-market, which will light up the eyes of users. The realme P1 5G features the powerful MediaTek Dimensity 7050 5G Chipset, a 120Hz AMOLED Display, 45W SUPERVOOC Charging, and a massive 5000mAh Battery. Whereas the realme P1 Pro 5G comes with a 50 MP Sony LYT-600 Camera with OIS, a 120Hz Curved Vision Display, 45W SUPERVOOC charge along with a massive 5000mAh battery and Qualcomm Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 5G Chipset. 

Commenting on the launch, a realme spokesperson said, “We are thrilled to introduce the realme P Series 5G, a smartphone that is set to redefine performance standards in the smartphone industry. With the realme P Series 5G, we have introduced cutting-edge technology and advanced features that will redefine the mid-range segment. Additionally, we are also excited to launch the realme Pad 2, Wi-Fi variant and realme T110 buds alongside the new P Series. We believe these smartphones and the AIOT products will further solidify our position as a brand that offers innovative and trendsetting smartphones. We aim to achieve the 50M sales milestone in Flipkart with the launch of the new P Series this year.”

The realme Pad 2 - Wi-Fi variant is designed to revolutionize the tablet experience through its cutting-edge technology. It boasts a large 120Hz 2K display that provides a top-tier visual experience. Additionally, it comes with features designed to boost productivity, including a 33W SUPERVOOC charging system and a hefty 8360mAh battery, ensuring continuous usage all day long.

The realme T110 wireless earbuds blend style and power together and are designed to enrich your audio experience. They feature a 10mm Dynamic Bass Driver for immersive sound quality and offer an impressive 38-hour total playback. Equipped with AI ENC Noise Cancellation technology, they ensure clear calls even in noisy settings. With Bluetooth 5.4 connectivity and an 88ms Super Low Latency, they provide fast connections and seamless streaming. The IPX5 Water Resistance rating makes them suitable for workouts and outdoor activities. Intelligent Touch Controls allow easy navigation through music and calls with a simple tap. 

Key features of realme P1 Pro 5G

Best 120Hz Curved Vision Display in the segment

The realme P1 Pro 5G boasts a 6.7-inch FHD+ OLED display. The stunning display offers a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, providing users with a seamless and smooth content-watching experience. It also features an impressive 20000 levels of brightness adjustment and can reach a peak brightness of 950 Nits, ensuring optimal visibility in various lighting conditions. In low-brightness conditions, realme P1 Pro 5G employs high-frequency 2160Hz PWM dimming, offering a 4.5 times increase in dimming efficiency compared to conventional 480Hz methods. The smartphone also comes with an Eye Protection Certificate by TÜV Rheinland, which will help the users to operate the device for a longer period while comforting and protecting their eyes. 

Dynamic 50 MP Main Camera with Sony LYT 600

The realme P1 Pro 5G is equipped with a superior camera system. The 50MP main camera features a Sony LYT-600 sensor that captures stunningly detailed and vibrant images. In addition, there's an 8MP Ultra-wide camera for capturing expansive landscapes and a 16 MP selfie camera for high-quality self-portraits. The camera system also includes unique imaging functions like Auto-zoom Technology and HyperTone Image Engine for enhanced photography experiences.

Design Inspired by nature and birds

Inspired by the beauty of nature, the design of the realme P1 Pro 5G incorporates elements from bird culture. The device features a Micro-Crystal Sparrow Feather Texture and a Large Circular 3D LDI Texture Design, giving it a unique and sophisticated look. It is available in two eye-catching colors - Parrot Blue and Phoenix Red. The intricate structure, designed through considerable data programming, preserves the essence of feather shafts and barbs, replicating their subtle swing in the breeze and conveying a sense of lightness and freedom.

Superfast 45W SUPERVOOC charger and massive 5000mAh battery

One of the standout features of the realme P1 Pro 5G is its massive 5000mAh battery paired with a 45W SUPERVOOC charger. This combination ensures extended usage time and superfast charging speeds. The device can be fully charged to 100% in just 67 minutes or reach 50% charge in just 30 minutes. The massive 5000mAh battery capacity allows for up to 473.58 hours of standby time, 35 hours of phone calls, 20.14 hours of movie playing, 85 hours of music playback, and 12.62 hours of navigation, making it incredibly convenient for users who are always on the go.

Powerful Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 5G Chipset

Powering the realme P1 Pro 5G is the high-performance Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 5G Chipset processor. This powerful chipset is based on Samsung's 4nm-core process and includes a 64-bit 4+4 8-core architecture with a main frequency of 2.2GHz. This robust configuration ensures fast and efficient performance for all tasks.

Flagship level experience with 3D VC Cooling System

The realme P1 Pro 5G features a 3394mm² stainless steel vapor chamber, which increases heat dissipation efficiency and offers a large surface for heat dissipation, leading to a more stable performance.

Key features of realme P1 5G

Powerful MediaTek Dimensity 7050 5G Chipset

The realme P1 5G smartphone is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 7050 5G Chipset, which is based on the TSMC 6mm advanced process. This chipset features an 8-core 64-bit processor that includes 2 ARM® Cortex-A78 @2.6GHz and 6 ARM® Cortex-A55 @2.0GHz. It also includes a Mali-G68 GPU to enhance its image processing capabilities. The phone comes in three different versions, each scoring over 603,000 in the AnTuTu Benchmark, indicating superior performance. 

Best in the segment AMOLED display

The device boasts a stunning 6.67-inch AMOLED display with a resolution ratio of FHD+ 2400*1080, providing users with a clear image display. The display supports 16.7 million colors and a 100% P3 Color Gamut, making it perfect for viewing photos and videos. It also includes 4096 levels of brightness adjustment and a peak brightness of 2000 Nits with a Turbo Charged Touch Sampling Rate of up to 2200Hz. The realme P1 5G also introduces the segment’s first Rainwater Smart Touch feature, improving user experience through greater touch input accuracy.

Bird Culture Inspired Design

In terms of design, the realme P1 5G draws inspiration from bird culture, specifically sparrow feathers. The texture is reminiscent of light, soft yet strong feathers gleaming subtly under sunlight. The device comes in two vibrant colors - Peacock Green and Phoenix Red, both reflecting dazzling hues through their micro-crystal glass texture and nano ink printing. Despite housing a large 5000mAh battery, the device maintains an ultra-thin and lightweight body, measuring approximately 7.97mm in thickness and weighing around 188g.

Powerful 50 MP AI Camera 

The realme P1 5G features a 50MP main primary camera and a 16MP selfie camera. The high-resolution primary camera can produce large-pixel photos up to 8160*6144, ensuring clear and detailed images. It offers a variety of photography modes including Night Mode, Street Mode, Photograph Mode, Portrait Mode, Professional Mode, Panorama Mode, Long Exposure Photo, Text Scanner, Super Group Portrait, and Tilt Shift. The device also includes various video recording modes such as Dual-view Video, Film Mode, Tilt Shift, Slow Motion, Timelapse, and Video Mode.

Superfast 45W SUPERVOOC charger and massive 5000mAh battery

Another standout features of the realme P1 5G is its 45W SUPERVOOC charging and massive 5000mAh battery. With 45W SUPERVOOC charging, the device can be fully charged to 100% in just 65 minutes or reach 50% charge in just 28 minutes. The massive 5000mAh battery provides extended usage time, offering up to 518 hours in standby, 31 hours for phone calls, 8 hours of camera recording, 17 hours of video playback, 85 hours of music playback, and 14 hours of navigation. The device also features intelligent algorithms for efficient and safe charging.

Flagship level experience with 3D VC Cooling System

The realme P1 5G is equipped with a 7-layer heat dissipation architecture, a high-performance graphite heat dissipation system measuring 10231 mm², and a stainless steel vapor chamber of 4356.52 mm². This ensures a more steady performance by including a wide heat dissipation surface and greatly improving heat dissipation efficiency.

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