Google Gemini AI Coming to OnePlus, OPPO Smartphones

Google Gemini AI Coming to OnePlus, OPPO Smartphones

OPPO and OnePlus have announced that they will pioneer the integration of Google's most powerful AI model, Gemini 1.0 Ultra, into their devices. They also aim to be the first to launch features based on the Gemini Ultra platform on smartphones later this year. Unveiled today at Google Cloud Next '24 and launching later in 2024, Gemini on smartphones promises to completely change the way users interact with their devices. 

Nicole Zhang, General Manager of AI Product for OPPO and OnePlus, also announced that OPPO and OnePlus have launched multiple Generative AI models to customers in China, allowing more than ten million users of devices such as OPPO Find X7 and OnePlus 12 to use AI Generated Content on the go.

“Generative AI is a revolutionary technology and I believe OPPO and OnePlus are perfectly positioned to bring the benefits of AI to users all around the world,” said Nicole. “By collaborating with Google to integrate both Gemini and Google Cloud AI into smartphones, and by forming alliances with other industry pioneers for a variety of AI experiences, we are thrilled to ambitiously broaden the scope of mobile AI innovations.” 

Four key pillars for mobile AI

At the event, the manufacturers spoke about the endless opportunities AI can bring mobile users and Nicole introduced four key characteristics she believes AI on mobiles must include – it must utilize resources effectively, possess self-learning capabilities, perceive the real world, and bring creativity to its users.

OPPO and OnePlus also confirmed that, as leading smartphone manufacturers, they will be working to build the perfect mix of hardware, operating system, and ecosystem to help AI flourish. Further, OPPO and OnePlus are already working with a range of partners to deliver ground-breaking AI experiences to their users, including AI Eraser.

AI features begin launching to the global market

AI Eraser, powered by OnePlus and OPPO's AndesGPT LLM, is one of the first AI features launching globally and is set to redefine the mobile image editing experience.

AI Eraser enables users to effortlessly select and remove unwanted objects within images, direct from their photo gallery. After a user highlights any imperfection in the image, the underlying AI analysis the selected area and automatically generates a replacement background that seamlessly blends into the surrounding environment, resulting in flawless, picture-perfect images. AI Eraser has already been launched with a group of OPPO and OnePlus beta testers to universal acclaim, with testers using AI Eraser on average 15 times a day.

As well as AI Eraser, OPPO and OnePlus are also working with Google to incorporate other Cloud AI products into their upcoming releases. This means future OPPO and OnePlus phones will be able to use AI for a variety of uses including summarizing news articles, summarizing audio, and generating new social media content.

Pioneering AI work from OPPO and OnePlus

OPPO and OnePlus have long led the way in developing new mobile technology. From OPPO’s pioneering work using AI and computational mathematics to revolutionize mobile phone photography, through to OnePlus’s state-of-the-art Trinity Engine, which uses AI to make using your phone smoother than ever, users of both brands have benefited from years of cutting-edge research and development. For the next three to five years, OPPO and OnePlus plan to launch more than one hundred AIGC experiences and will continue to prioritize their users' needs and ensure their products are effortlessly intuitive.

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