Polycab Unveils Silencio Mini Advanced BLDC Fan for Superior Airflow and Energy Savings

Polycab Unveils Silencio Mini Advanced BLDC Fan for Superior Airflow and Energy Savings

Polycab India Ltd introduces the Polycab Silencio Mini Advanced BLDC Fan, setting a ground-breaking standard for energy efficiency and performance coupled with superior design in ceiling fans. This modern fan combines contemporary design with advanced BLDC technology that saves up to 65% electricity*, reduces motor noise and operates at full efficiency even at low voltages without compromising on-air delivery. Silencio Mini Advanced BLDC Fan helps save up to Rs. 2,500/-* on your electricity bills annually.  It comes in variants of sizes – 1200mm, 900mm and 600mm and 9 different colours to suit the needs of every customer.

Renowned for its excellence in manufacturing cables and wires, Polycab has expanded its horizons to provide a comprehensive suite of electrical solutions for the modern, digitally connected home. The introduction of the Silencio Mini BLDC Fan reflects this vision, aligning perfectly with the company's new tagline 'Ideas. Connected.'

The Polycab Silencio Mini BLDC Fan proudly boasts an impressive 5-star BEE rating, reaffirming Polycab's unwavering commitment to energy efficiency. Silencio Mini comes with the latest RF Point Anywhere Remote. This is a new technology that works even when you point the remote away from the fan. Also, you can pair up to 50 fans with a single remote with this technology. So, if you are using Polycab BLDC fans in your house, all the fans can be paired with the same remote. Silencio Mini comes with Ultimate 25 Speed Setting which lets you set your personalised fan speed.

At its Boost++ Mode, this fan operates at a remarkable 380 RPM high-speed delivering superior air circulation with an air delivery capacity of 235 CMM, ensuring a cool and comfortable living space throughout the year. Crafted with a compact BLDC motor, it enhances the fan's aesthetics and makes the blades appear longer, providing both durability and superior performance. The fan also features a reverse rotation mode, a perfect companion for winters and for air-conditioned rooms, as it just circulates the air without throwing a blast of air.

Silencio Mini is manufactured in Polycab’s world class manufacturing facility in Roorkee. Polycab believes in investing in backward integration to ensure excellent product quality and hence, it has developed in-house strength of PCB manufacturing required for the Silencio Mini BLDC Fan. Polycab stands behind the Silencio Mini BLDC Fan with 50% more warranty than regular premium fans. It offers a 3-year product warranty, with an additional one-year warranty upon registration making it a total of 4 years warranty. With this fan, Polycab ensures complete peace of mind to the customer for 4 years along with savings of up to Rs. 10,000/-* in the warranty period.

Available in nine captivating colours, including Natural Walnut Wood, Natural Wood, Birkin Gold, Cool Grey, Matt Expresso Brown, Pearl Beige, Pearl Brown, Matt Satin White, and Matt Black, the Silencio Mini comes in sweep sizes of 1200mm, 900mm, and 600mm. This comprehensive range of options complements any interior décor, whether it's for your living room, bedroom, or workspace. The fan is designed to enhance the visual appeal of your space.

The Polycab Silencio Mini BLDC Fan is now available at your nearest authorized Polycab retailer. The price of the fans ranges between INR 3200 to 4500. Experience the perfect blend of style, efficiency, and advanced technology to make your living spaces more comfortable and energy efficient.

Ishwinder Singh Khurana, Executive President and Chief Business Officer (FMEG and Power), Polycab India, said: "The introduction of Polycab Silencio Mini BLDC Fan underscores our steadfast dedication to leading the way in energy-efficient electrical solutions. Beyond being a mere product, this innovative fan stands as evidence of our commitment to transforming the landscape of home comfort. Setting elevated industry benchmarks, the fan seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology and sophisticated design to complement the aesthetics of any home. Reinforcing over 40 years as the safest electrical brand, we now bring comfort and convenience with the Silencio series BLDC fans. Our BLDC fans feature Boost++ technology within the Silencio series uniquely delivering more air while consuming less energy. Moreover, we offer a great experience with free installation and assurances of best-in-class customer care promise."

Polycab India continues to lead the industry in providing reliable and energy-efficient electrical solutions, catering to the evolving needs of the modern consumer.

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