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LG Brings 2021 Range Of Water Purifiers and Charcoal Microwave Ovens



LG Electronics announced its new 2021 range of water purifiers and Charcoal Microwave Ovens. These latest entrants in LG’s health and hygiene portfolio have been thoughtfully designed to help consumers live a healthier lifestyle.

The new range of water purifiers from LG delivers pure drinking water for consumers and have been certified by the Heart Care Foundation of India, a leading national healthcare NGO founded by late Dr KK Aggarwal – meeting the criteria for Health friendly Drinkable water (Filtration, Preservation and Maintenance). The latest Charcoal microwave oven models from LG are India’s only microwave oven with the 30 Healthy Heart Autocook Menu that has been certified by the Heart Care Foundation of India for its benefits.

The 2021 range of water purifiers comes equipped with a new RO recovery plus filter that helps recover more than 60% water. Also, the 2-in-1 Care feature provides consumers with pure water for drinking and clean water for washing fruits and vegetables. The latest Charcoal Microwave Oven from LG houses multiple conveniences features centric to Indian Needs Such as Charcoal Lighting Heater TM for traditional Indian Tandoor delicacies, Diet fry TM for Calorie Conscious people, Indian Roti Basket** which can prepare 12 different varieties of Roti, Ghee in 12 minutes*** to prepare pure ghee in just 12 minutes avoiding the cumbersome traditional method of Ghee preparation & many more.

Commenting on the launch, Hyoung Subji, Director of Home Appliances and Air Conditioner, LG Electronics India said, “As a consumer centric brand, our focus is to address the evolving needs of our consumers through meaningful innovation. Keeping health and wellness at the forefront, our latest range of water purifiers and microwave ovens have been certified by Heart Care Foundation of India, a promise to provide consumers with the purest form of drinking water and healthy cooking options. The latest range of purifiers and microwave ovens are a welcome addition to our health & hygiene portfolio, and we are confident that it will further strengthen our position in the market.”

Price & Availability

LG’s 2021 range of water purifiers and Charcoal microwaves are a perfect fit for any kitchen with their aesthetically pleasing design patterns. The new range of water purifiers are available in three models WW184EPB, WW184EPC and the WW174NPC starting at INR 28290. The Charcoal microwave oven are available in models ranging between 32L to 28L and starting at INR MRP 22490.

Water Purifier Product Features –

  • Stainless steel Storage Tank: The LG water purifier’s 8 Liters Dual Protection Airtight Stainless Steel Water Tank is suitable for Indian household daily requirements. It also maintains freshness of water and reduce the growth of bacteria and algae. Far more hygienic than a conventional plastic tank, it ensures that water remains safe for drinking with Dual Protection Seal. LG’s Stainless Steel water storage tanks have 94.4% less E.Coli growth in 24hrs as compared to conventional plastic tanks. The Stainless-Steel Water Tank comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • Digital Sterilizing Care:  Servicing of LG water purifier is done using innovative Digital Sterilizing Care which sterilizes the water path, Faucet and tank with the unique sterilizing Kit that does not use any harmful chemicals. Since the sterilization is done digitally, it involves no manual intervention
  • True Filtration: The LG RO Range involves Multi stage Filtration Process which removes over 0.0001 micron size impurities, also dissolved impurities like Bacteria, Viruses , sand , mud , Heavy Metals, Dust Particles, Pesticide, etc are removed effectively during filtration process so that you get Pure water for drinking 
  • Mineral Booster: LG’s Water Purifiers are equipped with Mineral Booster Filter which adds on minerals in 100% RO Purified Water and makes water healthier and tastier
  • 2-in-1 Care:  LG’s WW184 range of water purifiers feature 2-in-1 Care system. This system offers the convenience of a secondary valve located on the side of the water purifier, making it possible to hygienically wash fruits or rinse vegetables with clean water
  • EverFresh UV Plus: In Tank: LG water purifier comes with In Tank UV, which treats store water for 75 Minutes every 6 Hour. It deactivates Bacteria and keeps the stored water pure and Revitalizes Freshness
  • Smart Indicators: One can easily check water filter change indicator, UV Sterilizing indicator and water level Indicator from a distance or at night with Smart Display

Charcoal Microwave Product Features –

  • Charcoal Lighting HeaterTM :

LG brings to you its new range of Charcoal Convection Microwave Ovens, which offers you a healthier and versatile cooking. Maintains the natural flavors and make your dish crunchy outside and juicy inside. While offering the traditional Indian Tandoor taste, it saves 50%# time and 30%# energy.

  • 30 Healthy HeartTM Recipes*: Certified by Heart Care Foundation of India, LG’s Healthy HeartTM Recipes offers you 30 different Heart Friendly cuisines. These recipes will not only take good care of your heart, but taste buds too. Eat Healthy with LG Microwave Oven.
  • Motorized Rotisserie:

Bar-be-queuing at home becomes easy and hassle free with 360° Motorized Rotisserie that gives you crispy and tasty bar-be-que recipes at a touch of a button. It requires no manual intervention for uniform and even roasting.

  • Diet Fry TM:

Enjoy crispy delights without worrying about all that oil playing havoc with your health. That’s because the Diet Fry™ feature in LG Microwave Ovens lets you prepare these dishes with minimum use of oil. LG’s Diet Fry uses up to 88% less oil.

  • Indian Roti Basket**:

Prepare 12 different variety of exotic rotis at the touch of a button. Indian Roti Basket**lets you prepare delicious Naans, Lachcha Parathas, Tandoori Rotis, Missi Rotis easily.

  • Ghee in 12 minutes***

With the latest range of LG Microwave Ovens, making hygienic Ghee with absolutely no smell is a matter of just 12 minutes***.

  • Stainless Steel Cavity:

Stainless Steel Cavity in the latest range of LG Microwave Ovens is an unparalleled feature that enhances the overall performance of the appliance. It helps you cook more hygienically, faster and is completely rust free, easy to clean and durable.

  • Minimalistic Design:

Eliminate anything uncomfortable, complicated and cumbersome. Add elegance to your kitchen with exquisite, minimal design. The aesthetics give you better performance while utilizing less space.

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Haier’s New ‘Made in India’, 2&3 Door Convertible SBS Refrigerator Series Launched



Haier will be setting a record to be India’s first brand to launch ‘Made in India, Made for India’ 2 & 3 door convertible SBS (side by side) 682 and 683 refrigerator series at a starting price of INR 1,27,00 and INR 1,40,000.

After conducting intensive consumer research in India to understand the usage patterns of customers owning a side by side (SBS) refrigerator, Haier landed with a key insight that consumers today not only wish for an SBS refrigerator that has a bigger refrigerator section but also gives the control in their hands to personalize it the way they want. Since most households in India are vegetarian, the large freezer space in a side by side refrigerator is usually under-utilized, while the need for a larger refrigerator section is rarely met. To address these concerns, Haier has introduced two iconic side by side refrigerators which are ‘Made in India and Made for India’.  

Haier 683 Series 3-door convertible side by side refrigerator 

Haier’s revolutionary offering for the Indian market this festive season is India’s first 3-door convertible side by side refrigerator (683 series). With a 21% convertible section on the top left, it will allow users to increase the refrigerator space from 62% (dedicated) to 83% with just 17% reserved for the freezer at the bottom left, making it truly customizable to complement the needs of a contemporary Indian home. If in case, a user requires more freezer space, they would have the flexibility to increase it to 38% using the convertible section. 

Haier 682 Series 2 door convertible side by side refrigerator 

Another innovation that Haier is introducing for its customers is the all-new 682 series side by side refrigerator which will be India’s first 2-door 100% convertible SBS with the capability to work as a 100% refrigerator unit. With an improved fridge to freezer ratio of 66:34, users will be able to convert and use the 34% of freezer space as a refrigerator, to suit their needs. 

Reiterating its commitment to the Indian consumers, Mr. Eric Braganza, President, Haier Appliances India said, “At Haier India, we constantly thrive on bringing a change in the lives of the people with best-in-class innovation that is truly beneficial to Indian consumers. Rooting to our deep alignment with the Government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative and as a part of Haier India’s commitment to producing innovative products for the Indian consumers, we have launched India’s first ‘Made in India’ 2 & 3 door convertible SBS refrigerators. We will continue to strengthen our commitment towards ‘Make in India’ and innovate for the evolving needs of our customers as part of our core philosophy of inspired living.” 

The new convertible side-by-side series allows a fridge space of 83% to accommodate a variety of different food items with convenience and for longer periods. Moreover, the new Deo-Fresh technology and Magic Cooling helps in retaining the freshness of the food. Haier India’s first 2 and 3 door Convertible Side-by-Side Refrigerators allow a mega fridge space, expert inverter technology, and magic cooling with noise reduction technology to cater to the Indian audience’s need. To enhance the consumer experience, the Side-By-Side Refrigerator is equipped with a fresh box, a jumbo ice maker, and additional door pockets that will allow for more vegetables, beverages, and cold food items to be stored fresh for a long time. The 683 range has also introduced a Hanging flexi box that is meant for the storage of cosmetics and other utility items of the consumers.   

Furthermore, this range has also taken environment consciousness to be an important factor and has an environment-friendly refrigerant gas in both the Convertible Side-by-Side series. The refrigerators also come with WiFi connectivity and control (in selected models), which will make them easier and more comfortable to use.   

Haier India’s commitment to producing innovative products for the Indian consumers has remained at the core of the business and the brand has constantly evolved to meet the consumer demands for inspired living. A complete ‘Made in India’ and ‘Made for India’ product, Haier’s SBS convertible refrigerators are being manufactured at its state-of-the-art facility in Ranjangaon, Pune. The manufacturing facility has continued to evolve the brand to innovate for Indian customers through the manufacturing of premium and high-end products such as front load Washing Machines, big capacity Bottom & Top Mount Refrigerators, large screen LEDs, inverter air conditioners, and now India’s first Convertible SBS refrigerator. The brand’s Pune industrial park today has an annual production capacity of 2 million units of refrigerators and 0.5 million units each of other categories such as Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, LED TVs, and Water Heaters. 

The refrigerator comes in a wide finish range of glass, floral and steel to complement the Indian kitchen space and has multiple aesthetic appearances – Mirror Glass, Floret Glass, Granite Glass, Black Glass, Caramel Glass, Black Shiny Steel, and Inox Steel. These designs have been selected while keeping in mind the contemporary Indian kitchen space.   

Price, availability, and Warranty: The new refrigerators in the 682 and 683 Series come with an assured warranty of 10 years on the compressor and fan motor.  

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Air Purifiers

Buy Molekule Air Purifiers at Great discounts on Amazon Great Indian Festival 2021



As we approach that time of year when the air quality across India, especially in the Northern states, starts to deteriorate, our health and well-being are at considerable risk. While Delhi, the national capital, usually records the highest on the air quality index (higher the AQI value, the greater the level of air pollution), most metros suffer due to the rise in air pollution levels post-Diwali. AQI usually drops down to ‘very poor’ and ‘severe’ categories for most cities during this time, irrespective of the vehicular density (as the general perception is).

With the pandemic wreaking havoc on our health this year, there has been a heightened cautiousness around hygiene and immunity. It is about time that we become vigilant and ready to invest in reliable solutions that can clean out air, remove pollutants, and reduce the risk of viral exposure in any way possible.

The festive season is here, and to amp up celebrations, Molekule is offering great discounts on its award-winning air purifier, Air Mini, as part of the Amazon Great Indian Festival. Now is your chance to make the festivities even more special by bringing home or gifting your loved ones the most thoughtful gift – the luxury of breathing clean and fresh air. Air Mini will not only protect your loved ones from indoor air pollution but will also add a protective layer of clean air, giving you more reasons to celebrate the season of festivity with joy.

Here are some more details about our product and what makes it the perfect gift for your loved ones! What’s better? The device is available at a great discount during the Amazon Great Indian Festival.

Air Mini – Molekule’s initial offering to the Indian market Air Mini is designed for rooms up to 23 sq meters – ideal for apartments, bedrooms, and home offices. The device is whisper-quiet, ozone-free, sleek and compact in design and fits comfortably in most places, which makes it easy to place next to potential sources of airborne pollutants. It uses a hybrid of Molekule’s Pre-Filter and PECO-Filter in a single filter. Molekule products rely on patented PECO technology, which goes beyond filtration to destroy microscopic pollutants like mold, viruses, bacteria, ozone, and VOCs at the molecular level. They bring together advanced technology & award-winning design to destroy the widest range of indoor air pollutants compared to conventional air purifiers. The original retail price of the Air Mini is INR 37,999, however is currently available at the discounted price during the Amazon Great Indian Festival for INR 25,999 on as part of its festive offer.

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Elevate Your Home Entrainment with iFFalcon’s New U61 4K UHD TV



iFFALCON continues to establish its bequest into the highly dynamic and competitive Indian television market by launching new line of products. iFFALCON TVs are a complete package of unparalleled technology, impressive innovations and an unrivalled viewing experience coming at a competitive price point. After the success of its K-series and H-series, the brand has now announced the launch of the U-series while unveiling the U61. The iFFALCON U61 would exclusively be available on the leading e-commerce platform Amazon. With superior display, Dolby Audio, slim design and other smart features the U61 is a premium offering in the budget segment.

One of the fastest-growing TV brands in India, iFFALCON has demystified high-end TV technology for the common people and provides the best in class television viewing experience at a highly economical price bracket. The brand has also continuously been strategizing its marketing policies and working towards enhancing its range of televisions with the help of the latest technologies. The iFFALCON U61 is designed to offer the perfect blend of smart features and the ultimate TV viewing experience. Talking about the launch, Mike Chen, General Manager, TCL India said, “iFFALCON products are focused on bringing people closer to the high-end TV technology. Blending the latest technology with aesthetic design the iFFALCON U61 comes at an affordable price range. The brand is consistently working towards developing products that deliver powerful performance. The U61 is a great choice for consumers who would like to experience a cinematic experience at home without burning a hole in their pockets.”

iFFALCON U61 Features

Available in 43-inch screen size the U61 supports Google Assistant That allows the users to use their voice commands to search for their favourite TV shows and more. As far as the connectivity is concerned the 43-inch TV comes with 3 HDMI ports and a USB port. For the entertainment freaks, the TV supports apps like Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube and more allowing you access to unlimited online content.

The TV will also not disappoint the users in terms of viewing and audio experience. For an immersive and cinematic experience the TV sports a 4K HDR Display with HDR 10, Micro Dimming, 4K Upscaling, Dynamic Colour enhancement and more. Meanwhile, the TV also features Dolby Audio, 24w sound output, surround virtualizer and down-firing for an ultra-realistic, enhanced audio experience.

The presence of TCL’s smart UI takes your home entertainment system a step ahead while the AI feature not only makes life easy but intelligent too. It offers you the easiest way to search for your favourite shows, get answers related to them and more. You can also control the TV through voice commands and connect all your smart home devices to your TV and make it the centre of attraction for your house.

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