Grab New Sony BRAVIA XR MASTER Series 85Z9J TV, All Details Here

Grab New Sony BRAVIA XR MASTER Series 85Z9J TV, All Details Here

Sony India announced the new BRAVIA XR MASTER Series 85Z9J television powered by the Cognitive Processor XR. The new 8K LED TV offers sheer brilliant picture with much more defined details and extraordinary clarity. With the ingenious Cognitive Processor XR that thinks like a human brain offers a complete immersion in an experience that thrills and moves you and feels just like the world around us. The new BRAVIA XR 85Z9J is Calman® Ready which offers advanced calibration capabilities and the ability to fine-tune adjustments simply not possible through conventional picture settings.

Supreme 8K realism, driven by BRAVIA MASTER Series XR processor that mimics human brain to deliver a never-before-seen immersive viewing experience with incredibly realistic 33 million pixels 

Available in 215 cm (85), The BRAVIA XR 85Z9J is powered by the Cognitive Processor XR, which uses a completely new processing method that goes beyond conventional AI, designed to replicate the ways humans see and hear. When we see objects, we unconsciously focus on certain points. Cognitive Processor XR knows where that focal point is by dividing the screen into numerous zones and detecting where the "focal point" is in the picture. While conventional Artificial Intelligence (AI) can only detect and analyse picture elements like colour, contrast and detail individually, the new processor can cross-analyse an array of elements at once, just as our brains do. By doing so, each element is adjusted to its best outcome, in conjunction with each other, so everything is synchronized and lifelike – something that conventional AI cannot achieve. Over 33 million pixels are integrated into the screen serve the best details in every movie scene and gaming experience.

Experience brighter highlights, deeper blacks with a wider and more precise range of colours with Full Array LED panel, XR Contrast Booster 15 and XR TRILUMINOS Pro

The BRAVIA XR 85Z9J has multiple zones of LEDs that light up independently, allowing to adjust and create contrast by making light areas lighter and dark areas darker with greater depth, textures. The XR Cognitive Processor combined with the Full Array LED panel creates ultra-realistic picture quality full of lifelike contrast. With TRILUMINOS Pro the TV delivers vibrant colours and stunning contrast for supreme realism with deep blacks and intense brightness. Now no more details overwhelmed by shadow or lost in blown-out highlights. With extended hue and saturation, vivid shades, and realistic texture pictures are closer to real life.  By precisely balancing light output across the screen, dimming some areas and boosting others, XR Contrast Booster 15 adjusts brightness for higher peaks in glare and deeper blacks in shadow. As bright areas are brighter and dark areas darker, scenes look more real with extra depth and detail.

View lifelike picture across the screen with X-Wide Angle and X-Anti Reflection 

Enjoy beautiful 8K picture across the screen that feels deep, natural, and real from any angle. Brings out the intense depth and details in extraordinary resolution and reproduces virtually real-world. Experience less light reflection, lifelike image, unparalleled realism in 8K with 85Z9J. Upconvert any kind of content to lifelike 8K resolution with Sony's unique offerings. 

Latest XR 8K Upscaling and Motion Clarity technology cross-analyses data to ensure action stays smooth, bright and clear with no blur

With XR 8K Upscaling, now recreate lost 8K texture, the intelligent way. The XR Motion Clarity technology controls moving images precisely to minimize blur so that pictures remain true with less loss in brightness during high-speed scenes. The latest XR Motion Clarity technology in BRAVIA XR 85Z9J keeps everything smooth, bright and clear. Each 'blink' is individually controlled, and its duration optimized, while brightness is boosted when needed, so that every detail is on point.

Transform your gaming experience with dedicated game mode with HDMI 2.1 compatibility, including 4K 120fps, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)* and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) 

With HDMI 2.1 compatibility, including 4K 120fps, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) in 85Z9J, you will have the advantage in shooting, sports and high-performance games with instant on-screen action. HDMI 2.1 has higher speed enables to realize more resolution, data handling and added features such as 4K 120Hz, VRR* and ALLM. You will also enjoy ultra-smooth gaming, with clear movement, reduced input lag and dedicated Game Mode for responsive gameplay.

Crisp 85W powerful sound with front facing subwoofers that matches perfectly with visuals and technologies such as XR sound positioning with Acoustic Surface Audio and XR Surround with 3D surround upscaling 

With new BRAVIA XR 85Z9J, experience improved pictures and sound harmony. Under the XR Sound Position technology, the Acoustic Surface Audio+ ensures that sound comes directly from the centre of the screen with powerful actuators behind the TV vibrating to create acoustics that move with the picture. Because sound follows the action, you'll hear more realistic dialogue and sound effects. With XR Surround technology, offering the 3D Surround Upscaling, you can experience the cinematic thrills of latest audio formats such as Dolby Atmos® at home, as well as enjoying vertical surround with content not compatible with Dolby Atmos. The BRAVIA XR signal processing technology helps reproduce multi-dimensional sound and 4 frame tweeters along with front facing subwoofers on the TV produces a solid 85W powerful sound for a truly immersive experience. 

Supreme pictures and sound in every environment with Ambient optimization and Acoustic auto calibration technology

The BRAVIA XR  85Z9J with ambient optimization technology with light sensor automatically adjusts the picture brightness to room conditions, boosting brightness in light rooms and reducing it in dark ones so you get the perfect view. The acoustic auto calibration technology detects your position and optimises sound, so you'll enjoy the same sound quality as if you're sitting right in front of the TV. Sound can change depending on your room environment. Curtains, for example, absorb sound while objects in front of the TV can disturb the passage of sound, compromising the quality of what you hear. This TV detects objects and reproduces sound that's enhanced and optimised to your room.

With this large screen TV, create your own cinema at home with exceptional visual and audio experience with IMAX enhanced, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos

For the ultimate in picture quality, the 85Z9J pairs the brilliance of 8K clarity with the brightness, colour, and detail of High Dynamic Range (HDR).  large screen smart TV is IMAX Enhanced certified, meaning it's optimised for high-fidelity picture and sound. Enjoy a more cinema at-home entertainment experience with IMAX Enhanced picture mode, which takes full advantage of all IMAX Enhanced remastered content. It also features Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos so that one can enjoy cinematic thrills at home. Dolby Vision brings scenes vividly to life for authentic viewing, while Dolby Atmos fills the room with immersive surround sound. 

Google TV voice search powered by Google Assistant offer endless entertainment, works seamlessly with Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit

The new BRAVIA XR 85Z9J televisions seamlessly integrates Google TV, allowing you to browse up to 700,000+ movies and TV episodes from across your streaming services, all in one place and organized into topics and genres based on what interests you. Viewers can simply talk to the TV using the Google Assistant to find what they want quickly, or to play TV shows, movies, and more without using the TV remote. Apple Home Kit and AirPlay support seamlessly integrates your Apple devices like iPads and iPhones with your Sony TV for effortless content streaming. Share your content on the big screen or control your TV with this latest feature support. Pair your Bluetooth headphones or earphones with BRAVIA and enjoy your favorite TV shows without any disturbances or interruptions.

With Minimalist one slate design and living decor feature the TV seamlessly harmonizes with your living room 

The minimalist design of BRAVIA XR 85Z9J embraces the screen in a single pane of glass that's naturally elegant and keeps viewers focused on the picture without distraction. The Living Decor turns your TV into an essential part of your living space with on screen artwork, personal photos, screensaver themes and clock functions. It is a TV designed for immersive sound too, whether position ed on a stand or mounted on a wall. As the bezel is extremely narrow, your eyes naturally focus on the picture and not on what is around it. Three-way stand provides three stand position options, including a narrow position for a smaller footprint, hero position to eliminate distractions and sound bar position to elevate the TV and integrate a soundbar system.   

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