Breathe Fresh Clean Air with Scosche’s Newly Launched ‘AFP2-SP FrescheAir’ Portable Air Purifier

Breathe Fresh Clean Air with Scosche’s Newly Launched ‘AFP2-SP FrescheAir’ Portable Air Purifier

With the lockdown eased out, everyone is finally heading back to their workplace, and commuting to work and back is now a usual daunting task. While you may think your car AC can keep the dust and pollution on the other side of the window, think again. Your car on the inside is almost as polluted as the outside with suspended dust particles, allergens, fumes, pet dander, and a lot more that cannot be seen with the naked eye. American accessories brand Scosche brings you 'AFP2-SP FrescheAir' — the perfect Portable HEPA Air Purifier that helps you breathe fresh clean deodorized air to protect you and your family whilst in your car.

The Scosche AFP2-SP FrescheAir is a highly portable air purifier-cum-deodorizer that is designed with a cylindrical shape to fit in the cup holder of any vehicle. Built to work on low power requirements, it runs off any USB Type-C charger (wall or car charger) and also includes a rechargeable battery within. It can double up as a portable power bank for your smartphone too. The compact design makes it very versatile to carry along anywhere or switch between vehicles. You can also use it at home, in an office cubicle, hotel room, or other small spaces.

Scosche AFP2-SP FrescheAir makes use of a HEPA filter to clean and deodorize the ambient air. IT can filter up to 99.5% of PM2.5 (2.5-micron Particulate Matter) that is suspended in the air which can be anything from smoke fumes to pollen and dust. The filter helps capture these particles and also neutralizes the air to release fresh, clean air that's safe to breathe. Not only does it clean the air of dust, it also helps neutralize any bad odors that could be lingering around inside closed spaces. A perfect gadget for pure, safe, odor-free interiors; great for those who live with pets. FrescheAir also features two operating modes Automatic and Manual. Automatic mode switches on the purifier the moment you turn on the car, while Manual mode allows you to set two fan speeds for efficient and faster purification. The fan is designed to be powerful and super quiet to help it silently work without making itself obvious.

The Scosche AFP2-SP FrescheAir will be available in India at an introductory price of Rs 6,999 and can be purchased from Amazon and Tekkitake with a 1-year warranty period.

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