Breath Fresh Air with Praan's HIVE Air Purification Device

Breath Fresh Air with Praan's HIVE Air Purification Device

Praan announces the official launch of its groundbreaking domestic product, HIVE. The HIVE is a compact, high volume air purification device, built with aircraft craft aluminium. The aesthetically pleasing air purifier with a best-in-class Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), utilizes H14-HEPA medical-grade filtration to purify particulate matter and VOCs in a 345 sq. ft. space. Recognizing trust and reliability concerns with domestic air purifiers, Praan developed HIVE, promising a transformative user experience.

Praan's mission is to democratize access to clean air in both commercial and residential applications, and HIVE marks a significant step in achieving this goal. Praan manufactures HIVE devices in Mumbai using aircraft-grade aluminium, ensuring durability for Indian households - a very bold step for making high aesthetic consumer products in India. This robust construction sets HIVE apart, making it a resilient and lasting solution for indoor air quality improvement. 

HIVE, available in an elegant Space Grey colour, is equipped with dual fans that guarantee high-volume air purification, in a lean and new form factor. This advanced air purification device comes with sensors for monitoring Particulate Matter, VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), Temperature, Humidity, CO2, and Ambient Sound, presenting a comprehensive approach to not just indoor air quality monitoring, but comprehensive environmental monitoring and reporting for human well being and productivity.

Speaking on the launch Angad Daryani- Founder & CEO at Praan said, “We introduced HIVE because we recognized a critical gap in the adoption of air purifiers in households. Despite the pressing issue of poor air quality, there's a lack of understanding among people about the urgency, confusion about which purifier to choose and Indian households having limited space often leads to the displacement and eventual neglect of floor-placed purifiers, defeating their purpose entirely. HIVE addresses these challenges by seamlessly integrating into the user's environment. Crafted from premium materials, it serves not just as a purifier but as a statement piece in any room. Boasting the highest clean air delivery rate in its category with medical-grade filtration, HIVE becomes an integral part of the user's world. We started from scratch not only to build trust, reliability and excitement in people for air purifiers, but to also make environmental conditions a widespread metric for measuring our wellbeing.  Impact matters to Praan as a metric of success, it’s beyond sales and revenue.

Featuring an OLED display complemented by behavioural network LEDs, HIVE provides users with an intuitive and engaging interface - which displays what the user cares to see the most. With global availability, HIVE ensures universal access to cutting-edge air purification technology. Its versatile design allows for flexible installation on walls, ceilings, or the purpose-built HIVE Stand, accommodating diverse spatial requirements with ease. 

As part of its commitment to impact, Praan partnered with CADFEM and deployed HIVEs in low-income schools in Delhi last winter, improving air quality in the school by 88%, which allowed students to attend classes this year despite the air pollution-related shutdowns. Praan plans to scale this impact to 10,000 low-income students in 2024. 

Supported by leading venture capitalists including Social Impact Capital, Aera VC, Better Capital, Avaana Capital, Paradigm Shift Capital, and notable angel investors like Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Nipun Sahni, Ritesh Malik, and more, Praan is now bringing its technology and manufacturing competence to the domestic household 

Praan excels in crafting machinery designed to handle substantial dust loads, especially prevalent in industries like steel, cement, elastomer, and FMCG factories. Backed by esteemed entities such as Microsoft, Ansys, Autodesk, and the Marico Innovation Foundation, Praan stands at the forefront of innovation in clean-air technologies.

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