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LG Brings its Most Innovative 2021 Lineup of UHD TVs

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LG Electronics has announced the 2021 lineup of OLED, QNED, Nano Cell, and UHD TVs in India. The 2021 range of LG TVs is the largest amongst all the ranges of the past years. Raising the bar again in 2021 with new innovations from LG – Introducing the “OLED Evo” LG’s best OLED ever, an India-specific Nano Cell TV series, the all new LG QNED series which has revolutionized the display of LCD TVs, and finally the upgraded LG UHD AI ThinQ TVs that are aesthetically & technologically far superior than ever before.

LG’s 2021 OLED TVs boast self-lit panels that produce 33.2 million self-lit subpixels, wherein each pixel can literally create its own light and can turn on and off. Thus, one can enjoy the intense color, infinite contrast and richer, deeper blacks while watching TV. The latest LG OLED series, the OLED Evo produces more light per pixel and maintains characteristic of the OLED Panel with high contrast & clarity that helps in producing brighter and crisper images for an enthralling cinematic experience.

Available in three sizes, 139 cms (55), 164 cms (65) and 194 cms (77), the OLED Evo is LG’s flagship TV of 2021 with its infinite looking screen display intended to be adorned on a wall. It is the key highlight of LG’s OLED PRM and is highly distinguishable by its incredibly slim profile that allows it to hang flush with the wall like a work of art, complementing any home décor for an opulent appeal.

LG’s flagship OLED technology combined with an 8K resolution is the pinnacle of the best-in-class TV viewing experience. The ultra-large OLED88Z1 (222 cms) comes in a sculpture design, sitting on a pedestal stand, exuding extravagance and class in every bit.

The most awaited LG OLED C1 series has added yet another screen size to its splendid range of TVs, available in 121 cms (48), 139 cms (55), 164 cms (65), 194 cms (77) and the newly introduced 210 cms (83) variant. LG OLED C1 is a stunning 4K series, a true minimalist’s find and maybe a possible answer to all your interior design challenges. Just like G1, it comes packed with a powerful Alpha 9 Generation 4 Processor that delivers better contrast, deeper black & richer colors.

LG OLED B1 series, packed with all the features of Dolby Vision IQ & Atmos, is available in two screen sizes- 139 cms (55) and 164 cms (65) – and comes with a Generation 4 Alpha 7 Processor.  

LG has launched its range of QNED Mini LEDs, which is the ultimate innovation in LCD TVs. The pioneering display combines a Mini LED panel with Quantum Dot NanoCell Technology to deliver an all-new TV experience. This truly represents the dawn of a new era for LCD TVs. It will be available in both 8K & 4K resolution under the series QNED99 & QNED91 respectively.

An exciting addition for 2021, LG UHD AI ThinQ TVs exudes elegance. The TV features a NEW slimmer 3-Side Cinema Screen design combined with aesthetics that can elevate any interior. LG UHD TV combines 4K picture quality with an incredibly large screen to deliver an all-new level of immersion.

Commenting on the occasion, Gireesan Gopi, Business Head, Home Entertainment, LG Electronics India, said, “The 2021 range of televisions by LG is loaded with powerful new features, making it the perfect choice for watching sports, playing video games, and binge watching your favorite show or movie. This year, LG has brought about some remarkable innovations in the design of not just in our televisions but also in our user interface tools as new webOS 6.0. The lineup of this year features OLED Evo, which we at LG proudly describe as ‘our best OLED ever’. The latest lineup expands on our already vast range of Smart TVs available for consumers across price points.”

“We have improved and designed our products assessing the need of our Indian consumers. Our latest NanoCell/UHD category comes with features like Local Dimming, Ultra Bright Panel, AI Picture/Sound, and Gaming support along with a new and more appealing design that has been added to meet the demands of our Indian audience. We are confident that this new lineup will be loved by our customers.”he added.

LG’s range of 2021 OLED TVs enhances the home entertainment experience through improved and brand-new features. Featuring Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos® and Auto Volume Leveling, this year’s TVs set a new benchmark for sound & picture quality in home entertainment category. Dolby Vision IQ analyses content and genre and applies picture settings in real-time. Whereas Dolby Atmos, with its multi-dimensional surround sound, brings the world to you. Auto Volume Leveling keeps consistent voice levels even when watching different apps and channels.

What’s more, LG OLED TVs provide a more comfortable way to watch for longer. They have been certified as low-blue light, flicker-free, and discomfort glare-free displays by international agencies TÜV Rheinland (TUV) and Underwriter Laboratories (UL). LG OLED TVs are also the first panels from any kind of TV to receive the Eyesafe® certification developed by TUV-Eyesafe®. Additionally, LG OLED TVs are officially eco-friendly. When compared with LED TVs, they are safer because they don’t use backlights, they’re made with less plastic, use fewer hazardous materials, and have a lower risk of producing indoor air pollutants.

LG OLED TVs, as compared to an ordinary screen, can really accelerate the gaming experience to unreal levels. In order to match the changing frame rates throughout the game, an OLED TV supports Variable Refresh Rate and Auto Low Latency Mode, and is certified as HDMI 2.1. This helps in reducing motion blur and ghosting to barely noticeable levels. It is also the world’s first TV to support the incredible Dolby Vision® HDR at 4K 120 FPS for gaming, and has an extremely low input lag with an incredible 1ms response time that highly benefits the gamer by responding to their every move instantly on screen. LG partnered with brands like NVIDIA & AMD to make LG OLED TVs the only G-SYNC and FreeSync™ Premium certified TVs.

Delivering the best-in-class user experience, LG’s newest TVs are now more convenient than ever thanks to webOS 6.0. The latest version of the intuitive smart TV platform features built-in Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa, offering access to many of the most popular streaming apps. Experience the wonders of AI – artificial intelligence as only an LG TV comes with AI ThinQ, an innovative and intelligent design to control your TV and appliances in one’s home. It runs on voice commands and opens up new possibilities for comfort and luxury. The home screen has been redesigned to show everything worth watching, all in one place. Enjoy personalized content recommendations based on their watch history, quick access to a variety of content, and easier control of connected devices.

LG’s New Magic Remote comes with an ergonomic design that’s easy to hold and a point and scroll system that allows faster searching. The remote comes with dedicated hot keys for popular content and AI service providers, allowing users to jump to their favorite services with just a quick push of a button.

Featured in LG’s Nano Cell & UHD TVs, Quad Core Processor 4K removes video noise and creates more vibrant colour and contrast. Low resolution images are upscaled and reproduced at close to 4K quality. Packed with AI capabilities, the processor also knows when, where, and how to improve the sound, creating virtual surround sound for a more immersive and cinematic experience. A light sensor measures the surrounding ambient light, then the processor finely adjusts tone mapping for optimal screen brightness.

Nano Cell 4K and UHD TV features LG’s own dynamic range technology, HDR 10 Pro, which adjusts brightness to enhance colour, reveals every tiny detail, and brings lifelike clarity to every image. LG’s UHD TV provides vibrant colour and accurate detail with Active HDRCompatible with multiple streaming apps, one can now witness the magic come alive on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, Apple TV, SonyLIV, etc. 

Price and Availability:

The LG OLED TVs in 8K & 4K Resolution are available in sizes- 121 cms, 139 cms, 164 cms, 194 cms, 210 cms and 223 cms at a price starting from INR 1,44,990. The LG QNED series, in 8K & 4K Resolution, is available in 164, 194 and 218 cm, with a starting range of INR 2,66,990. The LG Nanocell TVs (4K Resolution) has been designed in 108, 126, 139, 164, 189 and 218 cm and will start from INR 63,990. The 4K UHD AI ThinQ models will be available in sizes 108, 126, 139, 151, 164, 177 and 189 cms starting from INR 50,990.


iFFALCON Elevates smart TV experience with New K72 TV

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iFFALCON has expanded its lineup of the K series. This includes the new video calling enabled 55-inch K72 which is priced at INR 51,999. The TV features a magic camera that allows the users to take and make video calls through their TV via the Google Duo app. The electronics maker has revealed many details about the new model, but what would be exciting to see is the video call feature of the TV. The video call enabled TV would be priced at INR 51,999 for the 55-inch model. The brand is known for making consumer electronic goods that are not only technologically advanced but are powerful performers too. 

Speaking about the launch Mike Chen, General Manager, TCL & iFFALCON India, in his statement said that, “We have been using the latest technology in our TVs and have been focusing on targeting the Indian consumers. The new iFFALCON K72 will revolutionize the TV viewing experience of the users by adding more comfort to their lifestyle. The K72 also sports a user-friendly smart interface that will offer cutting edge intelligent functions. He also claimed that the iFFALCON K72 would be the country’s first TV that will be powered by the latest Android version.”

This flagship model from iFFALCON, with video call, enabled technology aims to provide more comfort and flexibility to the user. The user-friendly interface is an added advantage. The TV sports Dolby Vision, Dolby ATMOS, Android(R) 11, AIPQ Engine, HDMI ports, Dual-band WIFI, MEMC and many more advanced features offering the most immersive and enjoyable user experience.  Adding the next level of sophistication, the smart TV is crafted with an ultra-slim bezel display offering a better screen to body ratio. 

Delivering a classic cinematic experience at home the smart TV supports 4K visuals with numerous colours and ultra-high definition resolution. The TV is equipped to upscale and reproduce low-quality images to 4K visuals. The TV is also supported by the latest version of Android that is Android(R) 11. Enhancing the audio output, the UHD TV also brings an immersive and augmented audio experience with the box speakers combined with Dolby Audio. 

This stunning UHD Smart TV supports various HDR formats including HDR 10 which brings the frame to frame optimization of the content. With the help of improved colour saturations and extended colour gamut, the viewers can experience brilliant detailing of the colours along with enhanced brightness, sharpness and contrast. The Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation (MEMC) helps to get smoother visuals thereby allowing the gaming fans to enjoy lag-free and blur-free visuals during their gaming session. The television is also equipped to ensure faster web browsing and better performance. Supporting multiple OTT and gaming platforms the TV makes sure that the user doesn’t get bored easily. 

Elevating the smart TV experience, the iFFALCON K72 features AIxIoT which enables the users to use their smart TV more conveniently. It offers the users the flexibility to control all their smart home appliances with the help of their TV without any hassle. The users also have the ease to control their TV through voice commands without using the remote.

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Check Out These Top 5 TVs for Ultimate Gaming Experience

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Innovation is said to be the key factor to success in this era of technology and the television industry has certainly grabbed the opportunity with both hands. The recently launched televisions are not only stylish but also prove that they are simply the best choice for the ever-evolving youth. Along with the TV industry if there is any other that has accepted to cope up with the evolving innovations and technology then it is certainly the gaming sector. Both the gaming industry as well as the television industry has undergone a massive transformation in recent years. Where on the one hand TVs have become dynamic, gaming also is no longer about dots, shapes or objects moving across the screen.

When compared with the past TV is now no more only used for the sake of watching your favourite shows but it can be put to a lot of other uses like controlling smart appliances, surfing the internet, taking photos and most importantly playing games. Today the people wish to own a TV that will not only upgrade the viewing experience but will also take home entertainment to just another level. People these days prefer TVs that host a plethora of connectivity features and can also fulfil their entertainment needs.

TVs with gaming features have become a fad and people like to enjoy lag-free gaming sessions and that too on larger screens. However, when it comes to choosing the best gaming TVs you might simply get bewildered by the number of options that are available today. If you too are planning to buy a gaming TV and have spent a lot of time researching about the best choice but are still clueless, then you have arrived at absolutely the right place. Here we will be talking about some of the most common things that you should consider while buying a gaming TV and we also would be sharing the list of the 5 best gaming TVs for you to consider.

Here is what you should keep in mind when choosing the best TV for gaming:

·         Screen Size: Though a large screen isn’t a must for gaming, but it certainly will help you elevate your gaming experience.

·         Refresh Rate: You must certainly consider the refresh rate of the TV because the higher the refresh rate lesser would be the lag.

·         Sound Quality: Sound will certainly optimize your gaming experience. Better sound will for sure give you a better feel of the game.

·         Connectivity: Easy and more connectivity is a bonus because it then becomes easy for the user to set up the console. HDMI 2.0 is one of the most essential connectivity features that you should consider.

We’ve also made a list of TVs that have everything to enhance your gaming experience.

1. TCL C825: The Ultimate Champion

Designed especially for gaming fans, the TCL C825 is amongst the premium models from the brand. Supported by HDMI 2.1 port and other tech-driven features the TV comes with a 120Hz variable refresh rate for smoother graphics and motions. Popularly known as the Mini LED, the TV features Dolby Vision IQ and local array dimming to offer the user an ultimate viewing experience. As far as the sound quality is concerned the TV supports ONKYO speakers with additional subwoofers. The ALLM, eARC and user-friendly interface boosts the gaming experience. The best thing for gaming fans is that they can enjoy multiple games without any additional hardware via the AirConsole. TCL’s AiPQ Engine coupled with IMAX Enhanced certification the TV offers the best in class resolution for an even better and immersive gaming experience. The TV is available in 55-inch and 65-inch screen sizes the TVs are moderately priced.

2. LG C1: Multisensory Experience

C1 OLED is a premium offering from LG featuring high-end specifications. A part of the OLED lineup the TV delivers exceptional picture quality. An incredible choice as far as gaming TVs are concerned the TV comes with a 120Hz panel, HDMI 2.1 inputs, and VRR. The wide colour gamut enhances the viewing experience. The TV comes packed with multiple gaming features as well. One of the major advantages for gaming fans is that the TV does not involve an extra step of processing the backlighting which ultimately reduces the lag time.  The TV also supports technologies from video card manufacturers like Nvidia and AMD that perfectly syncs the game’s refresh rate with the screen’s refresh rate. Available in multiple screen sizes the TVs are priced slightly towards the higher side.

3. Samsung QN90A: Get in the Game

The Samsung QN90A comes with brilliant picture quality. Unlike OLED TVs the QLED TVs do not come with burn-in issues. The Real Game Enhancer+ coupled with AMD FreeSync allows the users to get in the game. The Quantum Dot technology coupled with Mini LED Panel offers good detailing and contrast along with good colour accuracy. The game mode is designed especially to uplift your gaming experience. The TV also sports 4 HDMI ports with one being HDMI 2.1 and the rest being HDMI 2.0. If the user prioritizes HDR then this is believed to be among the best picks when we consider gaming TVs in India.

4. Sony Bravia A90J: Evolving Gaming Experience

When it comes to gaming Sony Bravia A90 J is considered among the top 5 choices because it not only delivers exceptional picture quality but it can also turn off individual pixels that result in perfect blacks. The TV also features an infinite contrast ratio that goes well along with the HDR brightness levels. All this when putting together results in stellar images while playing games. It also has a very low input lag that delivers a lag-free gaming experience. The TV also supports HDMI 2.1 ports, Dolby Vision, HDR10 and a wide colour gamut. It is believed to be a good choice if you wish to play games via console. However, it misses VRR and refresh rate but the brand would soon be adding these features in their upcoming launches.

5. OnePlus U1: Let the Game Begin

Despite the brand is known for manufacturing flagship smartphones it also has taken a leap in the television industry. The TV sports HDR10+ and Oxygen Play along with OnePlus Connect that offers an enhanced smart user experience. The TV supports HDMI 2.1 and runs on Android TV 10. The brand also keeps working on improving its products with the help of frequent software updates. The TV excites the gaming fans with good colours, smooth and detailed pictures and excellent motion. The TV also offers additional benefits that make it a good choice for budget-conscious buyers.

If you simply want to enjoy a lag-free gaming experience you can certainly consider the above options. But if you wish to upgrade your home entertainment system and experience hassle-free control options along with other connectivity features then one must obviously head to buy the TCL C825.

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Get Cinematic Experience at Home with Haier’s New 4K Smart LED TVs

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Haier announced the expansion of its Google-certified Android LED TV S8 series. The new additions to the S8 series flaunt a stunning 4K HDR picture quality on screen sizes – 139cm (55” inch) and 165cm (65” inch) respectively.
The Metal bezel-less all-screen display & front speaker design gives the series a slim, stylish, and exquisite look. Its unique and one of its kind in the industry front speaker system delivers a life-like crystal-clear surround sound experience with 6 front 30W speakers. The new TV’s design is harmonious with today’s contemporary modern household aesthetics that blend with the interiors. The reinvented TV design by Haier ensures an even more immersive viewing experience while adding a dash of style and finesse to consumers’ homes.
Inspired by Haier’s advancing technology, the new 4K HDR television series comes with the latest Android 9.0 version certification with AI and can act as an IoT hub for all smart devices, allowing the users to navigate and control their connected devices seamlessly. The series comes packed with front-line innovations and smart features like Google Assistant that lets the user navigate the TV with just a voice command and built-in Google Chromecast for screen sharing. Furthermore, the TV can be controlled through Bluetooth Voice remote control and Android TV mobile application to ensure an uninterrupted and seamless viewing experience for the consumers.
Commenting on the launch, Mr. Eric Braganza, President, Haier Appliances India said, “With the launch of the new S8 Series televisions, we are strengthening our commitment to provide IoT and AI-powered smart homes to our consumers. At Haier, we believe that the solution lies in addressing the evolving needs of our consumers through innovative products powered by cutting-edge technologies. The new way of life has made people realize the need for a more connected and smart living eco-system.”
“We are thrilled to present our latest entrants in our television range and take a step ahead in transforming Indian modern homes. With our new Smart LED S8 Series TVs, we look forward to providing our customers with an entertainment prowess that caters to their need for on-demand content without any complicated hassles.” Mr. Eric Braganza added.
Haier’s new Android TV is the center of a home’s smart ecosystem – the IoT features allow the user to control smart devices with just a touch of a button or a voice command. The TV also incorporates a built-in Google Chromecast that allows users to cast their favorite content from their smartphone directly on the Android TV.
Staying true to its commitment to provide a seamless customer experience, Haier’s new television range enables effortless access to many popular streaming services and apps via Google Play Store. With this feature, users can enjoy content streaming, Live TV, and can also download their favorite apps. The Bluetooth 5.0 equipped remote control of the TV comes with Google Assistant voice built-in button and Hotkeys for Netflix and YouTube. The TV has two USB ports, along with built-in Wi-Fi. On the audio front, the S8 Series TVs present an amalgam of aesthetic design with 6 front speakers that give a superior surround sound experience to the consumers. Adding to the sound feature, Dolby Digital decoder optimizes the TV’s sound quality while providing a high-quality bass that enables users to relish theatre-like sound effects at their homes.
Haier is augmenting the reality of smart home products being an aspirational utility and not just a luxury. Keeping in sync with its diverse range of smart products, Haier’s new range of Smart TVs further bolsters its aim of transforming modern Indian contemporary homes and create a connected living experience for its consumers.

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