Realme’s Trimmer and Hair Dryers Goes on Sale on Flipkart

Realme’s Trimmer and Hair Dryers Goes on Sale on Flipkart

Realme announced the availability and sales date for its AIOT offerings under realme 'TechLife' universe – realme Beard Trimmer series – realme Beard Trimmer and realme Beard Trimmer Plus, which allow users to achieve long-term sharpness and have less skin friction to make trimming smooth and comfortable. realme Hair Dryer equipped with an efficient 1400 watts of power and a motor that spins up to 19,000 rpm is designed to provide a five-minute quick-drying experience for long hair.

Starting 12 noon onwards on July 5, 2021, realme Beard trimmer priced at INR 1,299 and realme Beard trimmer Plus priced at INR 1,999 as well as realme Hair Dryer priced at INR 1,999 will be available on & Flipkart and will soon be available at mainline channels.

realme Beard Trimmer

Combining style with precision, realme Beard Trimmer comes with a 10mm comb, 20 length settings, 0.5mm precision, full stainless-steel blade, which is washable. realme Beard Trimmer Plus, features 40 different length settings, 10mm & 20mm combs with 0.5mm precision, two full stainless-steel blades and IPX7 water resistance rating. Both the trimmers come with an 800mAh efficiency battery,   which can be used without a cord for 120 minutes. So, if one uses it for 10 minutes a day, he will get a battery life of up to 12 days. The trimmers also have a LED battery indicator that shows the battery level to the user continuously so that one knows when it's time to charge the trimmer.

The ergonomically designed beard trimmers are made of skin-friendly ABS materials, makes them easy to hold and allows users a comfortable and flexible grip for trimming. The trimmers also feature a convenient Type-C port which allows users to charge their trimmer while using it and is super convenient, especially when the battery runs out.  Both realme Trimmer models operate at less than 68db sound providing users with a quiet and comfortable trimming experience. These Trimmers also come with a Travel Lock which can be operated with just one click, while putting the trimmer in their backpacks or suitcase for travel.

realme Hair Dryer

realme Hair Dryer offers two wind speed levels to set the hair – The soft wind setting that blows air at 50-55°C giving gentle warm airflow, and the strong wind setting that blows air at 55-60°C giving powerful warm airflow. These temperatures are healthy golden temperatures for hair care. It also features advanced negative ions technology, that generates 20 million negative ions per cubic centimeter, to give your hair more comprehensive and deeper care.  As we know, the static electricity in the hair causes the hair cuticle to open, which increases friction and accelerates moisture loss from the hair. The negative ions applied to the hair can reduce static electricity, help the hair cuticle to   close, reduce moisture loss in the hair, making the hair much softer and less frizzy, therefore improving the overall quality of the hair. The realme Hair Dryer comes with a V-0 flame retardant ABS and PC high-grade material, which provides a good insulation structure to give users a completely safe experience.  realme hair dryer also consists of a three-layer mesh consisting of an air inlet grille, an inlet mesh, and a nylon mesh for safety. This design ensures that the hair doesn't get sucked into the hair dryer. It comes with a minimalist design and is available in pure white colour, giving the dryer a premium and elegant look.

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