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Kent Brings New Alkaline Water Pitcher Which Converts Drinking Water Into Alkaline Water



People wish to stay healthy and Water plays a crucial role in daily health management. People are trying to consume the safest water which will provide them with health benefits while boosting their immunity.

People want their drinking water to be free of all impurities not only from Bacteria and Viruses but also from dissolved impurities. Further the pure water should maintain essential Minerals. Recent Studies shows that Drinking Alkaline Water with pH level around 8.5 gives health benefits due to Reduce ORP as well as reducing Acidity. People have been buying costly ionizers ( Rs 2 lac ) to meet this objective. KENT has innovated and broken the Price barriers and introduced this in a jug that converts your water into alkaline water with pH level of 8.5 with a cost of just Rs 1990. The Alkaline water reduces acidity, regulates body’s pH levels, boosts immunity, and fortifies one’s health and help you stay healthy

It comes with 3.5L storage capacity, and the best part is that the pitcher works without electricity! Just fill the water from top and get alkaline water for a healthy body and mind.

Commenting on this innovative Product Dr Mahesh Gupta, Chairman KENT Ro said “Kent continues to offer innovative health and lifestyle products by keeping customers’ best interests in mind. Being in the industry for over two decades, their state-of-the-art products and home appliances have scored the trust of people in the country. The company implements futuristic mechanisms in all its products and Kent’s Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher, is no exception! We have a lot of people buying and enquiring about our Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher. It’s commendable how people have become more health conscious than ever before.”

This pitcher also boasts of a smart design as it is space saving that easily fits into all types of refrigerator doors. This pitcher comes with an easy fill lid and comfort grip handle that provides great convenience while dispensing water into a bottle or glass.

It is available at Amazon & Flipkart.

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Air Purifiers

Acer Brings Latest Acerpure Cool C2 and Acerpure Pro P2 Air Purifiers



ACER unveiled two new air purifiers in India – acerpure cool C2 and acerpure pro P2. A new line of smart air purifiers that takes control of air quality with a 4-in-1 HEPA filter which removes harmful viruses, bacteria, allergens and pollutants from your room making your home a safer place.

Speaking on the launch Sudhir Goel, Chief Business Officer, Acer India said, “The ongoing pandemic has raised awareness about the quality of the air we breathe and ways to stay healthy. We have introduced new technologies and products that ensure the best air quality, comfort, and energy efficiency. Through this launch, we aim to provide clean air through our technology. Also, we shall continue to introduce new technology solutions, which fall in line with our mission to lead and contribute to every community that we operate in. The new line of products is carefully designed to address the current situation and improve the quality of life.”

With the rising number of respiratory diseases, consumers are concerned about the quality of the environment in which we live and have made air purifiers a vital product for your indoors. The new Acerpure Pro and Acerpure cool caters to the need for safe air to breath with advanced filtration technology and smart features which adds to the convenience.

2–in-1 Air Circulator and Purifier

The Acerpure Cool circulates filtered fresh air around the home with the help an advanced air circulator

4-in-1 HEPA Filter, Four-layer Protection

The product takes control of air quality with the 4-in-1 HEPA filter and eliminates up to 99% of airborne bacteria, 99.97% of ultrafine dust, PM1.0, and allergies. This helps in maintaining a clean and healthy indoor environment.

Against Viruses with HEPA Plus+ 

Acerpure Pro P2 and Acerpure cool C2 are designed to effectively eliminate 99.99% bacteria3, 99% coronavirus (229E)1, and 99% influenza A (H1N1)2 virus activity. The HEPA Plus+ has been certified by the 3rd party research center.

Distant Spiral Air Flow & Easy Swinging 

The purifiers and circulators effortlessly control the direction of your airflow with 90 degrees up and downswing and 80 degrees left to right oscillation. It quietly circulates clean air up to 12 meters.

10 million Negative Ions: Effective Purification 

The effective purification system in Acerpure Pro and Acerpure Cool fills the home with a high concentration of negative ions and captures ultrafine dust and PM1.0 keeping the customer happy and healthy.

Smart Sensor & LCD Display 

The consumer can be at ease as the air quality and gas sensor regulate the purifier speed automatically and the LCD displays real-time air quality data.

Low Energy, High-Performance 

With a DC motor, the purifier and circulator provide high performance of purification at a low energy cost.

Quite Mode 

The new line of products comes with technology that reduces noise, combining that with a turned-off display makes for the perfect environment for a good night’s sleep.

Safety Lock 

The safety lock feature on the purifier keeps you at peace and not worrying about the mistaken touch by children and pets.

High-Efficiency Purification 

The acerpure pro delivers filtered fresh air of breath through day and night without worrying you about pollution or dust.

Pricing and Availability

Acerpure cool C2 and Acerpure pro P2 can be purchased for a starting price of Rs16999 from the company’s online store and various other ecommerce platform Amazon. IT will also be available on Acer Exclusive stores across cities.

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Automate Your House with These IoT Enabled Appliances



Who doesn’t like getting things done with a tap on a screen or a simple wave of a hand, or even a voice command? Now it is not only our mobile phones which are smart these days, but other appliances are also smart and connected, to bring new levels of convenience into our homes right from water purifiers to chimneys to water heaters, to air coolers.

IoT technology is fast changing our expectations from home appliances in today’s time. While the core functionality of the appliance has improved mechanically, our interface with the appliances is now enhanced to elevate convenience and making consumers much more knowledgeable about their appliance.

Hence, as we look to renovate our homes this festive season, give it a smart twist by choosing from the wide range of IoT-enabled appliances from Hindware Appliances to upgrade and elevate your experience at home:

Optimus i-Pro Chimney, India’s first IoT enabled Chimney

Hindware’s Optimus i-Pro IoT Enabled Chimney comes equipped with MaxX Silence Technology that produces 32% less noise when compared to conventional Auto-clean Kitchen Chimneys. The Thermal Autoclean Technology keeps the chimney clean from inside, enhancing the cooking experience. It comes with motion sensor technology and can also be operated using voice commands or Hindware appliances mobile app. Price: Rs. 48,990       

Ondeo Evo i-Pro Storage Water Heater

The intelligently designed IoT Ondeo Evo i-Pro Storage Water Heater lets you can control the water heater from any corner of your house with just a tap on your smartphone or voice commands. The heater is BEE 5 Star rated and is equipped with exclusive O’Pro protection that secures both the heating element and the tank adding to its long life. The heater tank is built with Titanium Core Shield technology which makes it more durable. The water heater can withstand a pressure of up to 8.0 bars, meaning it can be safely installed in multi-story buildings without the fear of any pressure damage. Price (15L): Rs. 21,990, Variants: 15L and 25L 

Achelous Premium iPro Water Purifier

Achelous Premium iPro is a state-of-the-art water purifier, equipped with revolutionary ‘Flosense Technology’, India’s first RO membrane life alert (patent applied) feature & Real-time filters alert (patent applied) features that display the actual status of the RO membrane, and real-time balance life of other filters. The inbuilt intelligent sensors can smartly fill the outside water jug without any manual intervention. The smart water purifier also shows the input TDS and TDS of purified water and monitors a household’s daily water consumption for healthy living. The appliance is synced with Hindware’s mobile app and indicates filter life, RO membrane status, etc. for timely replacement. It also comes with a one-touch service registration feature, using the mobile or the product display panel. Price: 29,990  

Elara iPro Water Purifier

Hindware Elara iPro water purifier comes with an Advance Copper+ technology that provides adequate nourishment from copper charged purified water, while also getting rid of bacteria, microbes, and fungi in water. Just like the other IoT-enabled water purifiers by Hindware, this smart water purifier also provides real-time TDS of purified water and monitors a household’s daily water consumption, while being synced Hindware’s mobile app. Additionally, the Wi-fi direct technology in the water purifier enables communication even without an active internet connection at home. There’s also a touch display icon for online call registration through the product itself. Price: Rs. 18,990

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Breathe Cleaner Air Every Day At Home with KENT Alps+ UV Air Purifier



With a spike in air pollution and dip in air quality, especially as the capital of the country itself is in the alarming matrix, it’s time to think about the need for air purification inside your home. Packed with innovative and certified technology, KENT Alps+ UV Air Purifier is catching attention fast as it helps create a healthy environment at home and help breathe cleaner air every day. What makes this model unique is the act that KENT Alps+ UV Air Purifier is designed with UV-LED. It helps in reducing bacteria, viruses, and germs present within the air before it throws our clean & fresh air. In the air purifier, the UV LED is placed after the filters to remove bacteria and virus as the air passes through it. The process makes the air cleaner. KENT Alps+ UV Air Purifier is also equipped with advanced HEPA technology. HEPA Filter with antibacterial coating removes PM 2.5. This helps filter out air pollutants, more than 0.3 microns in size, via a 3-stage mechanism. First is the primary filter to remove large particles, then the activated carbon filter to remove odour and lastly, the HEPA Filter reduces bacteria, viruses, and PM 2.5 for cleaner indoor air.

Commenting on alarming Air Pollution, Dr. Mahesh Gupta, Chairman, KENT RO Systems Ltd. said, Harmful bacteria and viruses which are invisible to our eye and other air pollutants are affecting the air we breathe and is detrimental to human health and what most of us are ignorant about is the indoor air pollution, especially for urban areas. People should be aware that staying indoors does not mean the air they are breathing is safe. We understand the criticality of the problem. To tackle this problem we have come out with, KENT Alps+ UV Air Purifier. It is the best and ideal solution to deal with the current air pollution problem and the unhealthy air that we are forced to breathe. KENT Alps+ UV Air Purifier is not just a long-term asset, but also an investment to ensure better “Health. “

Another distinctive feature of KENT Alps+ UV Air Purifier is its intelligent air quality monitoring (AQI) through digital display and filter change indicator that makes it a smart air purifier. Its filter change indicator alerts you when you need to get the filters changed, and the digital display show the air quality (AQI) and the quality of air you’re currently breathing.

Fusion of impeccable performance and quiet operation, the air purifier ensures a high CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 400mᵌ/hr.  Furthermore, the air purifier is extremely sleek and compact with user friendly design.  The settings on KENT Alps +UV Air Purifier is specially designed in a way that they can be done on a simple touch of button. 

This model is especially designed for the Indian market and now you can be at ease in your home or at work place knowing the fact that you are finally getting to breathe pure and fresh air. 

KENT ALPS+ UV Air Purifier is suitable for a room of up to 430 sq.ft and high purifying capacity purifies the room’s air instantly. The model is priced at Rs. 29,950 and is available at all leading retail outlets across India. 

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