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    Air Conditioners

    Samsung Launches New Range of WindFree ACs with Stunning Premium Design



    Samsung, India’s most trusted consumer electronics brand, today unveiled its revolutionary 2022 line-up of premium WindFree™ air conditioners that powerfully and gently cool the ambient temperature of the room. The WindFree™ technology eliminates the harsh cold draft and disperses air through 23,000 micro holes at a speed of 0.15 m/s that helps in creating a still air environment. It is a perfect solution for comfortable cooling and your next AC upgrade this summer. 

    The new range of ACs come with come with PM 1.0 filters that sterilize 99%* of bacteria and the Freeze Wash feature that removes dirt and bacteria from the heat exchanger for easy do-it-yourself maintenance at home. The elegant design of the new range can glam up any living space or work space.

    Adding more convenience to the lives of the work from home generation, WindFree™ ACs also connect seamlessly with Samsung’s SmartThings app using Wi-Fi allowing you to change settings or switch it on/off using Bixby voice assistant, Alexa and Google Home. You can also optimize cooling with smart AI Auto Cooling and automatically cool the room even before you reach home with the geo-fencing based Welcome Cooling feature. Further, the WindFree™ technology can save up to 77% energy and the Digital Inverter technology in the Convertible 5-in-1 ACs help save up to 41% energy.

    Samsung’s new line-up of WindFree™ ACs will beavailable across all leading retail stores and online on Flipkart and Amazon as well as on Samsung’s official online store Samsung Shop. Consumers buying Samsung air conditioners will be eligible for attractive offers such as 12.5% cashback of up to INR 7,500, easy EMI options with EMIs starting as low as INR 999 and additional comprehensive warranty of 5 years.

    “Our latest range of premium WindFree™ air conditioners work efficiently by dispersing cool air through 23,000 micro holes to give highest level of comfort by creating a still air environment, along with powerful cooling. The new line-up is designed to maintain the right temperature and add more convenience to the demanding daily routines of our consumers by working at a low sound of only 21 decibel to ensure a super silent atmosphere. While the smart AI features of WindFree™ air conditioners allow consumers to operate it remotely, the convertible option helps with mindful energy consumption. We are confident that this line-up will match consumers’ evolved needs and help us further consolidate our position in the Indian AC market,” said Rajeev Bhutani, Senior Vice President, HVAC division, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India.

    The convenient to detach and clean Easy Filter+, located on the top of WindFree™ air conditioners, allows consumers to remove and clean the filter effortlessly on their own. To add another layer of protection from bacteria, allergens and viruses, select models sport the Tri-Care Filter.

    If there is no movement in the room for 20 minutes, the Motion Detect Sensor automatically switches your AC to WindFree™ mode to save energy. You can also set it to blow air away from you, or to follow you wherever you move.

    Price, Availability and Warranty:

    The new range of Samsung’s premium WindFree™ air conditioners, with 28 models, will start from INR 50,990 and go up to INR 99,990. Consumers can avail attractive offers such as 12.5% cashback of up to INR 7,500 easy EMI options with EMIs starting as low as INR 999 and comprehensive warranty of 5 years on PCB controller, fan motor, copper condenser and evaporator coil.

    Consumers get express 4-hour installation service when buying WindFree™ air conditioners. The new line-up provides the Smart Installation option, which is a self-diagnosis feature that ensures your Samsung AC is installed perfectly. Consumers also get 10-year warranty on the Digital Inverter Compressor that ensures cooling even at temperatures higher than 52 degree celsius.

    Samsung is also launching 48 other models – 44 models in the Convertible 5-in-1 line-up and 4 Fixed Speed models of air conditioners. These models will start from a price of INR 45,990 and go up to INR 77,990. Further, consumers can avail up to 15 months of No Cost EMI schemes on select models.

    Powerful Yet Gentle

    Samsung WindFree™ ACs use 23,000 micro holes on its body to gently spread air evenly throughout the room, maintaining a comfortable level of cooling without any direct draft. Once the desired temperature is reached, the customer can switch on WindFree™ mode which creates still air environment for gentle cooling.

    Smart Control for Smart Consumers

    The WindFree™ range of air conditioners enable users to control their air conditioners through voice commands using the Bixby, Alexa and Google Home via Wi-Fi. With the SmartThings app, you can you can switch on your AC remotely, over Wi-Fi, and set it to your favorite setting, so that you get the perfect welcome when you come home.

    The AI auto-cooling feature automatically optimizes the cooling based on your usage behavior and living conditions. It automatically switches to the most appropriate cooling mode based on preferred temperature and outside temperature.

    Enhanced Energy Efficiency

    The WindFree™ range of air conditioners enable consumers to choose from five convertible modes with the press of a button on the remote control, providing customized AC performance options, from 40% to 120%. The customized settings – Party Mode (120%), Normal Mode (100%), Pleasant Mode (80%), Eco Mode (60%), and Home Alone Mode (40%) – offer optimum room temperature depending on the need, without the hassle of manually regulating the AC. Additionally, Digital Inverter boost allows consumers to save up to 41% energy by maintaining the desired temperature without frequently turning the AC on and off.

    Samsung is also introducing energy-efficient 3-to-5-star inverter air conditioners to help consumers reduce their power bills and save energy up to 77% with the help of WindFree™ technology.

    The WindFree™ Good Sleep mode creates the ideal room without any unpleasant cold airflow and saves up to 77% energy compared to other normal cooling modes. The 2022 Samsung Inverter ACs come with eco-friendly R32 Gas and are equipped with copper condensers.

    Samsung copper condenser is made of copper tube and anti-corrosion coated fin to protect the condenser from rusting, which helps to maintain the optimal performance of the heat exchanger.

    Equipped with Motion Detect Sensors, these air conditioners automatically go into energy saving mode if no movement is detected for 20 minutes, saving up to 43% energy, The Motion Detect Sensor provides 2 modes – Direct Wind (that tracks movement and throws air accordingly) and Indirect Wind (that tracks movement to avoid wind from blowing towards the person).

    When no human motion is detected for about 20 minutes, WindFree™ mode gets activated and the set temperature can change to up to 28 degree celcius. But as soon as it detects activity, the previous operation restarts. 

    Healthy Living with Samsung ACs

    Samsung’s endeavour is to constantly innovate to make products that ensure convenience and health of the customers. With this thought, the new line up of WindFree™ air conditioners come equipped with various filters that provide clean and breathable air.

    Samsung WindFree™ ACs come with PM 1.0 filters that help in providing clean and breathable air by catching ultra-fine dust, and sterilizing virus and bacteria. The PM 1.0 filter is washable and reusable, making it extremely cost effective.

    The WindFree™ range of air conditioners are also equipped with the Tri Care Filter that filters out harmful bacteria, viruses & allergens efficiently.

    The air quality gets monitored through a laser sensor which the users can see through a digital 4- color aurora lighting wherein red indicates very poor, yellow indicates poor, green indicates normal, and blue indicates good air quality. This innovative filter can also self-clean itself through AI Purifying function.

    Easy Maintenance and Convenience with Samsung Air Conditioners

    With growing preference for contactless services, these air conditioners offer the Freeze Wash feature that removes dirt and 90%** bacteria from the heat exchanger for easy do-it-yourself maintenance at home, reducing the need to call service personnel home.

    Samsung WindFree™ ACs also come with Easy Filter+ technology, a self-service option that allows customers to quickly remove and clean filters at home. These filters are located on the top of the air conditioners, and can be simply removed and cleaned. The EasyFilter+ reduces up to 99% of harmful bacteria, additionally capturing big dust, animal hair, fiber and household dust.

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    Air Conditioners

    Samsung Launches AI Enabled DVM S2 Variable Refrigerant Flow ACs



    Samsung announced the launch of its new DVM S2 Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) outdoor air conditioning unit that works with indoor AC units to provide windfree cooling that powerfully and gently cools the ambient temperature of the room. WindFree™ technology eliminates harsh cold drafts and disperses air through 23,000 micro holes at a speed of 0.15 m/s that helps in creating a still air environment.

    Samsung’s new DVM S2 line-up will be available in various capacities ranging from 8 HP to 34 HP in heat pump and cooling only models that are ideal for apartments, residential complex, office spaces and commercial buildings.

    “DVM S2’s efficient yet powerful performance is powered by Samsung’s exclusive WindFree™ Cooling technology. This new line-up has been designed to provide our consumers with best-in-class technology and enhanced energy efficiency. To offer smart controls, the new range comes equipped with AI capabilities that learn cooling patterns, maintain right pressure basis external installation environment and detect refrigerant leakage in real time. With this launch we are geared up to offer WindFree™ technology to our consumers in residential complexes as well as commercial spaces,” said Vipin Agrawal, Director, System Air Conditioning Business, Samsung India.

    DVM S2, Samsung’s sixth-generation Digital Variable Multi air conditioner, enables connection with up to 64 Samsung indoor air conditioning units for optimal comfort without unpleasant cold drafts and is compatible with Samsung’s 1Way, 360 Cassette, 4Way, 4Way 600×600, Duct and Wall-Mounted models.

    AI capabilities for Smarter, Faster Cooling

    Thanks to its AI capabilities, DVM S2 detects indoor climate conditions to deliver optimised cooling and heating performance. AI Low Pressure Control learns the patterns of cooling operation and reaches the target temperature more rapidly, ensuring consumers feel at ease at the desired temperature. Meanwhile, AI High Pressure Control maintains the optimal high pressure by making adjustments based on the installed environment. AI Defrost Control provides the best timing for defrost operations, and hence offers increased comfort during heating. In addition, DVM S2’s advanced AI algorithms can detect refrigerant leaks in real-time and send alerts immediately so users can monitor and manage their units quickly without compromising comfort.

    Enhanced Energy Efficiency

    DVM S2 uses 4 core technology of bigger heat exchanger, new high efficiency fan, upgraded power module and advanced scroll compressor to achieve high energy efficiency. 

    Wider Frequency Range for Better WindFree™ Performance

    DVM S2 features innovative technologies including a more advanced scroll compressor with Advanced Flash Injection (AFI) technology, an enlarged heat exchanger with optimized refrigerant flow, a multi-serration fan, and an enhanced power module.

    The more advanced AFI motor control technology allows for a wider frequency range of 10~180Hz. The new low of 10Hz (compared to the previous model’s 14Hz) making the system more stable at low frequencies, leading to better windfree performance for draft-free, comfortable temperature control. The new high of 180Hz ensures more powerful cooling performance. 

    Bigger Heat Exchanger and Multi-Serration Fan

    The heat transfer area of the heat exchanger in all the new models is significantly larger. The new unit’s hybrid path is designed to optimize the refrigerant flow corresponding to the airflow profile. Moreover, its unique multi-serration fan minimizes the turbulence of the air vortex, applying different serration, considering the air velocity of the edge and the inside of the blade, respectively. Moreover, the highly efficient Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) reduces the loss of conducted electricity.

    DVM S2’s new design is more aerodynamic and allows quieter operation, compared to previous generations. It has a more robust frame and reinforced structure with an upgraded exterior cabinet for reliability. The cooling operating range and external static pressure have been extended for flexibility in design, along with an upgrade on the emergency operation mode. Moreover, DVM S2 also features an on-device inverter check for better maintenance. Advanced technology for refrigerant sub-cooling control and installation condition analysis allowed for a smaller liquid pipe, which provides a 28% reduction in the amount of additional refrigerants used during installation compared to its predecessor.

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    Air Conditioners

    LG Electronics Unveils New Range Of Ai Dual Inverter Air Conditioners



    LG Electronics announced the launch of the 2022 range of AI Dual Inverter air conditioners. Powered by AI, the latest range air conditioners will come with multiple in-built sensors and a superior varied speed dual rotary compressor technology to offer best cooling. Available with all technical advancements by giving the best smart technology and energy savings in attractive floral design and wave patterns, LG’s new 2022 line-up consists of 57 Split ACs and 4 window inverter ACs.

    The latest range of LG air conditioners are designed to deliver convenience and improve health of consumers while being energy efficient.

    With increasing focus on health and well-being, LG has also doubled up on its focus on healthy living and hygiene. The 2022 range of LG air conditioners come equipped with anti-virus protection filter. Coated with Cationic Silver, the filter deactivates upto 99%* of virus and bacteria and removes harmful substance such as pollen from the air. These new air conditioners will add on to the existing range of ACs with feature like UV nano & Air Purification. LG has also introduced UV range of ACs with Wi-Fi (ThinQ), Hot & Cold ACs with Super Convertible 5in1, Window Inverter ACs with Convertible 4-in-1 features.

    LG has taken consumers’ convenience to the next level with LG ThinQ technology, which allows users to control & monitor AC at any time and from anywhere with an app on the phone.  LG ThinQ offers compatibility with Smart App, Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant AI Speakers & Apps, which is available in Split and Window Inverter AC’s. Apart from control, consumers can also get filter cleaning notification & control multiple home appliances through LG’s smart ThinQ.

    Built to perform in every weather condition, the 2022 range of air conditioners from LG are equipped with ADC safety sensors. These sensors provide robustness and safety at every step of operation making the air conditioners highly durable while ensuring a stable performance. The outdoor units of the split ACs come with Ocean Black Fins that offer unmatched protection against fin corrosion as outdoor unit is exposed to extreme condition.

    Commenting on the launch of the 2022 line-up of air conditioners in India, Mr. Deepak Bansal- VP-Home Appliances & Air Conditioners said, “With the changing climates and harsher seasons, energy efficiency, performance and hygiene are some of the key considerations among our consumers today when they purchase an air conditioner. Designed with a premium look, the latest air conditioners are not just aesthetically pleasing but extremely energy efficient & durable. LG’s 2022 range of air conditioner have been developed keeping all these needs in mind and we are confident our consumers will appreciate the convenience and comfort these air conditioners offer.”

    Mr. Kulbhushan Bhardwaj-Business Head- Air conditioners said “With a forecast of a sweltering summer in many parts of the country this year, there has been an increased demand for energy efficient air conditioners. Our new line up of 2022 Air Conditioners is equipped with advance features like AI Convertible 6-in-1 range of AC thatoffers flexibility to increase or decrease cooling capacity as per requirements. Further, complemented by Artificial Intelligence Convertible mode and inbuilt sensors, the AC will give optimal cooling by automatically analyzing the inputs from the sensors. The latest range of air conditioners also include two models of the bigger, stronger, and extremely energy efficient VIRAAT series that come with 5-stars and ISEER rating of 5.2.Apart from strong product portfolio robust after sales service will be a key differentiator for consumers.”

    Price and Availability

    The new range of Split AC’s will be available in various capacities & Star Rating price starting at INR 39990/- to INR 73990/-. Consumers will be also able to purchase the Window Inverter AC’s ranging from INR 36990/- to INR 54990/-.

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    Air Conditioners

    TCL Launched New AC with 3-in-1 Filtration Technology



    TCL has recently launched an innovative AC to promote user health and ensure safety against coronavirus. It is an Ultra-Inverter AC that comes with 3-in-1 filtration technology, including a Vitamin C filter, silver ion, and dust filters to not only eliminate dust and bacteria from the air but also provide a moisturizing effect to the users.

    The brand has created this product with a vision to provide users with an additional layer of protection while consumers work remotely, ensuring them a safe and comfortable work environment at home.

    Vijay Kumar Mikkilineni, AC Business Head, TCL India said, “The pandemic has pushed most companies to work from home, which wasn’t an easy shift for employers as well as employees. However, with our Vitamin C filter AC, we are looking at providing these people with not only a comfortable and cool WFH setting but also ensuring that they work in a bacteria-free environment with higher productivity. To fight the pandemic and keep everyone safe, we will continue to build more such products in sync with the evolving needs of consumers and offer them the best at affordable prices.”

    The Ultra-Inverter AC comes equipped with TCL’s proprietary Titan Gold evaporator and condenser with 100% copper tubing, preventing dust from accumulating on the surface and ensuring higher product life. It also provides rapid cooling by bringing down the room temperature to 18 degrees Celsius in about 30 seconds. This AC is an ideal product for a low-frequency operation that ensures up to 50% power saving, hence low electricity bills. Other features include R32 eco-friendly refrigerant, four-way airflow, Google Assistant, TCL Home app, digital display, and ‘I Feel Technology’ for high-precision temperature detection.

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