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After Sales is One Of The Top Three Criteria While Purchasing a Smartphone




A recent study done by RedQuanta, global business transformation firm suggests that After Sales Service is now one of the three most important criterion before purchasing a smartphone specially with newer brands occupying a large chunk of market share.

Consumers do still look at the presence of the service centres.  However, they also consider if their issue is resolved in the first time – ‘Issue Resolution’ and ‘First call resolution’ being the most important factors impacting satisfaction.

The top three brands winning this battle include Xiaomi, Samsung and OPPO. Xiaomi is the leader in this and is upping the ante further by focusing on closing the issues in first visit itself.

*3 green bars = Score above 90%, 2 green bars = Score in the range of 80-90%

A direct impact of First Time Resolution can be seen in the Customer Satisfaction scores with Xiaomi leading the chart at 27%. Samsung and OPPO follow with a close 23% and 18% respectively.

“The average consumer across the country understands today that paperwork is a part of the process and are not put off by it as long as they get a resolution to their challenges. However, the key to success here is to resolve those issues quickly, preferably in the first visit as mobile phones today are an intrinsic part of daily life” says Chetan Shetye, Head of Research at RedQuanta. While Samsung is ahead of Xiaomi in terms of Issue Resolution (Issue resolution as per Samsung consumers: 97% & Issue resolution as per Xiaomi consumers: 95%), Xiaomi won this closely fought battle by its extraordinary performance of 92% resolutions in the first visit as compared to 89% of Samsung. The human interaction at the service centres and the quality of it is next most important parameter for Indian consumers and Xiaomi scores well in the empathy score (Issue Understanding) with 94% consumers satisfied as compared to the industry average of 86%.

The study was done across 36 cities in India among a respondent base of 9,600. The timeframe for the study was May 2018 to July 2018 and the brands in consideration were Xiaomi, Samsung, OPPO, Huawei, OnePlus, Lenovo and Lava.


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Tata Communications is Set to Boost its Network Capability with New Submarine Cable in APAC





Tata Communications announced that the Asia Direct Cable (ADC) Consortium, of which it is a member, is building a high-performance submarine cable connecting China (Hong Kong SAR and Guangdong Province), Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The consortium has selected NEC Corporation to construct the 9,400-kilometer long ADC cable, which is expected to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2022.

The cable will feature multiple pairs of high capacity optical fibres and is designed to carry more than 140 Tbps of traffic, enabling high capacity transmission of data across the East and Southeast Asian regions. ADC’s high capacity allows it to support increasingly bandwidth-intensive applications driven by technological advancements in 5G, Cloud Platforms, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. This will further enhance the expansion of communications networks in the region.

Tata Communications is one of the early initiators of the ADC Consortium since 2018. This new capability will provide an additional route to Tata Communications’ existing global network.

Carl Osborne, Associate Vice President, International Cable Network Development, Tata Communications, said “At Tata Communications, we’ve been delivering flexible borderless connectivity together with intelligent application aware networks to our global customers. Our collaboration within ADC consortium to build this high-performance submarine cable will provide enterprises with additional connectivity between major traffic hubs in Asia. This will further augment our existing capabilities on the Tata Communications Global Network with deeper reach, enabling us to offer superior customer experience and enhanced resilience. With digital technologies steering the growth of business more than ever before, this additional capability will address the increasing bandwidth and data demands of enterprises in Asia and globally.”

Tata Communications owns and operates the world’s only wholly owned subsea network that encircles the globe. This network enables businesses to reach more than 200 countries and territories and underpins all products and services of Tata Communications. Today, around 30% of the world’s Internet routes travel over Tata Communications’ network.

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Airtel is Set to Deliver SIM Cards to Customers Doorsteps in Hyderabad





In a bid to encourage people to stay safe at home to contain further spread of the virus, Airtel is offering its customers a bundle of new ‘Concierge Services’ in Hyderabad. As most of the retail stores are now open in across the locations of the city, Airtel to deliver SIM Cards at customers doorsteps following a contactless delivery protocol. In addition to it, installation of broadband and DTH is also made available to ensure connecting with all during this uncertainty without any hassles.

According to a statement to subscribers, Mr Gopal Vittal, CEO, Airtel said “If you prefer to be served at your home, we now have a concierge service and would be delighted to come to your home. Whether it is delivery of a SIM card at your doorstep or an installation of a broadband or DTH, we can do it all,” Vittal said. All the field teams of Airtel have been trained on a new contactless delivery and installation protocol.

Airtel has made its digital channels even more simple to ensure that users can easily recharge mobile/TV, pay bills, buy new services or raise a complaint from anywhere, he said.

According to Mr Gopal Vittal, “there seems to be even more uncertainty” as restrictions are being lifted in large parts of the nation. People across the country are still worried about the safety of their loved ones and also, they are concerned about incomes and jobs”.

“At Airtel, we empathize with this uncertainty. So as each of us adapts to this new context, there is one thing we don’t want you to worry about – your need to stay connected,” Vittal said.

Airtel has taken several measures to ensure connectivity and continuation of services during the lockdown and it will take all necessary precautions to ensure that staff and customers remain safe. Over a million customers have already enrolled into its ”Super Heroes” programme, who have helped a few more millions stay connected.

“…if you want to help someone get access to our services or help pay their bills or recharge for them, we have our Super Heroes initiative. More than a million customers have already enrolled into this program and have helped many more millions stay connected,” Vittal said.

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Newgen Rolls Out The Upgraded Version of Its Document Classification Service  





Newgen Software announced that it has launched an enhanced version of its document classification service for enabling the high-volume document-handling environment.

The newly launched – Intelligent Document Classifier 1.0 allows users to gain hidden insights by classifying documents, based on structural features and/or textual features. It uses the new-age technologies, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), to enable layout- and content-based document classification.

Organizations can leverage the solution to automatically classify various documents such as sales/purchase orders, enrolment and claim forms, legal documents, mailroom documents, contracts, correspondences, and others. This ensures that important information is easily available thereby eliminating risks and costs associated with manual document management.

“Our new document classification service allows businesses to process volumes of unstructured data and uncover hidden insights. It is powered with AI and ML for better compliance, smarter decision making, improved efficiency, and enhanced customer experience,” said Diwakar Nigam, MD and Chairman, Newgen Software.

Key features of the new version include:

  • Image Classification – Allows users to automatically classify images using neural networks and deep learning algorithms based on structural features
  • Content Classification – Enables document classification based on content, in the absence of structural features
  • Trainable Machine Learning – Auto-learns definitions and features of a document class and creates a trained model
  • Admin Dashboard – Generates analytics reports for a 360-degree view of the process
  • Integration Capabilities – Facilitates easy integration with core business applications, content management platforms, and document capture applications

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