Product Review: Boult Z40 Pro Earbuds

Product Review: Boult Z40 Pro Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are in huge trend as they make life easier. Earbuds offer punchy base and you can use them on the go without being bothered about tangled wires. Moreover, there are various features that make earbuds more trendy. Boult’s Z40 Pro are the newly launched TWS earbuds that have great design and affordable price. Check out this review to know all about these earbuds.

Trendy & Unique Design

The Boult Z40 Pro TWS earbuds are an excellent choice, combining top-notch functionality with a touch of style. You can choose from four beautiful colors - Midnight, Jungle, Lavender, and Dawn - to match your personality. The earbuds come packed in a Premium Rubber Grip case, offering a secure fit and a luxurious feel.

One standout feature is the Feather Touch Controls, making audio management effortless. These earbuds respond to gentle gestures, letting you adjust volume, take calls, activate voice assistants, and skip tracks with ease. It all adds up to a seamless and enjoyable listening experience that makes the Boult Z40 Pro a top pick in the world of TWS earbuds.

Quad Mic ENC with Huge Playtime

The Boult Z40 Pro Earbuds redefine audio enjoyment with their remarkable features. These earbuds offer an impressive 100-hour playtime on a single charge, ensuring uninterrupted music and extended call time. Also, Type-C ultra-fast charging ensures short charging sessions result in extended playtime, ideal for outdoor adventures and busy days. Enjoy long-lasting audio with Boult Z40 Pro Earbuds, wherever your day takes you.

Boult Z40 Pro Earbuds comes with Quad ENC Mics that make calling experience extremely amazing. This technology guarantees crystal-clear communication, making voice commands and calls easy even in noisy surroundings. Moreover, active noise-cancelling efficiently removes background noise, ensuring your voice comes through with pristine clarity. These earbuds promise an exceptional audio and communication experience for users on the move, keeping your conversations and commands crystal clear in any environment.

Deep Bass

The Boult Z40 Pro Earbuds feature 10mm Bass Drivers powered by advanced BoomX Technology. This tech produces powerful, deep bass that enriches your audio, providing a dynamic and immersive sound experience. Whether you enjoy high-energy music or cinematic soundtracks, these drivers ensure that you not only hear but also feel the music, taking your audio experience to a whole new level.

Easy Connectivity

Featuring the latest Bluetooth 5.3, Boult Z40 Pro Earbuds offer lightning-fast pairing. This strong and reliable connection extends to all your devices, making it a versatile choice for your tech setup. Furthermore, the IPX5 Water Resistant feature means these earbuds can handle an active lifestyle, whether you're working out at the gym or caught in a light rain shower, ensuring you can enjoy your audio worry-free, without fearing damage.

Combat Gaming Mode for Gaming Enthusiasts

The Boult Z40 Pro Earbuds boast an incredible ultra-low latency of only 45ms, tailored for a dedicated gaming mode. This ensures impeccable audio synchronization with on-screen actions during gameplay. Gamers can now relish an immersive and responsive gaming experience, gaining a competitive advantage with perfectly timed sound effects and cues, resulting in a more engaging and competitive gaming session.

Price & Availability

Boult Z40 Pro Earbuds are priced very competitively and currently available at just Rs. 1299. If you want to buy the earbuds, you can visit Boult's official website or purchase it from Amazon as well.

Telecom Today Verdict

During our review, we discovered that these earbuds tick all the boxes for a high-quality TWS earbuds. They promise a remarkable battery and sound quality is very satisfying. Also, Quad ENC Mics make the calling experience seamless. We found Boult Z40 Pro earbuds are good to consider if you are in search of a good quality earbuds. We rate it 4 out of 5

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