“We Shall Continue to Expand Our Channel Partners in Metro and Tier 1 Cities”

“We Shall Continue to Expand Our Channel Partners in Metro and Tier 1 Cities”

We all observed that 2019 was really good for gamers community in India. MSI, the market leader in providing high end devices, has also invested a lot to support the large number of gamers across India. They are not only sponsoring bigger events but they are also building an ecosystem to groom young talents in India. With a very positive growth in 2019, the brand is all set to thrill the market with well planned go-to-market strategy. Telecom Today recently had a very informative chat with Shivangi Bhadauria, PR & Marketing Executive, MSI.

Q: How do you see the brand's overall business growth in CY 2019?

A: 2019 has been an exhilarating year for MSI. We kicked off with a bang with the RTX launch and now ending the year with the sweet line-up of our new content creation segment. Gaming being in our bloodstream, remained our focal point until the end of 3rd quarter contributing to major stakes until now. But Now, with the new content creation line up, things are looking up for MSI in the creator segment. The response to our new product line by the Indian consumers has been overwhelming & prestige 14/15 has become the talk of the town.

Q: What will be your overall business growth or target revenue for CY 2020?

A: Year 2020 will be all about making MSI more accessible for our end users. We have already started taking baby steps towards the big goal and by the year end of 2020 will have 20 experience zone across all metro cities. With expansion into creator avenues we are looking at an enormous market in terms of growth & potential.

Q: What will be your key focused product line-up in the year 2020?

A: As much as we love our roots, MSI is also synonyms to innovation and bring out the latest technology on the table. As the demand and scope for VR and other content creation platform/ software inflate, the need for strong, powerful yet portable devices which can support ­­such high CPU/GPU centric activities also cultivates. For 2020, to provide a sync between power and portability MSI expands its vision with the new line-up of content creation series. With our extensive line up we seek to provide a solution for all, be it a freelancer who has a passion for creation or be it a professional content creator.

Q: What will be your channel strategy to drive substantial growth?

A: Information is key to your customer and half or erroneous information is a deadly catch. We make sure our channel partners are equipped with all the latest information with respect to brochures, bundle offers, key performance difference in the device. We shall continue to expand our channel partners in metro and tier 1 cities like Ahmedabad, cochin. Rigorous on boarding trainings are organized, once a partner is on board with MSI. For every new acquisition made, it is followed by a gaming tournament organized at their store to promote traffic and provide them a chance to meet with new potential clients.

Q: How do you assure better service support to your loyal customers?

A: For us customer experience is all that matters. From making our shops readily accessible to creating an experience zone for both gamers & creators in terms of VR and illustration zones where customers come create timeless moments which they cherish every time they visit our store. We are also constantly looking at avenues to expand our support system. Currently we have a set of 300+ dealers & expanding pan India to help assist our customers. We have a dedicated team who looks after any after-sales issues and try to refine the process as quickly as possible.

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