GIGABYTE Bags 2022 Red Dot Design Award Three Years in a Row

GIGABYTE Bags 2022 Red Dot Design Award Three Years in a Row

All the elite designers across the world intend to compete for the Red Dot Award, which is the highest honor of industry design recognized internationally and is also known as the "Oscar Award for the industrial design industry". It attracts more than 10,000 masterpieces from a lot of countries every year. Recently, the winners of 2022 have been announced, and several GIGABYTE products have outstood among all the participating works. GIGABYTE laptops have won the Red Dot Award three years in a row. Our product's design strength has been highly acclaimed by the judges. Consequently, AORUS PRO Gaming Laptop and AERO Creator Laptop, which were launched early this year, have become more attractive.

With exceptional R&D design strength and sharp insight into marketing, GIGABYTE's GAMING and CREATOR series products have been outstanding in the recent years. Combined with the marketing strategy emphasizing depth, width, and strength, our two major new product lines from AERO and AORUS—AERO 17 Creator Laptop and AORUS 15 Professional Gaming Laptop—have been honored with the Red Dot Award, one of the world's top three design awards, due to the spectacular product R&D technology and industrial design that fit the modern trend.

AERO: Elevate Your Vision and Be Your Mobile Theater

This year, the main theme of the AERO Creator Laptops series is "Elevate Your Vision". The core value and mission of the production line is "Creativity starts here", which means that GIGABYTE customizes each laptop function in order to meet the requirements of the content creators. Regardless of whether mutimedia editing or 3D modeling is concerned, AERO offers the creators a stable and smooth premium efficiency within a visual journey that is twice as satisfying an experience as compared to any other product. The conspicuous aesthetic design adopts a CNC aluminum-alloy unibody with a thin and boundless cinema-grade display, which is different from the previous ones. The metamorphized and minimalist aesthetical formula possesses the ability to win the hearts of all creative workers.

AORUS: Reshape the Game and Dominate the Battlefield

This year, AORUS PRO Gaming Laptop emphasizes on: "Reshape the Game". By restoring to the gamers' original intentions of playing games in terms of gaming laptops, we consider high portability, powerful efficiency, and visual immersion as the players' ultimate pursuits. Therefore, this year, we introduce the QHD high refresh rate panel for the first time that can reshape the gamers' visual experiences. The GIGABYTE Control Center software is further optimized by introducing AI Boost smart adjustment technology that can completely ensure high performance of the next-generation games. As far as product designs are concerned, the whole series were inspired by sports cars and turbines, thereby allowing them to have the contour of speediness and fluid mechanics that echo AORUS's extreme gaming feature. Equipped with RGB per-key backlit keyboard, they can sufficiently exhibit the design lexicon of quality and strength.

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