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Know How to Boost Your Hybrid Workplace Productivity

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything about the workplace. From going to office 5-6 days a week, to working from home every day – we really have come a long way. With a hybrid working environment becoming the new norm, companies and employees are doing everything possible to ensure a smooth synchronisation between remote and office workers. As this new working model is here to stay, there are plenty of things to be kept in mind to ensure a seamless setup and disrupted workflow for the enterprises and the employees. 

Here is a quick guide of the must-do’s and must-haves to ensure that your ‘hybrid workplace’ productivity does not get hindered:

1. Access to Documents

One of the key tasks of a hybrid working environment is having access to documents anytime, and from anywhere. In an office, most of the documents are available in hard copy and we have ready access to them. But accessing those same documents while working from home becomes a challenge. Investment in a secure, serverless solution that enables employees to have ready access to document is imperative for organizations in the new normal of working from home.

2. Version Control through Smart Solutions

Documentation is often the trickiest task. Not only does it require proper recording and maintenance, but there are also multiple stakeholders who review or access them. Amidst constant back and forth through emails, the original copy tends to get lost and occurrence of duplication is high. This can result in inefficiencies and hamper our workflow. To avoid such circumstances, document management system (DMS) is the way to go as it stores everything in a single system/ over the cloud for ease of accessing documents. The only prerequisite – it should allow real-time edits and collaboration. Plus, you want a solution that tracks a document’s entire version history so you can create an audit trail and restore an older version if necessary. Canon’s cloud-based solutions like Therefore Online can help businesses lift their information-management and workflow-automation technology to the cloud and make them accessible to all workers, no matter the location.

Another efficient solution is Kofax Power PDF offered by Canon that allows users to create editable PDF forms to collaborate on one PDF and convert multiple files into a single PDF.

3. Backup your Data and Stay Safe

As we continue to navigate through these tough times, we need proper storage solutions to help us organise our data in a more efficient manner. With the immense number of documents being produced daily that are clogging up our system, and remote IT teams, there is a dire requirement for efficient storage operations. The storage infrastructure needs to be more flexible, resilient, secure, and cost effective. Cloud-based document management systems are becoming the need of the hour as they involve no investment in infrastructure.

4. Workflow Automation with Ease and Mobility

The requirement for workplaces is to adopt quick, reliable, and transformational automation solutions to facilitate ease of hybrid working and increase operational efficiency. E-mailing documents is always an option, but that is tedious, plus it makes searching for documents a nightmare. Hence, a centralized multi-function device is required in offices, which brings advancements that help businesses reduce the steps required to digitise, archive, and retrieve documents in one remarkable line-up. When in office, with Canon’s imageRUNNER DX Series, you can now reduce time-consuming manual work by streamlining document capture and storage workflows with smart automation. The comprehensive line-up shares a consistent, automated scanning experience through Therefore Online cloud-based solutions, enabling seamless collaboration between remote and office workers. With its advanced hardware and innovative software, it safeguards end-to-end workflows and helps modernise business processes. And while working from home, use a portable and compact personal scanner like Canon’s P-208II to digitize key documents.

5. Connection is Key

This may sound like a basic requirement, but, is a primary factor to ensure smooth and ongoing work. A simple one, but make sure you have a strong broadband connection. There is nothing more frustrating than being on an important Zoom call, that keeps dropping because of a poor Wi-Fi signal. Video call applications adapt to the connection quality, but they do that at the expense of the video quality. The minimum requirement for effective video calls is 8 Mbps download/ 1.5 Mbps upload, so make sure you have enough bandwidth. If you experience temporary connectivity issues while you are working from home, you can turn your smartphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot as a temporary backup. Do not forget to check with your IT team on VPN connections/ requirements. 

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Kingston’s New Gaming Brand ‘FURY’ Replaced HyperX

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Kingston Technology announced the name of its new high-performance, enthusiast and gaming brand: Kingston FURY. Building on the incredible success of the HyperX memory products, Kingston has rebranded its DRAM, flash and SSD gaming line into Kingston FURY, investing resources and knowledge from its core business to create the next generation of performance products.

Kingston FURY continues the evolution of leading-edge, high-performance, enthusiast and gaming memory solutions from the largest independent memory manufacturer in the world, backed by three decades of Kingston engineering, testing, manufacturing and customer service expertise. The company’s leadership position in the DRAM industry demonstrates it has the passion, commitment and resources to make Kingston FURY the leading high-performance, enthusiast and gaming memory solution in the market.

The Kingston engineering expertise which is behind the numerous overclocking records and awards that the HyperX memory line has gathered since 2002 continues into the new era of high-performance DRAM and flash solutions. Behind the scenes, it has always been Kingston: Kingston engineering, Kingston testing, Kingston manufacturing and world-renowned Kingston customer service.

“We are extremely proud to debut the new Kingston FURY brand representing the highest-performing memory modules for PC enthusiasts and gamers,” said Kingston. “Kingston’s core strength and global leadership as a manufacturer of quality DRAM and flash solutions brings resources and enthusiasm to the brand and firmly demonstrates our dedication to both performance and reliability.”

Kingston will soon unveil its full line of Kingston FURY DDR4 and DDR3 offerings, and in Q4 will launch highly-anticipated DDR5 memory modules currently undergoing compatibility and qualification testing with motherboard vendors. 

Kingston FURY will consist of the following product categories: 

  • Kingston FURY Renegade: High-performance speeds and low latencies for insane performance. Top-of-the-line performance leader (in RGB and non-RGB) with DDR4 frequencies up to 5333MHz.
  • Kingston FURY Beast: Kingston’s popular enthusiast and gaming memory is the perfect high-performance, cost-effective upgrade (in DDR3 and DDR4 RGB and non-RGB), with speeds up to 3733MHz. 
  • Kingston FURY Impact: Powerful SO-DIMM performance boost for laptops, NUCs and other small form-factor PCs (in DDR3 and DDR4) with speeds up to 3200MHz. 

The name leverages the already popular FURY memory product category (established in 2014) and has earned the right to carry the torch, expanding the Kingston tradition of delivering high-performing and ultra-reliable DRAM in the market for PC enthusiasts and gamers. With Kingston’s commitment to gaming, the company will soon make global announcements of numerous esports teams joining the Kingston FURY team.

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truke Extends Product Warranty by 6 Months

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truke has announced a 6 months warranty extension in India amid the second wave of coronavirus imposing lockdown and restricting movements across the country, thereby limiting consumer reach to products and services. The company further stated that the offer is valid for all truke products. Moreover, even those products which were procured between March-June 2021 are eligible to avail the warranty increment.

All truke’s products are set apart from its competitors as they aspire to deliver the same top notch quality and acoustics at a remarkably economical price. The company focuses on becoming the number one go-to brand for all sound enthusiasts in the country and is dedicated to constantly outdo itself in terms of technology and innovation by providing superlative sound equipment..

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Inbase Launches Car Mounts and Holders for Tablets and Smartphones

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Inbase has forayed into the Car Mounts segment by launching a series of 5 new cars mounts –

  1. Tablet Mount for Dashboard
  2. Headrest Tablet Mount
  3. Universal Car Mount for Mobiles 
  4. Adjustable Bracket 01 for Mobiles 
  5. Magnetic Air vent holder

With the launch of the latest series of Car Mounts, Inbase is all set to change the course of the product category by bringing in the premium products at competitive prices for the larger section of the automotive utility accessories market.

The newly launched Car Mounts and Holders are designed and developed using ABS and Silicone durable material. The design of car mounts differs due to different usage, placement orientation and devices to be used with.

While out of 5 products, Adjustable Bracket 02 and Universal Car Mount are mobile holders that come with a Telescopic arm for better positioning and easy one-hand operation. Besides this, Inbase has also come up with 2 Tablet Holders namely Headrest Tablet Holder for the seats rear and Dashboard Tablet Mount for the dashboard. The difference between both is that Headrest Tablet Holder is used behind a Seat’s Headset and Tablet Mount is used on the dashboard of a four-wheeler. On the other hand, Magnetic Air Vent mount uses powerful magnets that can hold up to a weight of a Smartphone making it unique against traditional car mounts and uses air vents to hold unlike traditional suction cup in other car mounts.

Speaking at the launch, Aashish Kumbhat, Founder and Director, Inbase quoted, “We at Inbase believe in bringing in unique products with world-class features and styles that are mighty on performance yet equally appealing while using”.

“With the launch of new Car Mounts and Holder Range, we intend to expand into the automotive utility accessories market. We have launched 5 new car mounts and holders and plan to launch newer models with futuristic design in the coming days”, added Kumbhat.

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