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Armed Forces Veterans Making Big Impact by Steering Amazon India’s Operations Network



After serving the nation for years and navigating through successful missions, Military veterans explore corporate life and bring their unique experience to serving the country in a unique way. At Amazon India Operations, armed with invaluable experiences and unique skills, military veterans make up a diverse talent pool that strengthens the company’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Amazon relates to and respects the principles and work ethics of those who have served the nation and believes that they have the ability to think big, invent and simplify on behalf of its customers.

With a strong structure and dedicated program for Military Veterans, Amazon welcomes them and helps them smoothly transition to a successful career. After serving the Armed Forces for more than 12 years, Major Neha Patel decided to switch her career and pave the way to another successful one at Amazon operations. During her tenure with the Army, Neha held various appointments across the country, including Dras, ground zero in the Kargil district of the union territory of Ladakh in India. As the first Woman Staff Officer and Advisor to a Commander of the Field Forces at Dras, she managed logistics of the area including transport and ordinance stores.

Neha believes that her military training equipped her to perform and execute her role better and in parallel, enabled her to transition into her role at Amazon in a structured manner. She says, “Amazon is the biggest hub of logistics. Its leadership principles and ethos are similar to what we followed in the Army. Dive Deep and Customer Obsession are two principles I carried along, which we implement and live by in our operations every day”. Neha joined Amazon as a Capex Procurement Leader in June 2021, supporting the Amazon Customer Fulfilment network.

Similarly, Satish S, a Navy Veteran and an awardee of Operation Vijay Medal and Operation Vijay Star, has been in different roles and missions including the Kargil War. His transition from managing maritime, aviation operations, electronic warfare systems, communication and weapon systems across various levels for the Indian Navy to managing Amazon’s delivery operations was seamless. The shift was initially challenging but extensive training and support from his peers at Amazon helped him navigate seamlessly through various mechanisms within the logistics space.

Satish says, “Continuous focus on raising the bar of excellence is what keeps me raring to perform better every day. While working at Amazon, I can relate to the importance of teamwork, similar to serving the nation. In both, unless everybody pulls together, success will be far-fetched. While serving the country, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Para Military Forces – everyone comes together and plays their part as a team to keep the nation safe. Whereas at Amazon, the fulfillment, transportation, and delivery network work in sync like a well-oiled machine to deliver the highest level of customer service.”

With a celebrated 11-year stint with the Indian Army, Major Harish Gaudi decided to take the plunge and join the Corporate World in August 2020. During his term with the Army, Harish held various appointments across the country in the Artillery division of the Army. He served in high altitude areas and operations in Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh region. “At Amazon, I am focused on a different kind of mission, which is to deliver smiles to customers. Amazon has a very strong Military pool which is growing day by day. It seamlessly inducts Military Veterans to Amazon with the process they can correlate to”, says Harish.

A travel enthusiast and a doting father, Harish leads the largest site for Amazon Fresh in Bengaluru.  “I feel humbled to serve customers every day, which makes me proud and keeps my team motivated to know that we are adding value to each and every member of a family and playing a part in ensuring that customers can get what they need at the safety of their homes.”, he further adds.

Amazon India Operations partnered with the office of the Director-General of Resettlement (DGR), Indian Naval Placement Agency (INPA), Indian Air Force Placement Agency (IAFPA), and the Army Welfare Placement Organization (AWPO) to ensure continued work opportunities for military veterans in the country. For military veterans such as Satish, Neha, and Harish the single biggest reason that enables them to excel in their second career is the ease of transition. Their focus remains on serving the people and delivering smiles, be it at the border or at Amazon.


MediaTek Genio 1200 AIoT Chip Launched, Know All Details Here



MediaTek unveiled its new Genio platform for AIoT devices and introduced the first chip in the Genio family, the Genio 1200 designed for premium AIoT products.

MediaTek Genio is a complete platform stack for the AIoT with powerful and ultra-efficient chipsets, open platform software development kits (SDKs) and a developer portal with comprehensive resources and tools. This all-in-one platform makes it easy for brands to develop innovative consumer and enterprise smart applications at the premium, mid-range and entry levels, and bring these devices to market faster.

With MediaTek Genio, customers have access to all the hardware, software and resources needed to go from concept to design and manufacturing. Customers can choose from a range of Genio chips to suit their product needs, and then use MediaTek’s developer resources and open platform SDKs to customize their designs. MediaTek also makes it easy for customers to access its partners’ system hardware and software, and leverage partners’ networks and sales channels. By offering an integrated, easy-to-use platform, MediaTek Genio reduces development costs and speeds up time to market, while providing long-term support for operating system updates and security patches that extend the product lifecycle.

“Today MediaTek powers the most popular AIoT devices on the market. As the industry enters the next era of innovation, MediaTek’s Genio platform delivers flexibility, scalability and development support brands need to cater to the latest market demands,” said Jerry Yu, MediaTek Corporate Senior Vice President and General Manager of MediaTek’s Computing, Connectivity and Metaverse Business Group. “We look forward to seeing the new user experiences brands bring to life with our Genio 1200 chip and its powerful AI capability, support for 4K displays and advanced imaging features.”

Open Platform AIoT SDK

The Genio open platform AIoT SDKs allow designers to customize multiple products with the same software pack, which supports Android, Linux, Yocto and Ubuntu operating systems. By streamlining the writing and coding of each software application layer, customers can develop their products with minimal support – regardless of the type of application.

Developer Resources and Partner Ecosystem

MediaTek’s Genio developer portal gives customers access to a wide range of developer tools, along with access to partners’ system hardware and software. Furthermore, brands can use the portal to take advantage of partners’ networks and sales channels. This range of development tools and partner support makes it easy for brands of all sizes to streamline the design of AIoT products and speed up time-to-market.

High-Performance Chipsets

The MediaTek Genio chipsets offer fast multicore performance with extreme power-efficiency, optimizing the user experience for even the most compute-intensive AI applications. The CPU, GPU and AI Processing Unit (APU) in each Genio chipset work together to enhance intelligent autonomous capabilities at the edge and support high quality displays, cameras and more. Additionally, each chipset offers support for the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth protocols to deliver seamless connectivity.

The Genio series includes premium, mid-tier and entry-level system-on-chips (SoCs) and modules to address different market and application needs such as:

  • Genio 1200 for premium AIoT applications that need best-in-class performance, support for the latest multimedia standards and 4K displays, and exceptional power efficiency
  • Genio 500 for home and commercial IoT applications that require high performance edge processing and advanced multimedia capabilities.
  • Genio 350 for hubs in retail, industrial and medical environments that require lighter vision and voice edge processing.
  • Genio 130 for thin-OS and cloud-supported voice assistant devices that require an audio and microphone-orientated platform.
  • Genio 300A for display oriented, touchscreen enabled smart hub devices that require voice assistants.
  • Genio 300B for cloud-connected voice assistant devices.

The new Genio 1200 combines best-in-class performance, support for the latest multimedia standards and 4K displays, and exceptional power efficiency in a 6nm-class chip. This highly integrated, powerful and extendable platform supports several high-speed interfaces, such as PCI-Express, USB 3.1 and GbE MAC, and also supports MediaTek Wi-Fi 6E and sub-6 5G modules to meet a wide range of connectivity needs.

The Genio 1200’s highly capable octa-core CPU, five core graphics, dual-core AI processor and advanced multimedia engines make it ideal for advanced smart home appliances, industrial IoT applications and other demanding AI-embedded devices. The Genio 1200 can drive multiple 4K displays and touchscreens, and also receive and process ultra-high definition display and camera inputs from a range of computer vision (CV) applications.

The Genio 1200 will be commercially available starting in H2 2022. 

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Western Digital Brings High Capacity HDDs Based on Innovative Technology



At What’s Next Western Digital event held at The Ritz-Carlton San Francisco, Western Digital Corp. detailed its mission to unlock the potential of data by harnessing the possibility to use it. In a series of keynotes delivered by company leaders, Western Digital also unveiled breakthrough HDD and Flash innovations inspired by the ways individuals and businesses use data to create what’s next. 

In his opening remarks, David Goeckeler, CEO of Western Digital, commented on the rapidly expanding market that stems from modern computing. The growth of the cloud, the explosion of connected intelligent devices, and the ever-expanding amount of digital information created with these devices each day around the world, all demand more and more storage capacity.

“Everything we do starts with the belief in human potential as it intersects digital innovation and in turn, creates possibility,” said Goeckeler. “Inspired by the many ways in which our customers use data and empowered by our strong go-to-market engine, we uniquely address the broad storage needs of our diverse customers, at any scale — from the smallest intelligent devices to the largest public clouds.”

Joined onstage by partners including AMD, Intel and Microsoft, Rob Soderbery, EVP and GM of the Flash Business Unit at Western Digital, reinforced the company’s commitment to deliver the purpose-built solutions that power the most important and exciting digital applications in the world today. 

“Innovating into the future starts with the right tools. We know that when people are given the tools to push boundaries, they are unstoppable,” said Soderbery. “From autonomous cars, artificial intelligence and augmented reality to computing, streaming and gaming, our flash products help to fuel our customers’ potential and allow them to perform at their best.” 

EVP and GM of the HDD Business Unit, Ashley Gorakhpurwalla, addressed the changing economics of the data center and introduced the industry’s first 22TB CMR and 26TB UltraSMR HDDs, built upon the foundation of a series of significant innovations cultivated over decades. In conversation with Dropbox, he illustrated Western Digital’s commitment to be a partner to cloud customers by delivering the innovations they need to achieve their goals. 

“As the areal density leader in the HDD industry, intentional innovation that delivers TCO for our customers is our greatest responsibility,” said Gorakhpurwalla. “We know that data is our customers’ most valuable asset, and we bring together the brightest minds to develop solutions for today’s exponential rate of data creation to enable deeper connections, new breakthroughs and smarter decisions.” 

New Product Innovations
Building on the expertise cultivated over 50 years of creating industry-leading technologies, Western Digital also introduced new flash and HDD products for cloud, client and consumer customers.

  • The Cloud: Western Digital unleashed powerful new data storage solutions for cloud customers, including the industry’s first 22TB CMR and 26TB UltraSMR HDDs, and a new family of high-capacity PCIe® Gen4 NVMe™ SSDs to help them design tiered-storage solutions more efficiently, and generate more value out of their infrastructure to help their customers’ data thrive.
  • The Way We Work Now: The new PCIe Gen4 Western Digital PC SN740 NVMe SSD addresses the unique needs of the hybrid workforce and elevates the computing experience with sequential read speeds up to 5,150MB/s in a thin, light, low-power design.
  • Creativity: Western Digital introduced the new SanDisk® Professional PRO-BLADE™ Modular SSD Ecosystem. Designed to meet the demands of capturing, transferring and preserving increasingly higher resolution content, the PRO-BLADE solutions enable professionals to save hours on transfers, save money for equivalent capacity, and reduce the volume and weight of their gear.
  • Gaming: Western Digital unveiled two additions to its award-winning WD_BLACK™ gaming portfolio. Designed with performance and style in mind, the new WD_BLACK SN850X NVMe SSD and WD_BLACK P40 Game Drive SSD, offer gamers more options to elevate their gaming experience so they can play at their best.

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UBON Gears up to Celebrate This Mother’s Day with Unique RockstarMoms Campaign



Mother’s day is around the corner and different brands have their own way of expressing gratitude to mothers by touching upon a variety of motherhood-related themes. Taking a step further, UBON will soon be rolling out its marketing campaign ‘#RockstarMoms’, with its exceptional take for this Mother’s Day.

The new campaign ‘ #RockstarMoms’ is a break away from the standard approaches with an original twist. As a run-up to mother’s day, UBON will release interesting posters nationwide on social media platforms. Every poster will connect with the audience by playing on the concept of uniqueness of the product with that of a mother.

UBON through its #RockstarMoms campaign will not just endeavor to engage with customers but will also be using the social media platform for building the brand, as digital is the future. It leads with the idea of how a mother can take on and overcome any challenges with her own unique skills, just as UBON with its unique technology. The campaign will strum the emotional chords of the unspoken love and care that every mother holds towards her responsibilities like a rockstar!

Commenting on the upcoming campaign, Mr. Mandeep Arora, Managing Director & Co-founder of UBON said, “Our concept is very simple. Every mom is a rockstar in her own unique way. The idea is to celebrate each & every mother’s uniqueness & connect it to the unique features of each UBON product. UBON will use different products from its wide range of gadgets for this campaign like Neck Bands, Headphones, Earbuds, Chargers, Power Banks, and Speakers.

UBON’s new campaign will excite consumers by showing how Mothers can be rockstars as well and have a good time while showering the same amount of love and care. With this campaign, people will get to share the #RockstarMoms posters by UBON and they can also tag their loved ones.”

Through the campaign, UBON hopes to reach out to mothers and their kids across the country through UBON’s social media handles and engage the audience to post, reshare, and tag to spread the message.

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