Reinvents The Fitness Concept with it’s ‘Bhaskar Pushkar’ Campaign Reinvents The Fitness Concept with it’s ‘Bhaskar Pushkar’ Campaign

In 2022, wants fitness to shed its old clothes and put on a more happening, engaging & young look. The latest 'Bhaskar Pushkar' Campaign will reinvent the concept of fitness amongst those between 25-40 age groups. It is all about being a Pushkar or Push Kar for fitness and not being a Bhaskar and saying Bas Kar to fitness. Launched on 30th, 2021, Stand-up comic Aadar Malik and actor Ayush Mehra star in it. 

Being fit without stopping is what the youthful & appealing campaign is all about. aims to make fitness more than dully losing those extra kilos. The distinctive campaign has just one goal – let's make fitness fun, effortless & consumable. It is about reaching out to fitness wannabes like Pushkar. They are like Bhaskar in reality. The campaign wants to raise awareness amongst audiences regarding the importance of fitness, health & wellness in their lives.

Bhaskar & Pushkar are two diverse personalities engaged in humorous banter. Pushkar's focus on fitness & superior indoor cycling experience is the perfect foil to Bhaskar's disbelief. It is all about making a point in the language the audience understands. Both the stars in the campaign have shared reels on their Instagram accounts.

According to Mohit Ahuja, Marketing Director, Cultbike, "the campaign will make a difference in the attitude towards correct fitness amongst the audience. Continuing with our commitment to make fitness content fun and consumable, we're introducing Pushkar and Bhaskar to the cultverse. We want to share the same bond of friendship with our users as that of these two.", the latest acquisition by, is the new-age brand bringing fresh change in the fitness industry. Such campaigns make their point regarding a need to give up an unhealthy lifestyle amongst the Indian masses. India's top fitness convenience brand wants to make a suitable workout experience available for anyone, anywhere. With the Cultbike, the users get an indoor cycling experience that will help them – physically & mentally – from their own comfy space.

The 'Bhaskar Pushkar' Campaign is one of the many drives to spread the message amongst Indians who are either unaware of health & wellness benefits or unsure about the right way to go about it. plans to keep going ahead with more such engaging campaigns & fitness options.

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