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Pocket FM to Create Audiobooks for its Listener Community in Partnership with Manjul



Pocket FM announced its partnership with Manjul Publishing House, for the exclusive right to some of its best-selling titles and to create audiobooks for its listener community.

Besides its entertainment audio series, Pocket FM has been aggressively building an audio content universe that includes audiobooks and podcasts. Commenting on the partnership, Ashu Behl, SVP-Content, Pocket FM said, “Our multi-year partnership with Manjul Publishing House will be instrumental in building strategic alliances with the publishing ecosystem and promises our listeners community with the widest library of audio content available digitally. We have always focused on enhancing our storytelling capabilities and offering our listeners a delightful audio experience. With over 100,000 hours of content, we are building a strong pipeline of audio audiobooks and are expected to lead the audio landscape with the best streaming experience.”

The collaboration with Manjul Publishing would provide Pocket FM with the exclusive audio rights to a large section of its bestsellers that include titles like,

●        The Business of the 21st Century, Retire Young Retire Rich, Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing & Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki;

●        Be a Network Marketing Millionaire and Be a Social Media Millionaire by Deepak Bajaj;

●        Do Epic Shit by Ankur Warikoo;

●        Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty;

●        Warren Buffett Management Secrets by Mary Buffett & David Clark;

●        Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson and many more.

“As we witness the skyrocketing trend in the consumption of digital content, we believe our association with Pocket FM is an important step towards validating and strengthening an alternate option for content consumption – the digital audio – in the publishing industry. Both parties reciprocate their common intent of helping build a robust foundation for enabling a thriving ecosystem for digital audio content in the publishing fraternity,” said Vikas Rakheja, MD – Manjul Publishing House.

Pocket FM has consistently expanded its content diversity and added new series and audiobooks to keep its listeners tuned in.  Pocket FM is leading the audio streaming space with over 15 million monthly active listeners (MAL) and witnessing over 3 billion minutes of audio streaming every month. The daily average listener time spent on the app has already surpassed 100 minutes.

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Kuku FM Surpassed 1 Million Active Paying Subscribers in India



With the massive adoption and growth of audio content listeners in India, Kuku FM announced that it has recently crossed 1 million active paying subscribers. Kuku FM has so far raised USD 25 million from blue chip VCs like Krafton, Verlinvest, Vertex, 3one4 Capital and IQ. India has emerged as the ultimate frontier for acquiring content subscribers with top OTT platforms having captured over a 100 million, mostly English educated, subscribers so far. With Kuku FM’s focus on regional languages, it is a product with ambitions of capturing subscribers from the remaining 1.2 billion Indians who are not English educated.

Founded by former IITians and Toppr executives Lal Chand Bisu, Vinod Kumar Meena, and Vikas Goyal, the platform has seen an unprecedented 27X growth in a short span of one year.

Lal Chandu Bisu, CEO and Co-founder, said “This milestone is a testimony of our commitment to become the go-to destination for audio content for every aspirational youth in this country. Our scalable platform, combined with inspiring content from different content creators, has enabled us to deliver consistent experiences to our listeners and provided a strong growth trajectory for our business. We are confident and bullish on reaching maximum Indian households and achieve 10 million paid subscribers in the next year.”

The three founders started Kuku FM in 2018 to equip the youth in small-town India with high-quality content in vernacular languages. Bisu, himself a son of a farmer, barely knew any English and even took his IITJEE in Hindi. The lack of access to the best content in the world in vernacular languages is something the founders have experienced in their own journeys and hence are truly motivated to solve for.

Kuku FM, named after the most talkative of birds, is an audio OTT platform where young people from across India come to listen to audiobooks and audio shows in their mother tongue. Kuku FM’s first subscriber was a grain merchant who wanted to grow his business and chose to learn strategy through Chanakya Neeti. Arun, a 23-year-old UPSC aspirant from Guwahati, is devouring biographies of personalities like Bhagat Singh, Genghis Khan, and Babasaheb Ambedkar. Ramesh, a 30-year-old from Indore, starts his day by listening to the summary of Atomic Habits so he can be more productive at his factory job. Every piece of content for these people is a lifeboat away from worrisome cold nights and boring warm afternoons.

By focusing exclusively on solving the user’s problems and not concentrating on advertisers, today, Kuku FM has over 1 million active paid subscribers. Amongst the 7 Indian languages that Kuku FM has, it has recently started audio content in South Indian languages which is seeing a MoM growth rate of over 80%. While other players have taken a top-down approach to the Indian market by first launching in English, Kuku FM has taken a bottom-up approach where it solves the need of the user whose condition is most dire. And therein, they have unlocked great value.

With 30,000 creators, 50 percent of the content on Kuku FM is exclusive to the platform and only available on Kuku FM. Kuku FM hosts 150,000 hours of content across audiobooks, stories, book summaries, courses, and podcasts on its platform, covering a wide range of genres in fiction and non-fiction like self-help, education, entertainment, personal finance, spirituality, inspiration and history. It currently offers content in 7 languages – Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, and Marathi.

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Top Five Ways to Make Your Home Ready for IPL Screening



Indians are big on two things: culture and cricket and an IPL season is no less than a festival in our country. With the current season in full swing and covid restrictions relaxed all over the country, all our post-work hours are reserved to watch matches with friends and family. Here is a curated list of things you would need to play the perfect host for an IPL screening at your place. Get ready to spend the evening cheering on your favourite team with food, drinks, music and games, all at the tap of a button and avail exciting deals and exceptional offers on all your orders.

  • Snacks and beverages are a must at any match screening! Order from a wide selection of snacks, beverages, and desserts from ‘Dunzo Daily’ and enjoy the match without being disturbed. After all, it is always better to binge on snacks than biting your nails! When it comes to IPL, there is always room for more people and Dunzo will take care of all your edibles in 19 minutes. 
  • Amp up the setting by getting quirky party essentials like masks, party poppers, whistles, balloons with your team’s color etc. from an array of e-commerce apps or the local party shops’ websites (like Amazon). With all of these apps at your service, you don’t have to fret over finding these funky items and they will definitely add to the vibe of the party.
  • Don’t forget that the right music can always make or break your party. Keep your playlist ready for the fours, sixes and wickets. Cheer your favourite players on till the very end and beyond. After all, the party shouldn’t end with the match. You have to celebrate your team’s victories too. Gear up to groove all night and curate the ultimate party playlist on any of the audio streaming services available on your app store. 
  • What is a screening without fries, pizzas or biryanis? Spice up your evening with the lip-smacking food and treat your guests with delectable dishes from the restaurants of their choice. Get unlimited food options on various food delivery platforms serving round-the-clock and place your orders within seconds.
  • Elevate the entertainment quotient with intriguing board games to add a pinch of excitement and thrill to your party. Pictionary, Monopoly, and Catan are a few games that will add a fun element to the gathering.  Order these games from any of the innovative gift websites or e-commerce platforms (like Amazon).

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Enjoy IPL Matches by Getting All Updates from Alexa



When the entire nation is down with cricket fever, how could Alexa be left behind! You can lean on your buddy Alexa for the latest match updates. From match schedules to information about the participating teams and player stats, Alexa has answers to all of these questions and more.  Now that the IPL matches are happening in full swing, here are a few things that you can ask Alexa.

Participating teams:

With the shuffle in the players and addition of new teams, it really becomes difficult to keep track of who is playing for which team this season. Well, worry not, Alexa’s got you. Just say, “Alexa, what teams are playing tomorrow?” or ask “Alexa, who is the captain of RCB?” and you will have this information delivered to you within seconds.

Match schedule:

Keeping a track of your favorite team’s match schedule just got easier. A simple “Alexa, चेन्नई का मैच कब है” or “Alexa, Mumbai Indians match schedule” will ensure that you never miss watching your favorite team in action.

Team and player stats:

It is always nice to have the stats of your favorite team and players handy to help you understand and predict the game better. Just ask, “Alexa, what is KKR’s rank?”, “Alexa, CSK का highest total क्या है?”, “Alexa, विराट कोहली ने कितने रन बनाए?” and your questions will be answered.

Live Match details:

To get live updates of the match, just ask “Alexa, who won the toss?”, “Alexa, what is the score?” or “Alexa, क्रिकेट स्कोर बताओ.” If you are looking for the score of a specific team, then try “Alexa, what is Mumbai’s score?” or “Alexa, दिल्ली Capitals का score क्या है?”

Post-match details:

Once the match is complete you can ask your Alexa Built-in device for information about the man of the match and the leading run scorer and wicket taker. Just say “Alexa, who was the man of the match?” or “Alexa, सबसे ज़्यादा wicket किस player ने लिए?” to know more.

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