OMTV Users Can Now Listen to Podcast on OMTV App

OMTV Users Can Now Listen to Podcast on OMTV App

OMTV in collaboration with Hubhopper, the largest podcast hosting, creation, and distribution platform, widens its audience base by introducing audio podcast features on their app.

Spiritual video shows on OMTV have always been connecting for the audience, and now it's hoping to do the same for its podcast catalogue. OMTV believes that there is a huge market for audio and we collaborated who are the pioneers in this field. On 29th July 2022, OMTV will set off the collaboration with 3 shows. In the near future, more shows will be added to Hubhopper.

The podcast is under a newly added podcast feature, where apart from content viewing now users can listen to podcasts.

OMTV will be converting its major shows into podcasts and putting it on the Hubhopper platform. Users will benefit with the options available for consuming content. They can hear it on Hubhopper and if they feel they need to watch it then they can download OMTV app from Google Play Store and watch the content which they have already heard on Hubhopper.

Expressing his excitement, Nitin Jai Shukla, Founder & MD at OMTV said, "Podcasting as a medium is something which we always wanted to try our hands on and we got phenomenal response on our show "Swarajya".

Hubhopper is a pioneer in this space and who is better than them to collaborate if you want to reach out to the right audience. We have perused their diverse directory under the Religion & Spirituality, all the content garnering a prominent presence. We are sure with this collaboration, both the platforms will benefit in their audience base and also our audiences will get to listen to our shows which will make a difference in their lives."

Gautam Raj Anand, Founder & CEO at Hubhopper adds, "We are thrilled about this collaboration. The consumption of spiritual content has increased over the last few years, especially among the younger generation eager to learn about India's religious and ethnic diversity. Through this collaborative effort with OMTV, we'll be able to expand and deliver knowledgeable and authentic content to the audience. We can't wait to bring it to our listeners across different regions and hope to grow exponentially together."

As of now podcasts will be available in Hindi only but soon OMTV shall dub it in other languages including English and Marathi and other South Indian languages.

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