Chingari in Collaboration with FAB Market to Provide Fresh Content to Users

Chingari in Collaboration with FAB Market to Provide Fresh Content to Users

Chingari has announced a partnership with FAB Market, a subsidiary of HT Media Group. As per the association, Chingari users will have access to the world class content, curated and uploaded by FAB Market. 

FAB Market is known to curate content offering unlimited entertainment. From comedy shows, Bollywood interviews to shows hosted by RJs, hand-picked and specially selected shows like these will be available on Chingari. Through the massive reach of Chingari, FAB Market's content will be able to transverse across the world.

Apart from the humorous, Bollywood, and other RJ-led content, Chingari is also exploring opportunities for promoting mythological and regional content through this partnership. There are plans in place to add FAB Market's Ramayan and Mahabharat audio stories, a special on Lord Shiva, and other regional content on the Chingari Audio rooms.

Sumit Ghosh, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Chingari App, remarked, "At Chingari, we have been consistently working to present our users with fresh and entertaining content. This partnership with Fab Market brings exciting content from one of the largest content hubs that has consistently been at the forefront of innovation in both audio and video content. Chingari will continue to keep developing more interesting features in the future while keeping our users' needs in mind."

Yatin Naik, the business head of FAB Market, stated, "We are thrilled to associate with Chingari to provide brief, amusing, and snackable content. FAB Market is home to some of the most brilliant content creators in the Indian entertainment business, and you can now find them on Chingari.

RJ Sidhu and RJ Roshan from Mumbai, RJ Sindhu a.k.a. Seeta Maami from Chennai, RJ Adarsh a.k.a. Dr. Sundara from Bangalore, and RJ Manasa a.k.a. Newsy Naina from Hyderabad are the top radio hosts of the Fever Network in India and are the driving force behind this partnership. FAB Market is one of the largest content hubs and has been a hotbed for innovation in audio and video content; and we are delighted to join with Chingari to generate more of this kind of ground-breaking material."

Chingari is a unique and fun app that enables users to create and share entertaining and engaging short videos. It has established tie-ups with all the popular music labels and the creators have a vast music library to choose from. Chingari has already made a name for itself as the first app to introduce monetization for creators through GARI Tokens and a GARI wallet, thereby boosting the creator's economy.

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