Chingari Collaborates with SwaLay

Chingari Collaborates with SwaLay

Chingari powered by GARI recently collaborated with SwaLay Digital, the first all-in-one music distribution solution. As one of the leading music providers in India, SwaLay's content as well as music will now be available on Chingari. Through this partnership with Chingari, SwaLay aspires to promote and deliver its Indie artists and music content on a platform that reaches 166M+ users across India.

Chingari, powered by GARI, is one of the leading short-video applications, collaborating with SwaLay to support the ongoing Indie Revolution in India. The Indie Revolution was deemed necessary at the time and was ignited by SwaLay India. With the primary goal of promoting widespread, talented, and undiscovered Indie music and artists across the country. This move is intended to assist thousands of emerging Indie artists and creators in using the Chingari app to reach millions of content consumers in India.

"We are thrilled to support the cause of giving a platform to upcoming Indie Artists and revolutionise the Indie Music content ecosystem through this collaboration with SwaLay Digital," said Sumit Ghosh, Co-founder & CEO of Chingari.

"This collaboration between the two leading music and content providers is going to be incredibly useful for the Indie creators across India," says Divyansh Dhasmana, the Managing Director of, SwaLay Digital.

Music lovers around the world can listen to a content creator's music online with SwaLay, India's all-in-one music distribution solution. As a result of its partnership with industry-leading platforms such as Spotify, Apple iTunes, Amazon, and now Chingari amongst others, any artist can upload their music to these platforms and gain maximum exposure. As India's first distribution solution, SwaLay (or SwaLay digital) is a member of both PPL and IPRS. SwaLay has also helped 1000+ artists and delivered 10000000+ music plays in just a 3 months fraction in India.

Powered by TalantonCore, SwaLay is India's first all-in-one digital content solution. It was founded in September 2019 and has been operational since January 2022, partnering with some of the world's largest entertainment and music companies. Its primary objective is to provide independent artists with essential industry exposure to succeed globally. Its partnership with Chingari app is just another one of its stepping stones to success.

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