Check Out These Exciting Audiobooks to Celebrate Friendship Day

Check Out These Exciting Audiobooks to Celebrate Friendship Day

Emily Dickinson (renowned poet) rightly quotes "My friends are my estate." Friendships are priceless assets of one's life and possessing them is a great blessing. The magical bond of love, trust, affection and care is worth cherishing every moment. This Friendship Day (August 07), celebrate this bond with these heart warming audiobooks and podcasts available on Audible.

Rusty Jab Bhag Gaya by Ruskin Bond

The Hindi translation of Ruskin Bond's Rusty Runs Away vividly depicts the world of Rusty and his friends as he enters his adolescence. The story follows the adolescent life's excitement and adventure that leads the young protagonist through a series of intriguing incidents, which includes running away with his friends. Now that he is dealing with life all alone, will his friends stick together or part ways with him? Enjoy the exciting journey of a teenager's quest for identity and destiny.

You Only Live Once by Stuti Changle

Join Alara, a broken but rising YouTube star, Aarav, a struggling but hopeful stand-up comedian, and Ricky, the zany but zen owner of a beach shack, in their journey of searching for love and discovering oneself to find answers about your own life.

Together Is a Beautiful Place by Bailey T. Hurley

The older we get, the less time we have to spend with our friends, and organic friendship becomes nearly impossible for a variety of reasons. Are you missing out on good company despite your best efforts? Then this is for you. The audiobook, Together Is a Beautiful Place provides sustainable, deep, and valuable habits for developing and maintaining healthy friendship bonds.

Devotion by Adam Makos

This is a young adult adaptation of the national bestseller that details the true story of two Navy pilots from divergent racial and economic backgrounds and their deep friendship bond that forms as they face extraordinary situations during the Korean war. When one had to choose between his friend who is shot down and attempting a one-man rescue mission, it materializes into a heartwarming, inspirational story of all time.

The Power Of Friendship by The Power of Friendship

This podcast is all about getting out of your comfort zone, making friends, and becoming a better person. So do listen to it and get some easy yet effective tricks!

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