Celebrate This Independence Day with Hubhopper’s #BoloAzadi Playlist

Celebrate This Independence Day with Hubhopper’s #BoloAzadi Playlist

Hubhopper Studio releases #BoloAzadi. A playlist featuring podcasts that highlights independence in any form and celebrating India's 75th Independence day on August 15, 2021. 

Hubhopper Studio is giving a voice to creators across India and has supported Indian podcasters and brands in sharing their stories on a global scale with over a million hours of content consumed monthly. 

For Independence Day 2021, Hubhopper is delighted to share a specially curated playlist, celebrating the spirit of Independence #BoloAzadi.The playlist features 15 great podcast episodes that celebrate independence in any form. From the Anish Gawande podcast which asks what it is like to be gay on a campaign trail in India; Aranya Johar discussing what makes people feel liberated on Popkast with Garima; to The Political Wire discussing the freedoms needed to speak your own mother tounge.

A new series on politics with Anish Gawande asks what it is like to be gay on a campaign trail in rural Maharashtra, how to navigate through Indian politics and the role of the LGBTQIA community. 

On Making Your Own Rules In Life & At Work from Heart On My Sleeve 

In this episode of Mansha Kaur's personal growth podcast, guest Saaksha Bhat and one-half of the label Saaksha & Kinni, talks about how she has consistently broken the mould to lead a life where she makes her own. 

Sanjana Sanghi on The Right to Play 

Sanjana Sanghi, an actor and educationist shares her motivational stories. In this episode she is joined by The South Asian Ambassador for Human Rights, Sheena Chohan who shares insights on the Indian Constitution and The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

What's a Man? Episode: Don't Cry Be A Man 

Dr. Deepa Narayan is joined by comedian Neville Shah to explore the notion that emotional literacy for men is not a luxury but a necessity for a peaceful world. 

I have feelings: Episode Kusha Kapila 

Internet queen Kusha Kapila shares her feelings on social media, being a 30-year old, political comedy, body image, money, her parents, why she cannot take a compliment and much much more. 

Krantiveer feat. Aranya Johar, from Popkast with Garima 

Popkast with Garima is an interactive pop culture podcast. Unapologetic and badass, the show breaks the Street-o-type and opine on everything. In this episode, they talk with Aranya Johar as they try to find out what's that one sacred thing that makes you feel liberated. 

Dost Is The Secret Of My Energy, from Roshan Shetty's Full Power Show feat. Kaam Janta Roshan Shetty's Full Power Show is a podcast series dedicated to spreading positivity in these trying times. In this series he reads some of those happy, positive, healing stories and puts the spotlight on all those selfless people who we call 'Kaam Janta'. 

Digital Detox for Self Growth, from SELF LOVE IN 60 SECONDS 

Hosted by Megha Bhatia, the podcast explores how finding self-love in one's journey of life is the most beautiful gift one can give to oneself. In this episode, she discusses the benefits of a Digital Detox. 

Meri Bhasha with Sulekh Gopal, from The Political Wire 

Alongside guest and language translator Sulekh Gopal, the political podcast asks "why you cannot speak your mother language…" as the host and Sulekh share their views on India's languages, and question if they are becoming endangered. 

Sare jahan se achha Hindustan hamara – Humourasiya 

Humourasiya celebrates Independence Day by narrating a short poem celebrating the diversity, family bonds and the feelings of oneness that India upholds. 

Water yourself! from Embracing self-love – with Harshleen Kaur 

Harshleen Kaur's podcast explores the value of unconditional self love as the key to life. In this episode, she discusses taking steps to look after your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

PATANG, from AAINA:Be Real 

Santwana Singh's podcast hopes to re-examine the asked questions and give its audience a sense of perspective. In episode 9 titled Patang, she explores how you can learn from kites to go high with stability. 

Failure, from Girl You Are Not Alone  The episode challenges the idea of 'failure' and how it holds so many of us back in life. The episode is part of a series by Punam Sharma which aims to unite women together for a greater cause.

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